Babysitting One Direction

Abby is a 18 year old girl looking for a babysitting job. she puts up flyers everywhere. But she gets a call from someone she wasn't expecting. Who do you think it is?


2. WHO?!?!



Hello, Abby!

It has been 1 week and you don't have a job! shame. You better hurry up there little fella!

Ryan xx



        Today i got another letter in the mail. UGH! i only have 1 week left and nobody has called.


ring, ring


  My phone rang as if on cue.


O= other line

A= Abby


A: hello?

O: hi, this is Simon Cowell. i hear you need a babysitting job. well i would like you to babysit my 5 sons, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry.

A: WHO?!?!

     HI! soo? like? ok then. BAH BYE





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