Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


16. Super Busy

Cammy's POV-

"CAMMY! GET UP!" Louis yells, while jumping on my bed.

"Good morning to you too. I don't remember ordering a wake up call," I snap. He jumps off and rolls his eyes. I see it is 6:00 a.m. I drag my lazy bum out of bed and kiss his cheek while skipping down the stairs.

"Good morning, One Direction!" I sing while kissing each of their cheeks.

"You're in a happy mood today," Harry mumbles. Well I guess he isn't.

"Well it's a good thing, you have a busy schedule today," Niall adds. I raise an eyebrow at him and wait for someone to continue. "First an interview on the Today show with us. Next is Football practice. After that is dance lessons with Cat since we are still in New York. Then a photo shoot by yourself for M magazine. Next you will meet with Simon, to discuss some things by yourself. Then you'll do soundcheck. Then you'll open for us, performing five songs of your choice. Then we will have dinner with Riley." Liam finishes.

My head is spinning with all of the information that was just thrown at me. Most of these things are by myself.

"Wait, back this train up. Soundcheck and me opening for you guys? What are you guys talking about?" I ask.

"We've heard you. You are a great singer. 5 Seconds of Summer can't make it for the rest of the tour, so we thought you could fill in," Louis says. I silently nod my head.

"Wait. Did you guys say we'll have dinner with Riley?" I ask getting excited.

"We called him and invited him," Harry says as they all smile their guilty grins.

"OMG! I love you guys!" I say hugging and kissing each of them.

"Okay, so we got you your own manager. Her name is Lexi," Liam says as a girl walks in.

"I'll take you from place to place and help you with outfits and stuff," she says coming in.

"I need a girlfriend!" I say hugging her.

"Go get ready, we need to leave by 6:30. You're stylist, Charlie, has clothes there and will do your hair and makeup. Don't worry, she's a girl," Lexi says. I nod my head and run upstairs.


I take off my pjs, and take a quick shower. After my shower, I tightly wrap the hotel towel around my wet body. I comb my knotty hair, with my light blue brush. I blow dry my hair and gently curl it. I figured it would be one less thing for Charlie to do.


I open up my suitcase and ponder on what I should wear. I decide on a neon orange flowly shirt that says #swag and high waisted neon pink shorts. I put on my neon green aviator sandals. Then a necklace that says Cammy in cursive, that the Perrie got me. I also put my bracelet on that says Horan in cursive. Guess who got it for me. Nialler did. I love this bracelet. I don't know why. It is light pink and black braided rope which holds the stainless steel cursive writing. I also add Harry's airplane necklace. Last but not least, I got my gray beanie and gently put it over my curls. You guessed it, Harry got it for me. I decide on no makeup, because Charlie will do that.


I grab my phone off of my bed and walk downstairs. I see Lexi and the boys talking. They all look at me, once they see I'm in the room. I could've sworn, I heard their jaws drop.

"You look beautiful," Liam says, breaking the silence.

"Thanks. I don't see how that could be, it took me like 20 minutes to get ready," I say confused.

"Well you do. Let's go!" Lexi says. Lexi and I go in her car, because after the interview, we will be splitting up with the boys.

Once we get there, Charlie says I look great in what I'm wearing, so she just did my makeup.

"We are back with One Direction and their sister slash daughter Cammy," Hoda (from the Hoda and Cathy morning show on the Today show) says. I smile at the two ladies in front of me.

"So Cammy, we hear that tonight you will be opening for the boys. Are you excited?" Cathy asks.

"Well, it'll be my first time performing for an audience, so I'm nervous," I say adding a nervous smile and shrug.

"How has it been living with 5 boys?" Hoda asks.

"Crazy," I say and we all laugh.


The rest of my first interview went well. I told the boys goodbye and that I'll see them tonight at the concert. They have to record, do interviews, and photo shoots today. Lexi drives me back to our hotel and tells me to get dressed into a workout outfit for football.

Once I come out in a sports bra, t-shirt, and shorts, we drive to the football practice. I pull out my phone and decide to tweet.



Busy day today... Interview is done! Headed to football! :D


Once I post my tweet, I look at how many followers I have. I have 8 Million Followers! Wow!

"Cammy, we're here. I'm gonna come in and watch, okay?" Lexi asks as we park.

