Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


55. I Hate Goodbyes

Cammy's POV-

"I'll go in with you." Harry says and gets out of the car with me, leaving the rest in the car. We both walk into our house that I'll miss ever so dearly. "Do you have everything packed?" he asks me. "Yeah, it's just all in my room." I say as we walk up the stairs.

After we bring all of my luggage out to the car, we walk back upstairs to get the last one. I pick up Harry's purple Jack Wills sweatshirt off of the end of my bed. "Erm, here." I say and hand it to him. "Cammy, I want you to keep this. I know you love it, you wear it more than I do. You will also always have me around." he sadly says and hands me the sweatshirt. "Thanks Harry." I smile at him.

I walk over to my last bag and pull out my grey beanie. "I want you to have this. When you wear it, you can think of me." I say and hand him my favorite beanie. "I can't take this from you." he says trying to give it back. "Then I can't take this." I say referring to his sweatshirt in my hands. "Fine." he smiles. I take it out of his hands and lean on my tippy toes to reach his head, yeah I'm that small. Then I gently put it on his head, making sure not to cover all of his curls.

He then takes the purple Jack Wills sweatshirt out of my hands and helps me put it on. I take the neck of it and put it to my nose. "I love the smell of it. It smells like you." I smile up at him. "It's probably my cologne." he says. "It is, I stole it from you while I was packing. It's in my bag." I say and shyly smile at him. "I was wondering where it went!" he says and we both laugh.

He pulls me into his arms and I wrap my arms around him. "I'm going to miss you." he whispers. What he just said is all it took for my sobs to begin. I cry into his black sweatshirt, probably leaving tear stains. "I-I'm going t-to miss yo-ou too." I say. He gently lifts me up as I put my legs around his waist. I bury my face in his neck.

As I cry, I feel my neck become wet. I lift my face out of his neck and look at his face. "Ha-rry don't cr-cry." I say wiping his tears. "I'm really going to miss you. You mean the world to me, Cammy." he says and squeezes me tighter. "You m-mean the world to m-me." I whisper.

"Are you guys read-" someone starts to say until they realize we are in each others' arms crying. "Guys." Liam sighs and walks over to us. Harry sets me down and I run into Liam's arms. "Shh, it's okay." he whispers in my ear as Harry gently rubs my back.

*Skip Car Ride To Airport*

I've been crying in Louis' arms the whole ride. I don't want to leave them, I really don't. "We're here guys." Daddy says. We all pile out of the van and we all get our luggage, as the boys help. Since there are 6 of us leaving all of us are lugging in at least 2 suitcases and 1 backpack which is our carryon. My carryon bag is my usual PINK light blue backpack.

We got through check points and since we are famous, the boys got to come with us up to the terminal. We are also flying on our private jet which is cool. We're all just sitting and waiting. It's really awkward, we're all afraid to say something because one of us is bound to burst into tears.


The next hour is not going to be fun. :'(

I tweet to the world. I hate this part. I really don't want to leave these boys.

*After They Wait For An Hour*

"Flight 781 is now boarding." the lady over the speaker says. "Oh God." I mumble. We all stand up and do mini stretches. "Come here, sweetie." Zayn says. I run over to him and wrap my arms around him. "I love you honey." he says. "I love you too." I say as he kisses my cheek. I then walk over to Liam. "I'm going to miss you baby girl." he says and hugs me. He kisses my cheek and I kiss his. "Love you, Li Li." I say. "Love you too, Cammy." he says.

By now I probably look like a wreck. I just keep crying and crying and crying. I can't stop.

I walk over to Harry and we pull each other into each others' arms. "Make me proud." he says in my ear. "Always." I say and kiss his cheek. He kisses mine and gives me one last squeeze. "I love you." he says. "I love you too." I say then walk over to Louis.

"Lou." I whisper. I am going to miss all of these boys, but lately Louis and I have been very close, so I am going to miss him a lot. I walk over to him, my head looking at the ground. "Come here kiddo." he says and pulls me into his arms the second I'm in his arm reach. "I'm going to miss you so much, L-Lou." I say in his chest. "I'll miss you too kiddo." he says and hugs me back. "I-I love you L-Louis." I whisper. "I love you too, Cammy." he says and then backs away. He gently kisses my nose then I kiss his cheek.

I look at Daddy and more tears keep coming out. Tears come out of his own eyes. I run towards him and leap into his arms. He catches me and then lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his torso and my arms around his neck. "Daddy." I croak out. "I know, angel." he soothes. "It's okay. It'll be okay." he tries to comfort me. Yet it sounds like he is trying to comfort himself too. "I love you." I whisper. "I love you too." he whispers back.

He then lets my feet stand back on the ground. "Can we all take a quick picture together? Just one of me and the boys and then all of us?" I ask. I want one before the tour, anytime we meet during the tour, and one after the tour. They all agree so we quickly fix up our tear stained faces and get together for a picture. Max, my bodyguard, takes my phone and camera from my hand. He agrees to take a few pictures with both. He snaps a few pictures of us making faces and then a few regular pictures. Then my friends clear out, so I can take a picture with the boys. We all smile and pull silly faces then we finish. Max hands me my phone and camera and I thank him.

"Flight 781 passengers are needed." the lady over the speaker says. Drew takes my hand as we begin to walk to the plane. "I love you guys." I say before we walk into the long hallway that leads to the plane. "We love you too." they all say.

That was the last time I saw One Direction for a year.




sad chapter, ey?

Comment what you think!

Love you all!


~Cammy xx.

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