Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


52. Put On A Smile, Even If It's Fake

Cammy's POV-

Austin Mahone is currently opening for 5 Seconds of Summer. It is 5:30 and the boys, the girls, Kalie, Finn, Mason, and Riley are here. Uncle Greg and Aunt Denise also came. I love having all of them here, but there is one person who isn't here. I would give or do anything to have him here. Drew.

Everyone knows I am not the same. I am trying to be brave, but it's hard. I just keep telling myself to put on a smile, even if it's fake.

I am in this huge room with couches and chairs, with everyone and 5SOS. They already got ready, so they are just hanging out until they go on. I don't have to get ready until 7:00 because I go on at 7:30.

"Are you nervous?" Michael asks me. "Not really. I'm just glad I'll have all of you in the front row, cheering me on." I smile. I don't know how they did it, but the boys got the whole front row to themselves for when I come out. But for the openers, fans get to go up there. I am so happy they will be there. Daddy, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Greg, Denise, Finn, Mason, Riley, Kalie, Austin, Michael, Ashton, Luke, and Calum will be in the front row. Then a few tame, calm, lucky, fans will be allowed to fill up the sides of the row. Same with the fans behind them, they don't want to get mobbed by crazy fans.

*After Austin Plays, 6:00 pm, 5SOS is playing*

"Austin! How was it?" I ask running to him and giving him a hug. "Cammy, I'm all sweaty! But it was awesome!" he says and hugs me back. "I don't care!" I say and then break apart. I love Austin. Not in a love love way, in a brotherly love way. "It's almost your turn!" Louis singsongs. "Don't remind me." I say holding my aching stomach. My stomach feels like there are butterflies and caterpillars all over the place. I'm so scared, it's not even funny.

"Don't worry! You'll do perfect." Uncle Greg says. "I hope so." I whisper. "You will!" Daddy smiles. "Oh God." I say, feeling myself start to gag. I then run into the nearest bathroom.

I fall on the floor in front of the toilet. I then begin to throw up. I feel someone holding my hair and rubbing my back, but I'm too busy throwing up to see who it is. "It's okay, love." I hear a Bradford accent say. I know that it's Zayn because of his accent.

After I finish this torture, I look up to see Liam holding a warm, wet, washcloth for me to wipe my face with. I gladly take it and wipe my mouth. He also hands me some mouthwash and I chug some in my mouth then I spit it into the sink. "Thank you." I whisper. I am still shaking from throwing up. "I don't feel good." I say, still in a whisper, as Liam and Zayn pull me into a hug. "I know you're nervous, but the second you walk out, all of the nerves will go away. I promise." Zayn whispers in my ear.

*After 5SOS Plays, 7:25 pm, Cammy has 5 minutes until she goes on, her friends and family are in the front row waiting for her to come out, and Drew still isn't there.*

I have my outfit on, my hair and make up is done thanks to Charlie. I also have my Horan bracelet, Cammy necklace, charm bracelet, and grey beanie on. My band is already setting up onstage behind the curtain, and I am about to puke my guts out, again. The boys, their girlfriends, Austin, 5SOS, Mason, Kalie, Riley, Finn, Uncle Greg and Aunt Denise are all in the front row ready to cheer me on.

I'm so nervous and it's not even funny. The only person who can fully calm me down isn't here, cheering me on. The only person who I wrote all of the songs about that I am going to sing tonight isn't here, singing along. The only person who can put a genuine smile on my face isn't here, with a genuine smile on his face too.


"Cammy, 2 minutes until you go out." Lexi says walking past me. I stand up, off of the comfy couch I was sitting on and stand in front of the mirror. I look down on the table and see my phone. I need to try. It's the only way I can go out on the stage knowing I tried everything, knowing that I am not letting everyone down. Knowing I'm not letting myself down.

I pick up my white iPhone and dial the number I know by heart. My shaky hand puts it up to my ear and I listen to the ringing noise.

"Hello?" I hear through the small device. I almost die at the sound of the voice. The voice I know all too well. The voice that made me happy every time I heard it. The voice that I fell in love with.

"Is anyone there?" he asks again. I shake myself out of dream land and realize this is my only chance before he hangs up.

"It's my first concert tonight. I don't expect you to remember, yet I wouldn't be too shocked if you do. I am going to sing to thousands of people tonight. I'm singing my own songs that I wrote. They are about someone. They are actually love songs. I sing them with every ounce of my being because I know it's the only way I can sing. My songs are not about nobody in particular. They about someone really special to me. I'm broken, yet I sing these songs like this love I crave of everyday is still existing. The songs are about you and no one else and if you can't believe me, then that's your loss. I love you more than anything and you left me in a state of weakness. The one person I need most here with me now, isn't here. And I would do anything to change that." I finish and press the little red button on the phone.