"Just take some action shots," I say winking. I get out of the car with my workout bag, over my shoulder. We dodge the paparazzi and fans and eventually made it to the door.

Josh told me to warm up with the other girls and I do so. We played another game today, our team won again. I hug the girls, and tell them I'll see them in North Carolina, because that is where the boys and I are going next, including my team. Josh gave me a shirt that has the our team name, the Warriors, on it. All of the girls signed it.

"Cammy, we need to go to your dance lesson," Lexi says, walking up to me. I nod and ignore the stupid shouts from paparazzi.




I laughed at the stupid rumors. The boys, the girls, and I know the truth and that's it. I would love to tell the paps the truth, but I can't.

We are going straight to my dance lesson, because I'm already in workout clothes.

I look at my phone to see Lexi texted me some action shots. I post the one of me diving to catch the ball, as I am the goalie, on Twitter.



Football practice is done! Like the action shot of me? Dance is next! pic.twitter.com/PwQc8LIuN


I notice that Niall texted me. Nobody knows my name for him, it's kinda embarrassing.


From: Daddy Horan

Having fun today? We miss you more than anything!


To: Daddy Horan

Yeah, just finished football. My team won! You should check my twitter often, I'm tweeting pics after each thing. I miss you all too... dance practice next!


I turn off my phone as we pull in front of the dance studio.

"I have to go do something, I'll be back in two hours. You have my phone number, right?" she asks.

"Yup, thanks!" I say running into the building, avoiding the paps that followed us.


"Hey Cat!" I say giving her a hug.

"Hey Cammy! So I was thinking we could work on a new dance that I just made," she said taking me to her studio.

"What song?" I ask, her dropping my bag on the side.

"Rock me, by your brothers. It has a really good beat to it," she said going to the radio to turn on the song. She showed me the whole dance, then begun teaching me it.

Before I knew it, our two hours were over.

"Keep practicing that dance okay? I had fun with you!" Cat said smiling.

"Okay! Me too! Thank you!" I say picking up my bag and my phone.

"Wait, I need a picture for twitter! I'm tweeting from each event I have today!" I say grabbing my phone and doing a selfie with Cat.

I see I have a new text from Lexi.


From: Lexi <3 :

I'm outside!


I then go on my phone and tweet the picture of Cat and I.



Dance is over! My dance teacher, Cat, and I! Photo shoot with M magazine next! Wish me luck, I've never done a photo shoot before! pic.twitter.com/1poh7rewUO


"I'm coming for the shoot, okay?" Lexi asks.

"Of course! I'm kind of nervous. I've never done this before" I say nervously.

"We are going to eat lunch they have there and then Charlie and I will get you ready," she said. I look at the clock and notice it's lunch time, at 11:30. We dodge the paps and walk into the buffet they have at M magazine.

After lunch, Charlie throws an outfit at me. I put on the pink and blue floral dress, which is flowy and beautiful. I was handed light blue converse. I then put my Cammy necklace, Harry's airplane necklace and Horan bracelet. Charlie did new light makeup on me and she put my curly hair into a neat bun on my head.

"I have a present for you!" Lexi says, walking towards me.

"What?" I ask.

"The boys gave it to me this morning. They knew you would be nervous," she responds handing me a jewelry box. I open it to find a charm bracelet with five charms. One is a four leaf clover, another is a carrot, one is a mini mirror, one is a batman logo, and the last one is 'I can't change' written in cursive. I can clearly tell which is from which boy. I smile and take a picture of it so you can see all of the charms clearly.



I love my boys. Thank you guys! @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik1D pic.twitter.com/9ysd2qdsPM


I quickly decided to personally text the boys, to thank them.


To: Daddy Horan, LiLi, Hazza, Louissssss, and Zaynie

Thanks boys! I love it! I'm not nervous anymore! I'm gotta go rock this photo shoot! Love you guys!


"Cammy! Come on!" Lexi yells. I run onto the roof, where the shoot is being shot. I quickly slip on my bracelet and begin posing. I feel so confident. Better than I have ever before.

"Take pictures!" I yell to Lexi.



I feel so awesome. pic.twitter.com/1azx4hweLM


"Now you have a meeting with Simon," Lexi says as we hop in the car.

