Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


57. Trevor

Cammy's POV-

We've been on tour for a month now. The shows have been great, touring around the earth being with my friends has been great. Drew and I are great. Kalie, Finn, Mason, Riley and I are great. The boys and I are great. Everything is great except for one thing.

I am having an emergency meeting with Uncle Simon today.

Remember a month ago, when I came out crying and Riley and Drew asked if I was okay and I said no? Well Daddy called me and told me we have some issues. Let's just say my anxiety and depression has tripled.

The boys have gotten a lawsuit against them from this 22 year old. He claims that the boys shouldn't be my guardians. This boy is claiming that he is my brother.

My brother. My blood brother. Who is 7 years older than me. Who has the same blood running through his vains as me. Who has the same parents as me. Who had to experience his parents dying just like I did. Who had to be put through foster homes just like I did. Who looks somewhat like me. Who has the same DNA as me.

Who is my brother.

The second I found out someone who is related to me is still alive, I began to ball. I don't know if I plan to meet him or what will happen with the boys, but all I know is that I am happy that someone that is related to me is actually alive.

"Hey sweetie." Simon says and hugs me. "Hi Simon." I say and hug him back. "I have some news about your brother." he says and sits down in our tour bus. Riley, Finn, Mason, Kalie, Drew, Kasey (lead bass player), Connor(lead guitarist), Max(main bodyguard) and I are all sitting with Simon in our tour bus. "Is it okay for us to talk with everyone around?" he asks. "Of course." I say and sit in between Connor and Max.

"Well, we found out that he is actually your brother." Simon says. I choke on my own spit. "Really?" I ask. "He is fighting the boys for custody." Simon carefully says. I officially loose it by the time he says that.

How in the world can I decide between my blood brother and my dad and brothers who I love more than anything?

"Do I get a say with who I live with?" I ask him. "Of course you do." he responds. "Do I get to meet my brother before I decide?" I ask him. "Yes. Actually if you are okay with it, you'll meet him tomorrow." he says. "T-tomorr-ow?" I stutter. "Is that okay?" he asks. "I guess." I whisper. "Tomorrow you guys will meet at a Nando's around here." he says. "Okay. What time?" I ask. "Is 12 okay?" he asks. "Yes." I say and then stand up. "I just need to think. I want to be alone. I'm going to go to sleep early." I say and get into my little bunk bed in the wall and cuddle in the covers. I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.


*After the Night, Currently Morning*


I open my tired eyes to see the wall of my bunk bed. It's filled with pictures of me and the boys and Kalie, Rylie, Finn, Mason and Drew. There's a few more pictures of some others and me, like the band and crew, Lexi, Charlie, Lux, Austin, and the 5SOS boys.

"Hey honey, you need to get up and get ready. It's 10 o'clock and we need to leave at 11:50 because you are meeting your brother at Nando's at 12." Max says. "Hang on, Max." I say to him. "Sure, what's wrong?" he asks. I lazily get stand up out of my bunk and my bare feet hit the cool floor of the bus. I stumble a bit because the bus is still moving. Max takes my arms and holds me, knowing I'm about to fall. "Thank you." I say. "What did you need sweetie?" he asks.

Max and I have gotten really close lately. He is one of my best friends now. He is there for me and he really cares about me. He knows about everything and I trust him 100 percent. He is 24 years old and is a professional bodyguard. He told me that he will never leave me. He'll always be my bodyguard. More importantly, my best friend.

He has deep brown eyes and scruffy brown hair. His hair is a lot like Louis' in the Live While We're Young video. He is about Zayn's height and he has his own kind of style. His style consist of polos, sweater vests, button up shirts, black skinny jeans and black sneakers. When he's on duty, he wears his uniform, the usual all black outfit.

To say he was muscular would be an understatement. He is like the Hulk. Not in a bad way though, he's healthy and strong. You can say he is attractive, but I don't like him like that. Especially since I have a boyfriend and Max is 9 years older than me. He's just like another best friend/brother/dad just like all of the other boys in my life, besides Drew of course.

"Can I have a hug?" I ask him. "Of course." he says pulling me into his arms. I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his chest. "Any reason for the sudden need of a hug?" he asks as his hand rubs gently up and down on my back. I am officially saying that Max has the best hugs. He even beats a Horan hug. You know it's a good hug when I say his hug beats a Horan hug.

"I just love your hugs. I really needed one. Today is going to be a rough day." I whisper, tears threatening to come out of my eyes and onto his plaid button up shirt. "I know this is going to be hard for you. I want you to remember one thing. Listen to your heart. Not the boys, not your brother, not your friends, not Drew, not even me. Listen to yourself, more specifically your heart." he whispers in my ear. "Thank you, Max. I love you." I say and gently kiss his cheek. "No problem sweetheart. I love you too." he says and kisses the top of my forehead. "Now go get ready before you're late!" he says and lets go of our hug, as do I. "Fine." I say and walk over to my suitcase and pull out a outfit. "Max, where are we today?" I ask him. "Malibu, California. Wear something for warm weather." he says to me. "Thanks." I say. "No problem." he responds.

