The Two Sides Of Royalty

It is the year 1910, and Jane May has been arranged to be married to the Duke of Dorset on her 16th birthday. She understands that this experience will change her life forever, changing her status from a normal teenager in the 19th century to the Duchess of Dorset, but she wants the best of both worlds: to keep her 2 year relationship with her lover, Edward, but at the same time, to marry William. She has wanted royalty from a young age, but knows that by marrying the Duke, she will not be able to see Edward.
Unfortunately, she does not have the choice to decide the path of her life, and so life of a Duchess begins. She adores the privacy, William, and the expensive dresses she receives, but she also has to keep her secret: sneaking out to see Edward. As her life as the Duchess of Dorset goes on, she finds that William is not the perfect Duke, or the prince of her dreams. He has some dark secrets too...


19. Tragedy (POV of William)

"Jane? Jane?" I shouted, and banged on her door as loudly and as hard as possible, but the door was locked and she was the only one who had the key.

"Jane! Please! Open this door!" I shouted again, but it was as if she could not hear me.

"Guards! Break down this door!" I shouted to the 2 guards behind me, who immediately followed my orders and knocked down the door in no time.


And there she was. Lying on the bed, in the dress that she wore yesterday, with no covers on her. It was clear that she had fallen asleep, and had forgotten to undress.

I am about to wake her up when I realise something else about her.

She was so pale. Paler than she ever has been, and cold, and clammy.

"Oh, no." I say, shocked.

What if...? What if...? I think to myself.


"She is dead. I would say passed about 5 to 6hours ago, in the middle of the night, most likely." the doctor who I called in says to me, with an apologetic expression on his face.

"I am sorry for your loss." he says simply, but solemnly.

I nod, and thank him, after all, there is nothing that he can do now.

I look back to her, and she looks like the first night I danced with her in the town hall. Her eyes closed, enjoying the music.

"You know, some say that if her eyes are closed when she is found passed, it means she died of heartache." the doctor adds, before turning on his heel and waking out of the room.

I smooth her hair back, and say to her,

"I am sorry. I was so angry. But everything you said to me what right, yesterday. I do still love you, but I'm sure from your point of view, it is not true. I will look after Charles." I whisper to her body.

"Dance with me again." I whisper, for the last time.

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