Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


78. Parties, Videos, and Robbers

Niall's POV-

"EVERYONE WHO IS NOT CAMMY PLEASE COME TO THE BACKYARD!" I yell into the house. Kalie, Mason, Finn and Riley came home earlier today and everyone has been at our house. We drove back from Ireland yesterday. Now it's time to talk about Cammy's birthday party with everyone. We have to make it really special because it's going to be her Sweet 16.

After we're all out here and Harry informs me that Cammy's up in her room filming a YouTube video, I start off the conversation about her party. "First off, thanks for you all coming here. What is spoken about between us, stays between us. This is about Cammy's birthday party. Now it's going to be her 16th so it needs to be amazing. Also, thanks to Drew and Max for the ideas and reminder for her birthday. What kind of party should it be?" I ask.

"Maybe like a neon party. Where everyone wears neon clothes and writes with neon markers on their bodies. It can be in a club that has black lights so it will light up the neon on us." Finn says.

"Yeah! And we can have a photo booth for pictures." Trevor adds.

"We can ask Ed to DJ." Liam speaks up.

"And we can have it at that club next to our favorite Nandos!" Louis suggests.

"These are awesome ideas! So I think we can all work this out with a few more of these private meetings. We just need to plan the Saturday of her birthday. Clearly that will be the party day, but how do we get her there and dressed?" I ask.

"Oh! Leave that to me and the girlfriends!" Kalie says.

"Okay. What girlfriends are coming though?" Zayn asks.

"Perrie, Eleanor, Sophia, Barbara can come. What about Patricia though? Liam, I know you too broke up and you're dating Sophia now, but Cammy is still friends with her. It's your call though." I say.

"No it's fine, Patricia and I are still friends." Liam clarifies.

"Cool. So who needs to be invited?" I ask.

"The rest of her band and crew, Austin Mahone, the 5 Seconds of Summer boys, a girl she recently met Lucy, and probably all of your guys' families." Drew says.

"Okay. If anyone thinks of anyone else, please tell me. I think this is good right now, we'll meet later. I think everyone knows what they need to do. Thanks guys!" I say and everyone else begins to talk to each other because we can't go and talk to Cammy since she's filming.


Cammy's POV-

"Hello everybody!" I smile at the camera. "I'm actually making a YouTube video! You guys have been asking me forever and I finally got around to it! Everyone is actually at my house, but they're having a meeting and made sure that I didn't come, so I'm going to talk to you guys!" I smile and pull my phone out of my pocket.

"So about 10 minutes ago, I tweeted you guys, asking you guys to ask me questions using #AskCam and I've gotten hundreds of questions already. So I'll just scroll through and choose a few to answer." I say and unlock my phone and open the Twitter app. I click on the hashtag and begin scrolling through the tweets, deciding which ones to choose. Once I pick one, I take a screenshot of it so I can add it to the screen of the video as I read the question.

"First question! What is my favorite place in the world that I've visited. That's a good question. I really hope to visit many more places in my life. Though, the best place that I've visited is probably Los Angeles. It's really pretty and warm for a change, because here in London, it's always cold and rainy. I really like rain though." I say and think that's probably why I love the UK so much. I go back to my phone and look for my next question.

"What is the most meaningful song that I wrote? Hmm. All of them mean a lot to me. I guess the one the I feel the most emotional while singing is Say Something. I wrote it with Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. It kind of related to a rough time I went through. When the boys and I were not speaking. Actually, the boys and I are actually on good terms right now. So all of the fighting is over!" I smile. Sure, we still have a lot of things to fix, but right now we're in a good place.

"When are you getting back on tour? Very soon actually! I was supposed to have a month off, but now that everything is going good, I'll return on tour next week! The boys are luckily done with their tour, but they're going to come to the rest of mine which is going to be awesome!" Yup. The boys are joining me on my tour, but they're not performing. I'm really happy they're coming though because I don't want what happened last time to happen again.

