Babysitting One Direction

Abby is a 18 year old girl looking for a babysitting job. she puts up flyers everywhere. But she gets a call from someone she wasn't expecting. Who do you think it is?


4. getting there and meeting them


                    -after the plane ride to London-


       after i got off the plane i had to find out how i am going to get there. i mean after all, i dont have a car anymore. so i will just have to walk.

       i got the directions and started walking to my destination. i am only 2 blocks away?! wow!

              when i get there i will introduce myself and try to act natural. and btw, im there now. lets see how this oes.

       i knock on the door and a curly haired answered. "hi, i am harry"

  "hi, im abby, im your new babysitter! umm, is simon here?"

"yes, i still cant believe simon is making us have a babysitter."

"im sorry, but you must need it, i hear on the news you are five singing idiots that have no clue what they are ever doing."

As i said, im not a big fan. i dont know their names, well except harry, and i dont know anything about them except that they are some crazy idiots.

Abby? its simon! how are you

"hey simon! im fine! whatchu doin, and what should i do?"

well i need to leave, im going on a trip, so the boys will help ya out! call me if you need anything!

"okay bye simon!"

Bye abby, BYE BOYS!

simon leaves and he leaves me with the boys. oh yay, here we go with the famous people.


hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, school is almost out so i will be on more often! bye! comment, favorite and like!

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