dance away darcy ssorry this isnt getting finished

Harry and Sophie used to be madly in love. used to be. Harry and his family left. leaving Sophie heart broking, and pregnant. but she didn't tell him. she didn't have the heart to ruin his promising music Carrera, so she took a deep breath and dealed with it like it was her own problem. five years later, and little darcy is already a keen ballerina with big dreams. little does she know that her father is a huge music sensation, living in a luxurious house


2. darcys 5th birthday

"mommy! mommy! Darcy yelled as she tore into the room and started bouncing up and down on the bed. I groaned and rolled over so that my face was buried in the pillow. "mommy, get up!"

"Darcy! Darcy! Darcy, no!" I yelled back. she sat crossed legged on the pillow next to me and pouted adorably. I smirked and heaved myself up, running a hand through my messy bed hair.


"mm?" I kicked my legs out of bed and stood up, yawning and stretching. "have you forgotten about my birthday?" she asked, her beautiful green eyes gazing at me. I gasped dramatically and scooped her up, swinging her around and around. "oh no! I've completely forgotten!" I said as she squealed with laughter. if I were her, I'd have been sick by now. I guess she got that off her dad. Harry always loved fairground rides.. No! I scolded myself as I set her down. no, you aren't thinking about him today. this is your daughters birthday! I walked through to the kitchen to start making pancakes: a rare treat in our house. I quickly tied my hair up into a messy bun, and tugged my 84 wild heart sweater over my head. "do you want Nutella or maple syrup?" I asked her as she grabbed her favrioute cushion and dumped it next to the coffee table.

"nutella and strawberries, please mommy" she said sitting down and snuffling into her old blankie. it was pink, matted now, and square. she got it when she was a baby. she still cant sleep without it. 

I set her pancakes down in front of her and went to knock on the bathroom door.

"hey, smelly- melly," I said softly, using her old nickname. "I've got you some coffee."

I heard a grunt and the door swung open to reveal mel, dressed in her PJs and rabbit slippers, her baby bump peeking out from under her top. her eyes were half shut, and her lips were puffy.

"here you go, babes." I said, handing her the mug and giving her my best sympathetic smile. she sighed, took a big gulp of the steaming black drink and shook her head at me. "how the hell did you cope?" she asked bewildered. I winked at her, grinning. "this baby better be worth it" she patted her bloated stomach and grimaced. it was weird for me seeing her like this, mel was always the git one, with the big boobs and curves in all the right places. I was just the girl with the ruler-straight figure and untamed mousey hair.

I sighed looking at darcy, who was spreading another pancake with strawberry jam.

"it will be", I told her, before shuffling back to eat my breakfast.

once we'd eaten we all cleared away the plated and sat around the coffee table once more.

darcy sat patiently, her chubby hand tangled in her blankie. I grinned at her and stroked her wispy hair.

"okay, this year we haven't got you as many presents. but that's because we've got an extra big surprise for you instead!" she smiled, bouncing a little with anticipation.

"okay, open the biggest first." mel said, sharing in some of the excitement. dary giggled and picked it up, carefully unwrapping it like she always did.

she pulled out a beautiful white ballet costume, with matching shoes and tu-tu. her face broke out into a grin and she hugged both me and mel, still cluching  the clothing in one hand. "thank you, mommy! thank you aunt mel!" "your welcome" I said handing her the small velvet jewellery box to open next. she undid the ribbon and opened the box. inside was a small, delicate silver locket in the shape of a heart. "look, you can put a picture in it, see" I said, showing her. "so we can all be together wherever you go."

darcy smiled and whispered as she cuddled me "I'm not going anywhere, mommy."

the final present was the one that surprised her though. inside, there was nothing but three tickets. darcy stared at me, puzzled. "they're tickets", I told her, turning them over to reveal coney islands written in big letter. she read slowly, or maybe she was just taking a while to interpret it.

darcy had never been to a proper theme park before. or even stayed overnight anywhere apart from my parents place. she jumped up in one swift movement and began to bound around laughing.

"mommy, oh mommy thank you! thank you so much!" she said kissing me and wrapping her arms around my neck, I laughed and winked at mel, who beamed at me with big brow eyes. this was going to be a very special birthday for darcy. and nothing was going to ruin that for her...


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