"You seem to hang out with a lot of boys, do you have any girl friends? Gosh, I have no idea how must of my friends and family ended up to be boys. Of course Kalie is my best girl friend, but I also met someone else too. Her name is Lucy and she's really sweet. I also have some girls from football I know, my dance teacher, Cat, Chloe and Maddie my backup singers, Charlie, my makeup and stylist, and Lexi my manager. Also, the boys' girlfriends are good friends of mine. Sure, not all of these girls are close friends, but they are still friends of mine and I really can trust them.  Right now, I'm fine with my friends though. I mean there are a lot of boys, but they're family to me." I answer.

"Are you going to change your hair color anytime soon? You know, I really need too. I'll call Charlie and see what we can do. Comment down below what color or colors I should change it to!" I say and point my fingers to the floor to show them to comment below.

"Last question. What band am I into right now? Harry is really going to like this. I'm really into The 1975 right now. Their song Robbers is always on replay on my phone." I say and pull the song up on my phone and sing and dance to it.

"Well thanks for watching guys! Comment below any ideas for videos that I should do. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Lastly, don't forget to subscribe. I'll also link my other social media links below if you want to follow me on them. Thanks guys! Byeeeee!" I smile and then put hand to the camera and turn it off.

I then edit the video on my laptop and upload it to YouTube. I also tweet the link to my video.


HEY! I made my first YouTube video! Here it is! Enjoy!! :D

I then decide to text Charlie.

To: Char

Thinking of changing my hair color sometime this week! :P You in?

Then I decide to go downstairs and see what everyone is up to. The end of the stairs leads into the living room, and I don't see anyone. I walk into the kitchen and I don't see anyone. I look out on the deck and see everyone talking in the backyard. They look like they're having a lot of fun and I don't want to ruin in.

I know they're probably planning my 16th birthday party, but I'm not going to ruin they're surprise. Time to myself actually sounds really nice. Maybe I'll write a song.

I grab Dad's guitar from his room, a notebook and pen. I sit on my bed and think of some lyrics as I strum some notes on my guitar. Suddenly a song idea appears in my mind.

"He had a face straight outta magazine. God only knows but you'll never leave him. His balaclava is starting to chafe. And when he gets his gun you're begging, 'Babe stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.' " I sing the first verse and write it down. This song is a little more darker than I would normally write but I'm really liking it.

"I'll give you one more time. I'll give you one more fight. Said one more line. Will I know you?" I finish the chorus and write that down.

"Now if you never shoot, you'll never know. And if you'll never eat you'll never grow. You've got a pretty kind of dirty face. And when he's leaving your home he's begging you, 'Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.' " I finish the second verse.

"I'll give you one more time. I'll give you one more fight. Said one more line. There'll be a riot, cause I know you." I change one line in the chorus.

"Well now that you've got your gun. It's much harder now the police have come. And I'll shoot him if it's what you ask. But if you just take off your mask, you'd find out, everything's gone wrong." The bridge finishes out.

"Now everybody's dead. And they're driving past my old school. And he's got his gun, he's got his suit on. I say, 'Babe, you look so cool.' " I say and I finish with some echoing 'cools' at the end to finish it out. I write 'Robbers' on the top of the page because I think it's a good title for the song.

I'm really proud of my song. I mean, I have no clue where it came from. It's so dark and crazy, but I like it. Though, I think I need some help on it. Like someone else to sing it with me. Maybe even a band.


Guys! I need your help! Tweet @the1975 to tweet me! I need to talk to them! Please please please help me!!! :D

I run down the stairs with Dad's guitar and into the backyard.

"I wrote a new song! Who wants to hear it?"



Credit to The 1975 for their song Robbers.

Sad to admit it, but this story will be ending VERY SOON. :'(

But there WILL be a sequel!

Comment what you think so far!

Still trying to plan the ending...

I'm hoping for a huge plot twist! But I'm still thinking of one...

Maybe you guys can find out who wrote the letters.....


Well you guys know what to dooooooo:

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Love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! (I really mean it!)

~Cammy xx.

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