The Two Sides Of Royalty

It is the year 1910, and Jane May has been arranged to be married to the Duke of Dorset on her 16th birthday. She understands that this experience will change her life forever, changing her status from a normal teenager in the 19th century to the Duchess of Dorset, but she wants the best of both worlds: to keep her 2 year relationship with her lover, Edward, but at the same time, to marry William. She has wanted royalty from a young age, but knows that by marrying the Duke, she will not be able to see Edward.
Unfortunately, she does not have the choice to decide the path of her life, and so life of a Duchess begins. She adores the privacy, William, and the expensive dresses she receives, but she also has to keep her secret: sneaking out to see Edward. As her life as the Duchess of Dorset goes on, she finds that William is not the perfect Duke, or the prince of her dreams. He has some dark secrets too...


4. Change

It has been 2 years since I first took my step forward to being the Duchess of Dorset, and entering the palace, which is now probably the only thing that I know like the back of my hand. Since then, I have gotten over the many maids and servants being constantly around me, and over the years, William has started giving me more privacy to myself, and more room to breathe.

I still miss and love Edward with all my heart, but since he hasn't had a single visit from me in 2 years, since I first stepped into the palace, I think that he may possibly have forgotten all about me now. 

William hasn't suggested children to me in private these past years, but he has laid down hints that he would like a male heir soon. I have not yet conceived any yet, but I fear that if I do conceive a baby girl sometime in the future, he will not let me keep it. 

 Mother and father have been allowed to pay visits to me occasionally, but Evelyn and Marie have not been granted access, and now I doubt that they ever will. When mother and father come, they always tell me that I must conceive a boy as soon as possible, or at least, as soon as William asks for one. I have confessed all of my worries concerning a baby girl, but mother only reassures and promises me that William would do no such thing as forbidding me to keep it. I just hope that she keeps her promise when and if I do conceive a baby girl.

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