"Okay." I respond. I'm wearing the outfit from the shoot, because they let me have it. Honestly, I'm too lazy to change. Today has been a hectic day, and it's barely started.

"I'm not coming, I'm just gonna hang out in the car. This meeting shouldn't last long," she said.

"Okay. Thanks!" I say as I got out of the car, ignoring the paps.


"Hi Cammy! How are you? I love your outfit!" Simon says hugging me.

"I'm good! It's the outfit I got at the photo shoot! So what are we talking about?" I ask, sitting on the chair in front of his desk.

"Well, a few things. First, how is your day going? I know it's a lot!" he asks.

"I'm doing pretty well," I respond.

"Good. Next, you are performing tonight. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to do a demo and release a single. Maybe persue an album and tour later on," he offers.

"Thank you so much, Simon. I really don't want to be a singer. I'm fine with opening for the boys, maybe featuring in one of the boys new songs on their new album, but nothing more," I answer.

"Well, if you ever change your mind, the offer is still on the table." I nod my head.

"Lastly, how are you and the boys doing?" he asks. I'm actually excited for this question.

"Great. Amazing actually. I'm actually getting close with each of them. Niall and I are the closest. I feel like I can tell him anything and everything. He is like my dad. I love them all so much. More than anything. I feel so blessed they found me," I say smiling.

"That's great," he says smiling.

"I've been posting on Twitter all day at each event I was at. I was wondering if you would take a selfie with me," I say pulling out my phone.

"It's not really my kind of thing, but I will just this once." he says smiling. I snap the picture of us, then leave to see Lexi in the lobby.

While we are driving to my soundcheck, I tweet the picture of Simon and I.



Meeting with Uncle Si! @Simon_Cowel Off to soundcheck! pic.twitter.com/0hal6plUG


Once we arrive, I drop my bags off in my dressing room and head to the stage.

"Cammy, this is your security guard team. You can use them whenever you want. I'll enter their numbers in your phone," Lexi says as I hand her my phone.

"Hi I'm Cammy!" I say shaking their hands.

"Justin," the tall and muscular one says.

"Max," the bigger one says.

"Lexi?" I ask as she hands me my phone back.

"When are the boys coming?" I ask.

"They are already here. They just finished soundcheck. Now you need to do your soundcheck. You'll see them later," she says, dragging me to a stage manager.

"You will sing three songs for soundcheck and five songs tonight. What songs for soundcheck and what songs for tonight would you like to sing?" the stage manager asks. "For the concert, Stay by Rihanna, Next to Me by Emilie Sande, Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, Hurricane by Bridget Mendler, and Truly, Madly, Deeply by my brothers. For soundcheck, I'll do Stay, Hurricane, and Next to Me. Can you not tell the boys what song I'm doing? I want to suprise them," I say smiling.

"You're secret is safe with me," the stage manager smiles.


I walk out onstage and look out to see all of the empty seats.

"Wow," I mumble to myself. I look behind me and see a band setting up. They are not my brothers' band. They are my band. I walk over to them.

"Hey guys, I'm Cammy," I say smiling.

"Hello! I'm Connor and I'm your guitarist," Connor says hugging me, his guitar rubbing against me.

"I'm Parker and I'm your drummer," Parker said hugging me, also.

"I'm Kasey, your bass player," he says hugging me.

"I'm Ryan, your keyboard player," he says, going old school and shaking my hand.

"We are Chloe and Maddie, your back up singers," Chloe says hugging me and so does Maddie. Lexi walks on the stage.

"Cammy, this would be your band if you decided on going on tour." Lexi said. This seems perfect. I'm honestly reconsidering Simon's offer.

After soundcheck, Lexi rushes me to my dressing room. I see Charlie and she begins to put on my makeup and doing my hair.

Once she finsihes, she hands me an outfit. I will have a constume change after my first 3 songs. I will have 2 minutes to get new hair and makeup and change into a new outfit. My current outfit is a girl, punk rockish look. I am wearing neon pink ripped jeans with a black top that has a gold, sequined skull and cross bones. I am wearing my Cammy necklace, airplane necklace, Horan bracelet, charm bracelet and gray beanie. I also slip on my gold gladiator shoes.

