Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


20. I Love My Boys

Cammy's POV-

I'm so happy I'm out of the hospital. I got out this morning. Niall and Zayn stayed the night with me.

The kitchen is being reconstructed and redecorated. The workers should be done in about two or three days.

"Cammy! An important date is coming up soon!" Louis sings. I look at him odd and the boys have creepy smiles on their faces.

"August 15th," Harry says.

"What's that?" I ask, curious of the answer.

"Your birthday," Zayn says.


When you're in an orphanage, they don't tell you your birthday. So I'm shocked.

"Oh," I say.

"What do you want?" Liam asks bluntly.

"Uhh, nothing?" I say, but it sounds more like a question.

"No! You are getting something!" Lou yells.

"Why? I don't need anything. I'm already extremely spoiled! I don't need anything!" I say annoyed.

"Oh well. You are our princess and you are getting something," Niall says. I groan, knowing I can't win.


"We need to talk about your touring and singing," Liam brings up.

"I love singing onstage. It's a magical thing. I just don't want to persue singing and touring at the moment. I hope that's okay," I say.

"That is perfectly fine, Cambam," Louis says kissing my head.


"Okay, well we have another thing to discuss," Liam says. I find it funny that Liam brings up the topics for us to talk about. "So we have five weeks of vacation coming up in a week. Cammy, you are spending a week with each of our families with one of us, as we stay with our families for the five weeks. Every Sunday night, the boy who had you for the week, will take you to the airport on our jet, and then when it lands the boy who picks you up will be waiting for you at the airport to pick you up. We decided this was best because you can spend time with our families," Liam says.

"I can't wait," I say with a true smile on my face. It sounds really fun and exciting to meet each of their families.

"Does that mean this is our last week all together?" I ask. They all sadly nod.

"We'll make the best of it," Harry adds.

"In five weeks, we'll all be together again," Zayn says and we all nod our heads.

"What is the order of which I am going to?" I ask.

"Liam, Zayn, me, Louis, and Harry," Niall says.

"Best for last," Harry smirks. I laugh at him.

"I am really excited," I smile.

"Why? We thought you would be annoyed," Louis questions.

"I mean us six plus the girlfriends are my family. So I just would like to meet the families that took care of my boys and the parents that raised my boys. I know they mean a lot to you all, so I want them to mean a lot to me too," I smile. They all 'aww' and Niall and Harry being the softies they are, they are tearing up with stray tears falling. I laugh at them and hug each of them.

For some odd reason, I started crying and it became pretty intense. "I really do love my boys. You all mean everything to me," I whisper.

They all crush me into a group hug, but I don't mind one bit.

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