Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


24. Liam's Week Part 1


So you know that Cammy will spend time with each of the boys for a week. This is going to be how I do it. There will be 2 parts for each boy. The order will be Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and then Harry. There will be 10 chapters in a row of her 5 weeks with the boys. I hope you like them!


*1 Week Later*


Cammy's POV-

"I really don't want to leave you guys!" I say crying my eyes out. Drew comes and hugs me as I cry. "Riley and I will come and meet you any chance we get." Kalie smiles, trying to make the tough situation easier. "I'm going to come as soon as possible also." Finn smiles. "And I'm coming when I get a chance." Drew smiles. "You will also see a new one of us every week." Zayn adds. I just bury my face into Drew's chest. "I'll miss you, babe." he whispers in my ear. I lift my head up, but my chin is on his chest. He wipes my tears with his thumbs as his fingers are behind my ears. "I'll miss you too." I say as a few more tears fall. He leans down and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck, as we continue the kiss. He puts his hands on my thighs and I jump. He catches me. This is exactly like movies. My legs wrapped around his waist, him holding my thighs, my arms around his neck, and us kissing. This is like a love story.


After what I think was 3 minutes of kissing, I break apart. "Cammy, I love you." he says out of breath, as am I. "Really?" I ask my voice cracking. "I haven't known you for that long, but for the past week I have gotten to know you really well. I truly, madly, deepy, love you." he says winking at me. I laugh at his use of a One Direction song. "I love you too." I smile. He smiles too. I kiss him again. "I love you!" he says. "I love you too!" I laugh. I guess we're both shocked that we love each other so we like saying it.

I walk over to Finn and giving him a huge hug. "I'll miss you!" I say. "I'll miss you too!" he says. I hug Kalie and Riley and tell them goodbye. I hug the other boys. "You ready, baby girl?" Liam asks. "No!" I say and run to give Drew one more kiss. I give everyone else one more hug, too. I go to walk out the door with Liam. "Hey Cam?" Drew asks. I turn around and raise my eyebrow at him. "I love you!" he smiles. I laugh and say "I love you too! I love you all soooooo much! Don't forget me! I'll see you all as soon as possible!" I say then I walk out of the door hearing them all say bye to Liam and I.

We get into his car and he starts the car. Everyone waves bye to us. We pull out on the road and I begin to cry again. Liam rubs my back. "Cammy, I know it hurts, but you will get used to it. My family will invite you in just like the boys did. I promise." Liam sympathizes. "I trust you. Thanks, Li Li." I smile and kiss his cheek.

*After Plane Ride to Wolverhampton*

Our security leads us to a car that Liam rented. He gets in the driver seat after putting our luggage in. I sit in the passenger seat. "Something has been bugging me." Liam says. "What?" I ask. "You love Drew, huh?" he says. I look at him and he is smiling. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. "Yeah. I really love him." I smile. Liam takes my hand and we smile at each other. "I'm happy for you, baby girl. Just don't forget about your family." he smiles. "Never in a million years." I say in Zayn's accent like their video for Best Song Ever. We both explode in laughter.

Once we are in the driveway, we get out of the car and grab our luggage. We walk hand and hand up to the door. "Liam, I'm nervous." I say squeezing his hand. "They'll love you." he smiles. "How do you know?" I ask. "Because I love you." he whispers. I smile at that. What he just said meant a lot to me.

He knocks on the door. A man and a woman in their mid 50's open the doo. "Liam!" they smile and hug him. I awkwardly stand there until they are done. "Mum, Dad, this is Cammy, our new addition to the family." Liam smiles. "Hi." I say shyly. "Hello darling!" his mom says and hugs me. "You can call me Grandma Payne." I nod my head. "Hello honey! You can call me Grandpa Payne!" he smiles and hugs me.

"Come in you two!" Grandma Payne says as we walk in. "Cammy, you'll be with me in my room." Liam says. I nod my head, happy I'll be with Li Li. I don't like sleeping alone in new places. "Where are Nicola and Ruth?" Liam asks as we all sit down in the living room. "They'll be here in a few minutes." Grandpa Payne answers. I cuddle into Liam and he puts an arm around me. "What time is it, Li Li?" I ask him. "8 pm." he responds. I nod my head and then lay it on his chest.

"You have got very close to the boys, haven't you, Cammy?" Grandma Payne asks. "Yeah. They mean a lot to me." I smile. "What do you like to do?" Grandpa Payne asks. "I like to play football. Patricia actually has been helping me play. I also dance and take FaceTime lessons with my teacher. Daddy has been teaching me guitar lately. I also sing a little bit, I actually opened for the boys one time. It was really fun." I smile. "Daddy?" Grandpa Payne asks. "Oh! Sorry! I mean Niall! I am really close to Niall so I consider him my Dad, so I call him Dad. The other boys are like my brothers." I correct myself. "You're a busy girl." Grandma Payne smiles. I do as well. "Do you have any friends, besides the boys?" "Kalie is my friend from the orphanage. Riley is a boy I met while traveling with the boys, and actually his family adopted Kalie and happened to move right across the street from us. Our neighbor Finn is my other friend. We're all really close. I am really good friends with Perrie, El, and Patricia. And also Jade, Jesy, and Leigh Anne, the Little Mix girls. And Ed Sheeran and I are really close." I smile. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "I do. His name is Drew." I smile at the thought of Drew and my friends. "That reminds me, I told everyone I would call them once we got there. Where is your room, Li?" I ask. "Up the stairs and on the 2nd door on the left. You'll know it is my room because it's the cleanest in the house." he casually answers.

I laugh at him and then run upstairs to his room. It is clean. I close the door and pull out my phone. I dial Drew's number and wait for him to pick up.

Drew: Hello?

Cammy: Hey babe!

Drew: Hey Cam! Did you make it okay?

Cammy: Yeah we did. I miss you.

Drew: I miss you too. Here I'll put you on speaker, everyone is here, the other boys haven't left yet.

Cammy: Hi everyone! I miss you so much!

Everyone: We miss you too!

Cammy: I love you all!

Everyone: We love you too!

Drew: Hey babe. I'm back.

Cammy: I love you. I love you so much.

Drew: I love you so much too.

Cammy: Bye handsome.

Drew: Bye beautiful.

Then I hang up the phone.

"CAMMY! MY SISTERS ARE HERE!" Liam yells. I run downstairs and see two girls that are a slight older than Liam. "Hi I am Ruth!" she says hugging me. "Cammy." I smile. "Nicola." she says hugging me.

This is going to be a good week.



Part 2 of Liam's week will be coming soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!





~Cammy xx.

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