"Lexi, I'm ready! Can I please see the boys?" I plead looking at the time on my phone. It is 6:10, I start at 6:20 and I end at 7:00. The boys come on at 7:30.

"You have ten minutes, if you find them, you can," she says. I run out of my room and look around for the boys.

After a few minutes of looking, I eventually find them.

"Finally!" I yell running to them.

"Cammy!" they all yell in unison. I go to hug them, but Lexi and Max grab my arms.

"You're on in one minute!" they say, dragging me from the boys. I groan and the boys sadly smile at me.

As I'm waiting to go on, I feel a vibration on my butt. I pull out my phone and see I have a new text.


From: Daddy Horan

Good luck, Angel. We believe in you! Don't forget we're having dinner with Riley later! We love you!


I look back and see the lads smiling and waving at me. I smile back. They just gave me the energy I don't have to rock this concert.

I walk out and yell "Hey New York!" into the mic. I see Perrie, El, and Patricia in the crowd, smiling at me and taking pictures. I smile for one of their photos. I see some girls scream and have signs with my name on it. I even see a girl faint! This is where I belong. I hear the bars of Locked Out of Heaven through my ears.

After I finish my three songs, I run off stage and Lexi drags me towards my dressing room. Before I enter the long hallway of dressing rooms, I see those five cheeky lads giving me thumbs up.

I change into a gold sequined blouse, and black high waisted shorts. I also slip on my gold gladiator sandals, back on. Charlie quickly does my makeup as Lexi ties my curls into a neat bun. I run back to the stage right on time.

"That was stressful," I say laughing into the mic.

I sing Stay perfectly. Sadly, it's time for my last song.

"This is my last song for the night. This is dedicated to my five brothers. They have helped me through a lot and they mean the world to me. I love them more than words can explain. Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam? This song is for you guys. Love you!" I say. I sit down on the stool that a crew member brought out. Connor sits on the stool next to me and has his acousitc guitar ready to play my favorite song ever.

"Am I asleep, am I awake or somewhere in between?..." I sing into the mic.

After I finish, I look at crowd one last time. It's amazing. You know, dancing with Connor, Ryan, Kasey, Chloe and Maddie, was so fun. Waving at a fan and see them begin crying because I waved to them, was priceless. Looking at the flashes of camaras was a beautiful sight. The music pumping through my vains, was natural. It was so breath-taking. I really love this feeling. I belong here.

I pull out my phone and take a quick picture of the crowd while tearing up. I pull the whole band together and we take a quick selfie, in front of the crowd.

I run off and I instantly feel five boys arms around me.

"That was so sweet, what you did," Liam says. I just blush.

"I loved that feeling," I say, still strucked.

"We know what Simon offered you. Why did you say no?" Niall asks.

"I don't know. I'm reconsidering it after that. Can I talk to you guys about it later?" I ask.

"Of course, hun," Zayn says.

"I'm sooooo tired!" I say dragging out the 'o'. "Go hang out with the girls or take a nap backstage," Liam says. "Okay. Good luck!" I say. I quickly tweet the picture of the crowd, I took.



Best. Feeling. Ever. pic.twitter.com/7qwe0alPS


I decide on going to watch the boys.

"Max, will you help me get to the VIP section with the girls?" I ask him.

"Sure thing, Miss Tomlinson." he says smiling.

"Cammy," I correct him.


For the whole concert, I watch the boys and sing along with the girls. I'm super tired.

After the concert, we all head over to Riley's hotel and pick him up. We also pick up a few pizzas.

The dinner went well, we all talked and the boys get along really well with Riley. The boys are letting him stay over the night. I lay down on mine and Niall's bed. Riley is on the couch in our room.

"Go to sleep, angel. I know you had a long day," he whispers as he kisses my nose. I look at the clock and see it's 1 a.m. I do need to sleep.

"I love you, Niall," I whisper.

"Love you too," he says and I fall asleep in his strong arms.



*Credit to One Direction, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Emilie Sande, and Bridget Mendler for their songs I mentioned in this chapter*


This chapter took me about like 5 hours all together. I was gonna update it last night, then I lost internet connection! STUPID AT&T!!

I just rewrote the ending that I lost.

I hope you guys LOVED this long chapter!

Please comment feedback!

Comment your favorite part of this chapter!

Love you guys!

~Cammy xx.

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