I pull out my clothes and go into the bathroom. I put on a crop top that shows part of my belly, a shirt that the boys would totally not be okay with. It's light purple at the top and fades into dark purple at the bottom. I also put on studded neon pink high waisted shorts. I add my Cammy necklace, charm bracelet, and Horan bracelet. I slip on black combat boots and then quickly brush my teeth and hair. I put my hair in a messy bun.

I walk out and grab my phone. I change my case to one of Drew and I. Drew bought it for me the other day. It was a picture of us in New York. I love him so much.

I quickly tell everyone goodbye and give Drew a kiss. "Just remember the boys and I will always love you no matter what you do." he whispers in my ear. "Thanks Drew." I smile and kiss him one more time.

"Are you ready?" Max asks and hugs me from behind me. "Yup. Are we stopping anytime soon?" I ask, looking at him over my shoulder because he is still hugging me. "Speak of the devil, we're stopping right now." he says. I look out the window and I realize that we're stopping.

I close my eyes and put my hands together. I say a silent prayer and then take a deep breath. "Okay. I'm ready." I say and follow Max out of the tour bus with my phone in my pocket.

The hot air hits me and oddly enough gives me the chills. It's probably because I came out of the bus that has nice air conditioning and now I am in a really really hot climate. "Do you mind walking? It's like 5 minutes up this street." he asks."That's no problem. It might help me calm my nerves." I say and play with my hands as we walk. "You can just text me and I'll pick you up, okay?" he asks. "Thank you Max." I smile at him. "No problem kiddo." he smiles back.


*After 5 Minutes of Walking*


"Will you help me find him?" I ask as we walk towards the front doors of Nando's. "Of course." he says and opens the door for me. Once we're in, we look around, trying to find someone that's alone and looks like me. "Is that him?" I ask and slightly nod over to who I'm thinking. "Let's go find out." he says and gently grabs my hand. My face turns pale and my stomach fills with a million and one butterflies. He squeezes my hand, letting me know that he figured out I feel ill.

"Excuse me, are you Trevor?" Max asks as we approach the male. "Yeah are you-" he stops once he looks at me. I didn't know his name was Trevor. No one told me.

I inspect my brother. His hair is the same natural brown color I have above my pink and purple dip dyed hair. His eyes are the same blue as mine. His nose is small yet cute, like mine. His ears and mouth are, yes you guessed it, just like mine. He looks exactly like me, just a male version.

"Are you okay?" Max whispers in my ear. "Yeah, thank you." I say and give him a quick hug. "Just text me when you're ready." he says and then walks out of the restaurant.

"Cammy, go ahead and sit down." Trevor smiles at me. I sit down across from him and we stare at each other in disbelief. "I can't believe I have a sister." he whispers. "I know. Overwhelming, right?" I ask and he nods his head. "What do you do for a living? Or are you in Uni?" I ask, trying to start off some useful conversation. "I'm still in Uni. I'm tr-" he starts but someone interupts him. We both look to the 10 year old girl who is standing by our table. "I'm sorry to interupt, but OMG! I'm such a huge fan of yours, Cammy, I know every one of your songs and I'm going to 2 of your concerts and I can't believe I'm meeting you! Can I get a picture and an autograph?" she asks me. "Of course sweetheart, what's your name?" I ask as I take the Sharpie marker and phone case that has pictures of me on it out from her hands. I sign my name on the case with a little smiley face at the end, which I always add.

"Bridget!" she smiles. "Well it's very nice to meet you." I smile back at her. "Selfie or should we ask my brother to take the picture?" I ask her. "Can we do both? I really want a good picture with you." she asks. "Of course. Selfies first!" I say and she bends down to where I'm sitting and we both smile for the phone and then make silly faces. "You have a brother? I didn't know that." she says, politely handing him her phone. "Neither did we. We just found out about each other yesterday." I say awkwardly. I stand up so the picture looks better. Trevor stands also and quickly snaps our picture.

"Thank you!" she says to Trevor and takes her phone back. "No problem, sweetie." he smiles and sits back down. "Thank you, Cammy!" she says and gently hugs me. "Of course! Nice to meet you Bridget!" I smile and she walks away.

"You are so sweet. No wonder why people love you." Trevor compliments. "Thank you. That means a lot, Trevor." I say and look him in the eye. "Tell me about the boys." he says. "You mean the 1d boys?" I ask him. "Yeah." he says. "I am super happy that they adopted me. Life in the orphanage wasn't fun. Wait, did you live in a orphanage?" I ask. "I did until I was 18. Once I was 18 they let me go. I've been living by myself ever since." he says.

I examine his face to look for any hint of sadness, sorrow, regret, anything. Yet, I see nothing. "If you're looking for sadness or something like that, you won't find it. I don't mind it too much. It was better than being in some abusive homes." he says. I look down at my fingers in my lap. "Dang it. You were in abusive homes weren't you? I'm sorry." he says. "You didn't know. It's fine." I say and try to wipe my tears without him noticing, but he did.

"Come here." he sweetly says and stands up. I look up to see him holding his arms open for a hug. I hate pity, but I wouldn't mind a hug. Especially a hug from someone who is related to me.

The second I stand up he engulfs me into his arms and I wrap my arms around his torso. More tears pour out of my face, which is burried in his chest. "I know you love them, Cammy. We'll figure this out, I promise." he whispers in my ear.

Oddly enough, I believe him.



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Love you all so very much!!

~Cammy xx.

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