Morality Quiz

Just something I thought of when chucking a hammer over a giant tree.
Also a prelude to another book I'll write soon.
Just remember which morality you'll have.


1. Morality

I'm going to give you a quiz.

And you are going to answer.

Honestly, and how you really would.

There's no bad or good.

Do you understand?





1. You and a friend are working on a project when you bump into your friend and they knock it over. You...

A: Blame the clumsy friend for the mistake.

B: Apologize and help them up, taking blame for knocking them into it.

C: Help them up and explain why you bumped into them.


2. You are walking down the hall and someone brutishly bumps into you, and doesn't apologize. You...


A: Confront the person and ask why they don't look where they're going.

B: Realize that it was probably an accident, and it's not worth the trouble.

C: Know that they did it on purpose, but don't want to get into a fight about it.


3. You are working on a group project and while talking to someone you say that one person would be better off not in the group. They then confront you, asking what you said about them. You...


A: Blatantly and slowly say what you said, making sure they can hear every word.

B: Apologize and continue on.

C: Tell a half truth, saying that you appreciate them working on the project.


4. You come across your friends mocking another of your friends, who looks to you for help. You...


A: Join in on the laughs. It's pretty funny what they're saying.

B: Stop your friends from laughing at the other one. It's just not nice.

C: Say nothing, and ask what happened later. After all, they're all your friends.


5. You are walking down the street when you notice some older kids on bikes near you. They all seem to be looking at you, when you realize that they're forming a circle around you. The leader steps out and demands your wallet, or else. You...


A: Keep your wallet, and punch the leader in the face. You get satisfaction from wiping the smug look off his face.

B: Give your wallet, knowing that even though you lost it, it's not worth the trouble.

C: Try to talk your way through this, and if it doesn't work, run as fast as you can.

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