Vampire sucks

One girl has to deal with the dramatics of falling in love. She has two choices, one is the more practical, the other is the one she really loves. Sounds easy right? Wrong. She can't be with the guy she loves without him almost killing her, or someone around her. Can she handle it?


1. Meeting Him



I was at a part with my friends, happily swaying to the music. My favorite song was on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy staring at me, I smirked and continued to dance. My purple dress that hung off of one shoulder sparkly under the lights.

I started to sing along to the chorus.


'I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out!'”


My friend smirked at me and sang the next verse. My other friend carried on with the next verse.

I twisted my hips, singing loudly and obnoxiously. Suddenly I felt hands on my hips. I whirled around in shock, it was the guy who was staring at me.

“Um....” I stuttered, trying to take him all in. He had a golden tan skin tone, green eyes, and gorgeous dark hair. He was at least 6'2”...which made me feel dwarfed because I was only 5'5”.

I saw him look at me from my black high heel boots all the way to my favorite purple headband.

“Want to dance?” He asked with a broad smile. I nodded and smiled tentatively. I was very aware of my friends glancing between this hot guy and me, giggling their heads off.

“I'll catch up with you guys later...” I glanced at them under my lashes to give them that 'if you don't leave right now you'll regret it later' face. The giggled and walked away to a couch that wasn't to far away.

I could still feel their eyes borrowing holes into my back. “Yeah...I want to dance,” I let my smile widen.

The sound changed, we started to bounce along to the music. I lost myself in the bass and started to sway my hips, he put his hands on my waist to bring me closer. I turned around so that my back was facing him. He pressed me into him, slowing swaying.

MY eyes drifted shut, but my peace was ruined when he pressed my butt harder against him. I pulled away, his hands reluctantly dropped from my hips.

“ a little carried away...” He smiled sheepishly at me.

“It's okay,” I smiled at him.

He scratched his head. “Well...can I get you a drink? Like to make up for it?” He said with a cocky smile.

“Hah, we aren't old enough to drink alcohol.” I stuck my tongue out at him. He put his hands up.

“Wow, we got ourselves a goody goody.” He said jokingly. “Well...I guess I can find some Caprisuns for us.”

I laughed. “That would be lovely.” He gave me one last smirk before walking off. I walked over to the table my friends were waiting at.

“Wow, Suzanna...that guy was totally all over you!” My friend Mariana laughed.

I laughed with her. “For a brief three seconds.” I countered.

“I wonder how long it would have lasted if you didn't stop him...or what it could have turned into.” My other friend Cheyenne smirked at me.

“It wouldn't have gotten that far...I mean out of all the pretty girls here, why me?” I stuck my tongue out at them. I saw them do a once over of my cappuccino colored skin, my shoulder length dark hair, and my big brown eyes.

“Because you're just awesome like that.” Mariana laughed.

I smiled at her, noticing that she didn't counteract my previous statement by calling me just as pretty as though other girls. It was probably because I wasn't as pretty as those other girls.

I started to playfully blow my bangs up by blowing air out of my the corner of my mouth.

“So, where did your dream guy go?” Cheyenne asked.

I smirked at her, “He went to go get us some Caprisuns.” They broke down laughing.

“He could at least get you a soda.” Cheyenne laughed.

“He's got the impression that I'm some sort of a goody goody, he probably thinks soda is too hardcore for me.” I laughed.

“Hah, if only he knew...” Mariana cast a knowing glance in my direction. I stuck a tongue out at her.

Just then the guy came to the couch with two fruit punch flavored Caprisuns. “If you ladies don't mind...I would like to borrow your friend again.” He flashed them a smile.

They pushed my off the couch. “Yeah, go ahead.” Cheyenne said sweetly as I stumbled towards him. He gripped both of the drinks in one hand so that he could steady me.

“I'm Zach.” He said while laying a hand on my elbow.

“I'm...Suzanna.” I smiled up at him.

“Want to enjoy these wondrous packets of juice outside on the bench?” He asked in a mock noble voice.

I giggled. “Indeed...I would want to go out onto the bench to enjoy those fine Caprisuns.” Zach smirked and we bobbed and weaved threw the crowd of teenagers. On our way out the door I bumped into my best guy friend.

I tried to walk past without him noticing me, if he saw me he would totally embarrass me in front of Zach. But of course, my efforts were proven inefficient..

He slowed down as we walked past, raising his eyebrows.

Oh....Suzy, what have you got there?” He asked with a smirk.

“Hey Erik...this is Zach. We are about to enjoy a couple of Caprisuns.”

Zach nodded firmly at Erik, he was at least two inches taller than him. Erik started to slowly make his way around us.

Well...I'm going to leave you two...alone...with no one to see what you're doing...” His honey gold hair finally disappeared into the crowd.

“Who was that?” Zach asked.

“My friend...sorry about him.” I mumbled with a slight smile. Erik always managed to make me laugh no matter what the situation was.

Hah, it isn't one of those 'I'm in love with my guy best friend' things is it?” He chuckled.

“Ha ha, you don't have to worry it's not.”

“Okay, good,” he said with a smile as we walked out of the door. I was instantly hit with a blast of cold. Even though I was wearing boots, black leggings, and a black leather jacket, the cold weather seeped its way into my core.

I shivered as we walked out of the house and across the street to a park bench.

“You cold?” He asked with a smirk.

I nodded my head and smiled up at him sheepishly.

“We can go back inside if you want?” He sounded concerned.

“Naw, let's stay outside. I like it out here, the night sky looks beautiful.” I laughed a little.

He smiled at him. “Okay.”

We sat down at he benches, he handed me my Caprison. I plunged the straw into the juice bag and started drinking.

“So, whats up?” I asked. I got self conscious, and tried my best to make sure I didn't screw any of this up.

Don't figit so much.

Stop gulping so loudly.

Make eye contact.

Not too much eye contact you idiot!

Stop yelling at yourself and pay attention!

I cleared my throat, and looked at him. He stared at me blankly for awhile, as if he anted me to reply to something.

“Did you say something?” I asked.

“Hah, yeah. Good to know that I'm already boring you to bits.” He looked at me sarcastically.

“No, you're not boring me at all.” I laughed. “I was just lost in my train of thought.”

He scooted a little closer to me. “What are you thinking about?” He asked. His eyes stayed on mine, I felt trapped. I just couldn't look away from those beautiful green eyes.

“Nothing important,” I breathed. He smiled, and leaned in closer. I swallowed nervously. I tried to look at anything except those mesmerizing eyes. I noticed he left his juice, untouched, all the way on the other side of the bench. “Aren't you thirsty?” I asked stupidly.

“I'm not thirsty for Caprisun.” He grinned, and leaned into my ear, an grabbed my shoulders. “All I want is you.”

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