I set down my phone and take a few deep breaths. I'm so happy that Charlie gave me waterproof makeup. I wipe up my tears then I walk out of my dressing room. I feel ten times better getting that all out.

"30 seconds!" a worker shouts out. Someone hands me a microphone. Another person leads me through a hallway that will lead underground. Once we are under the stage, I crawl to this little platform. It is so tempting to look out to see everyone, but I know I would ruin the surprise. I hear my opening video begin with my song, Secrets playing in the background.

"I haven't had the easiest life. I've had many challenges along the way. No my life isn't perfect, but I want people to know that no matter how they start, whether it's in the streets, an adoption home, an abusive family, anything. They can still achieve their dreams. With the help of some amazing people, I'm achieving mine right now." I hear my voice say. The video is on the screen for the audience to see, yet I can't see it because I'm under the stage. The video just has me talking and me at photo shoots and acting goofy and staring off into the distance as my voice talks in the background. The second I say the last word. The whole stage is pitch black including the screen. My song, Secrets, goes off and all you hear is the screams of the fans. I feel the platform underneath me rise as the first few piano bars of Ready or Not start.

"Hey, ey, ey. Hey, ey, ey. Ooooooohh." I sing to the music as I get higher on the stage, yet no one can see me. The band stops the music and the bright spotlight shines on me, level with the stage, wind blowing in my hair, making me look really cool. The crowd goes crazy and I smile and wave. "Are you ready to do this London!" I yell into my mic looking out at the mass of fans. They scream louder. "Well ready or not!" I say into the mic and laugh as the music begins up again. "I'm the kind of girl who doesn't say a word, who sits at the curb and waits for the world, but I'm about you break out, bout to break out, I'm like a crook tonight." I sing as I walk off of the isle, touching some of the fans hands, and going to the main stage where I can see my family. I smile and wave at them and then get ready for my next verse. "I caught you staring at me and I was thinking clearly, now I'm like a bee and I'm hunting for the honey. And I'm kinda shy, but you're super fly, yeah I could be your kryptonite." I sing as I dance around and act like a goofball. I finish off the song and listen the cheering of the audience.

"What's up London?" I ask in the mic and hear the cheering of the crowd. "I am Cammy and welcome to the Angel tour!" I say and hear more cheers. "How about we give it up for Austin Mahone and 5 Seconds of Summer?!" I say and hear, yet again, more cheers! "Austin and 5SOS have become great friends of mine and I am so excited to kick off this tour with them! This next song is actually about friends and believe it or not, the talented Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood wrote this song with me! Here is Sunday Morning!" I say as the jazzy music begins.

"Sunday morning rain is falling. Steal some covers, share some skin. Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable. You twist to fit the mold that I am in. But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do. And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew, that someday it would lead me back to you. That someday it would lead me back to you." I sing the first verse while dancing with the band and watching as the fans know every word to my song and sing along. It's such a crazy moment when you see the crowd sing lyrics to your song. It's amazing.

"That may be all I need. In darkness, he is all I see. Comes and rest your bones with me. Driving slow on Sunday morning and I never want to leave." I sing the chorus.

As I continue the song, I smile at my family and friends singing along too. I smile for their pictures and even bend down to do a selfie with some of them.

"And I never want to leave." I finish the chorus for a second time. The whole band stops the music. "Hang on!" I say into the mic and run backstage. I grab the trumpet with the mic attached to the end of it and run back out stage. The music then continues and I play the trumpet part with some other saxes, trumpets, and trombones. Did I mention I can play the trumpet?

I then run back and hand someone the trumpet and then walk out as I finish singing the rest of the song. Once I finish, the crowd cheers, yet again! I could get used to this. . .

"Ro-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oar." I sing a cappella into the microphone. The crowd cheers knowing which song is next.

I just wish Drew was here. I wonder what he thought of our phone call. . .



Aww! This is a bittersweet chapter! She is living her dreams, yet Drew isn't there to watch and support her.

Well here is her Angel album list:

1. Ready or Not

2. Let Him Go

3. Safe and Sound

4. Made in the UK

5. Royals

6. Still Into You

7. Counting Stars

8. Mirrors

9. Demons

10. Wake Me Up

11. Sunday Morning

12. Roar

13. Radioactive

14. Secrets

I personally love her album list! Comment what you think about it!

Love you all and new update soon!

Do you guys think Drew will try to come before the end of the concert? Or will he be too late? Or will he be a no show? Comment what you think!

~Cammy xx.

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