Babysitting One Direction

Abby is a 18 year old girl looking for a babysitting job. she puts up flyers everywhere. But she gets a call from someone she wasn't expecting. Who do you think it is?


1. the letter



           Dear Abby,

               Now that you have completed babysitting classes, you have to find a job. we give you 2 weeks. better hurry. good luck!

                                    Ryan xx


      today i got a letter in the mail saying i have to find a new job and i only have 2 weeks. How am i  to find a job in 2 weeks? oh well. i will figure that out later.

                  Anyway, my name is Abby. i live in Ireland. i am 18 and don't have any siblings. my parents are very wealthy. i don't know what they do and i don't really care. i just found out that my aunt is moving to the USA and my BFF lives in London. We text and talk everyday but i really want to see her.

              i made some flyers and hung them up around town. i just hope i can get a good babysitting job!


    HELLO! my name is Taylor and i am just doing this for fun! so tell me if u like it and send me some ideas! Thanks!

                                                                         Taylor xx

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