Morality Quiz

Just something I thought of when chucking a hammer over a giant tree.
Also a prelude to another book I'll write soon.
Just remember which morality you'll have.


2. Scoring

Alright, good.

You answered.

Now tell me, which score got the most?

Which got the least?

Read the section below, and then go to the corresponding page.


Most A's: You are Aggressive. You have no conflict that you won't plunge into that affects you. If there is a war to be fought, you lead the charge. Read Section A.


Most B's: You are Benevolent. You have well intentions, no matter the situation. You help your friends and others no matter the cost. Read Section B.


Most C's: You are Cautious. You always try to weigh the stakes, and get the best outcome. If the outcome harms others, you try to minimize the damage, to preserve yourself. Read Section C.

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