Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


26. Zayn's Week Part 1

Cammy's POV-

I get off of the plane and look around for Zayn. All of a sudden, two arms wrap around my shoulders and someone's chin is resting on my head. I look up to see Zayn. "ZAYN!" I yell and turn around so I can hug him. "CAMMY!" he mocks me. "I missed you soooo much." I smile. "I missed you soooo much too." he smiles. He takes my hand and my suitcase in his other hand, as my PINK backpack rests on my shoulders, carrying my carry on items. "So how was the Payne family?" he asks. "They're great! I am really close with Nicola and Ruth and Grandpa and Grandma spoiled me, but they're all awesome." I say. "That's cool!" Zayn says. "Who am I meeting today?" I ask as we hop into his car. "My mum, and three sisters." Zayn smiles. "And Perrie?" I ask. "She's there too." he smiles. "Yay!" I smile. "When we get home, remind me I need to call Liam, Daddy, and Drew, okay?" I ask him. "Yup." he says smiling like an idiot. "Why are you smiling?" I ask. "You said home." he smiles, as do I, once I realize that I did say home.

"You're wearing a dress, huh?" he asks. "Yup, but I had to wear my black hightops you got me because they are my favorite shoes and they look really good with this leather jacket." I say, popping my collar, trying to be like a hipster. "Harry would be so proud." he jokes, referring to Harry's shirt Hipsta Please shirt. "WAIT! WHAT ABOUT ACE? WHO HAS ACE?" I yell. "Calm down, kiddo. Ace is with Niall in Ireland. You'll see him next week." he smiles. "Okay, I almost had a heart attack. I can't believe I forgot about my Acey." I mumble.

We pull up to Zayn's house. Okay. I'm nervous, again. "You'll be fine, honey." Zayn says taking my hand. He walks in and drags me into the living room. I see Perrie, a woman that looks like Zayn, and 3 girls around my age. "Cammy, this is my mum and three sisters, Safaa, Doniya, and Waliyha. Ladies, this is Cammy." Zayn introduces us. "Hey!" I smile. "Hello darling, pleasure to meet you, I'm not old enough yet to be grandma so call me Auntie Tricia." she smiles. I also say hello to Saffa, Doniya, and Waliyha. Doniya and I really hit it off. I can tell we'll be great friends. "PERRIE!" I yell and run and give her a hug. "Hey Cammy!" she smiles. I absolutely love Perrie. "I missed you!" I smile. "I missed you too!" she smiles back.

"I need to go call some people, but I'll be right back!" I politely excuse myself and follow Zayn up to our room. He stays with me because he wants to check his twitter on his Mac.

First, I call Liam.

Liam: Hello?

Cammy: Hey Li Li!

Liam: Hey Cammy! Did you make it alright?

Cammy: Yup! I have a feeling I'll like it here, just like you said.

Liam: I'm always right, baby girl!

Cammy: Well, I have to call Daddy and Drew, so I should go.

Liam: Okay! Have fun, and text or call whenever! Love you baby girl!

Cammy: Love you too, Li Li! Bye!

Now I decide to call Daddy.

Niall: Hullo?

Cammy: Hey Daddy-O!

Niall: Hey Angel! Are you with Zayn yet?

Cammy: Yup! I'm loving the Malik's so far!

Niall: That's great! I feel like it's been a long time since we've talked.

Cammy: The last time we've talked was this morning!

Niall: I know! But it is always quick conversations.

Cammy: Yeah. How is it spending time with your family? I bet they missed you! Oh! How's Ace doing? Zayn told me he was with you!

Niall: It's great being with my family! Ace is doing good, he seems like he misses you though.

Cammy: I can't wait to see you guys next week!

Niall: Me either! Just enjoy the time you have with Zayn though!

Cammy: I know! I am really excited for this week!

Niall: Well that's good! I'll let you go, but I love and miss you so much Angel.

Cammy: I miss you too, Daddy. I love you. Give Ace a kiss for me!

Niall: Will do! Love you, bye.

I take a few deep breaths. "Zayn can I lay down on your bed for a second? I'm not feeling too well." I ask. "Of course." he says walking over to me. I lay down and close my eyes. "What's wrong?" he asks. "I miss everyone that's all." I simply respond. I could cry, but I just don't have the energy to. "I know, I miss the boys too." he sadly agrees. "I know what would make you feel better." he smiles. "What?" I ask, open to any options. "Come here." he says. I don't argue and I follow him. We go downstairs and he has had my eyes covered with his hands the whole time. He leads me into a room and we stop. He takes his hands off of my eyes and I nearly faint.

"DREW!" I yell and run into his arms. "Cammy, I've missed you so much." he smiles. "I've missed you too." I smile. I look into his eyes and the next thing I know, his soft lips are on mine. We keep it a 10 second kiss because my brother/dad is standing right behind me. "I love you, Cammy, don't ever forget it." he smiles. "I love you too, Drew, I love you too." I whisper and kiss him once again.

Things seem like they're going great. Zayn is with me, his family is awesome, Perrie is here, Drew is in for the week, everything is great.

Little did I know, things would take a major turn for the worse.



Hey guys!

I just started school, so I won't be updating as much. :( But when I do update, they'll be great chapters! :D

I have MAJOR plans for this story, so it will probably be at the top of my updating list for the next couple of weeks.

I predict about 20-30 more chapters. And maybe a sequel...

I'm super psyched for the upcoming chapters of this story.

I write these chapters when I update them. In other words, I come up with them on the top of my head. But I have AWESOME ideas. These ideas will start next chapter, but things will be more dramatic once Cammy's 5 weeks with the boys are over.

I can't wait for this story to continue and I hope you are enjoying it!

Thanks for reading and I love you all!

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