Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


35. My Heart

Cammy's POV-

"Thanks to everyone for being here. I have some news and I don't know how you are going to take it. I recently talked to Simon and we discussed something. I decided to follow my heart and in 2 months I am going on my own headline tour!" I smile as happy tears roll down my cheeks. Everyone attacks me in hugs. "So you made this decision on your own with Simon?" Zayn asks. "Well Daddy and Liam knew." I say. "We're so happy for you." Riley says as everyone smiles and agrees. "So two more months left with us all home together?" Kalie asks. "Well I asked Simon if I could invite 4 of my closest friends on tour with me and he agreed!" I say and pulled them all into a hug. "YAY!" they all say in sync. "I get to be with my besties!" I smile. "I get to be with my girl." Drew smiles and pulls us out of the group hug. He gently puts his hands on my thighs, telling me to jump, so I do, and he catches me. "I'm happy you're dreams are coming true." he smiles at me as we rest our foreheads on each others'. "I'm happy that you'll be there with me." I smile at him. We both start to lean in and our lips are about to touch. "I love you." I say against his lips. "I love you too." he says and closes the little space between our lips. We continue the kiss as I put my hands through his hair and his hands hold me up as my legs wrap around his torso. I break the kiss and lay my head on his shoulder. "Are you tired, baby girl?" Liam asks. "Yeah." I mumble and gently close my eyes. "You all can stay the night if you want." Harry offers, referring to Drew, Riley, Kalie, and Finn. "We can camp out in my room and pull the mattress out of the spare bedroom and put mine on the floor." I say. "Sounds good." Riley says, as the others agree too. "But, the boys are moving the mattresses." I say as Kalie high fives me. "No problem, sweetie." Drew says in my ear. "LEGGO!" Finn yells. "Finn! Inside voices!" I scold him. "Sorry. Leggo!" he whispers. We all laugh and say goodnight to the boys. Then all 5 of us go upstairs, but Drew carries me. He lays me on the bed and Kalie lays next to me. As I lay there, I look above my bed and see the canvas that has me, Riley, Kalie, and Finn laying on the ground on it. It's the one I got the day I met Drew. I love that picture.

Finn, Riley, and Drew all go into the spare bedroom and bring in the queen size bed and putting it on the floor. Yeah my room is big, so my king size bed is in the room, with the queen size bed laying in front of it. The boys tell us we have to get up so they could move the mattress on the floor.

Once everything is on the ground and set up with millions of blankets, we all lay down. The order is Drew, me, Riley, Finn, Kalie. They put in a movie, but I am too tired to watch it. "I love you guys, night night!" I say and quickly hug each of them. I lay back down next to Drew and cuddle up with him. "I love you, baby." he says. "Love you too, Drew." I say and quickly kiss him.


Drew's POV- (shocker right??)

Cammy fell asleep on me, as Finn, Riley, Kalie, and I watch Forrest Gump. "Are you guys okay?" Louis says walking in. "We're good! Cammy fell asleep not too long ago." Kalie says. "You guys are soooooo cute! Picture time!" Louis says. Someone pauses the movie and Louis goes to take the picture. "Make sure the flash is off!" I whisper so he doesn't wake up Cammy, and because we don't need more light, the T.V. lights us up enough. He turns it off and then takes the picture. He then sends it to all of us and claims that if none of us post it on Twitter in the next 10 minutes he will.

So I grab Cammy's phone and save the picture Louis sent her. Then I click the Twitter icon and go to post it. (A/N- I decided to change her Twitter username)


hacked by @Drew_Rylan (: look at how cute we are! @Finnly @Kaliexx @Riley_Braxton love you Cammy! pic.twitter.com/9qui2tyqAP

We continue to watch our movie after Louis left and Cammy actually woke up. She said she heard Forrest's voice and she is in love with this movie, so she wanted to watch it too.

This is a fun night and I am glad to enjoy it with my best friends and the love of my life.



Hey guys!

So Cammy is going on tour with Riley, Finn, Kalie, and Drew, but not the boys!!! How do you think that will work out, them being on tour at the same time?

Drew and Cammy are so cute! I hope to have a relationship like them one day!

I plan for there to probably be at least 40 more chapters left! So you guys are stuck with me and this terrible book for a looooooonnnnnggg time!!! ;)

haha, I hope you all are enjoying this!

Please comment, like, favorite, and fan!!!

Love you all! :D

~Cammy xx.

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