Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


23. First Boyfriend

Cammy's POV-

I wake up and see Finn, Riley, and Kalie passed out on my bed. I laugh, I guess we had a sleepover. I carefully get up and go downstairs. "Cammy!" Louis smiles. I hug him and then let go. "Did you guys know that Riley, Kalie, and Finn are upstairs, passed out?" I smile. "When we went upstairs to tell you goodnight we saw you guys all passed out on the bed. So we called Riley and Kalie's mom and Finn's mom and told them they were sleeping over here." Daddy smiles. "Thanks guys." I say.

"Today, we were thinking one of us can drive you all to the mall and let you guys hang out there all day. Does that sound cool?" Harry asks. "It sounds fine, but why do you want me out of the house?" I ask, knowing what they're up to. "Simon is coming over." Louis smiles. "LOU!" they all yell. "Thanks Lou." I say kissing his cheek. "We'll give you 200 Euros to spend today." Zayn bargains. "400 and you've got a deal." I smirk. "You're lucky we're rich." Liam mumbles. I smile knowing I won. Daddy pulls out his wallet and hands me the wad of money. I count the money to make sure I am not getting ripped off, which I am not. "Thanks Daddy." I smile. He rolls his eyes, but I show my puppy dog face and kiss his nose. He can't help but smile and I laugh at him, knowing I won, yet again.

Finn and Kalie walk downstairs, rubbing their eyes and yawning. "BESTIES!" I smile and tackle them both to the ground. I hear them groan and I laugh as I hug them. "Cammy, we love you too. Can you please get off of us though? We would be happy to hug you once we are on our feet." Finn says. I groan and get off as I pull them to their feet. "Now?" I smile. "Now." Kalie smiles. I hug her first. "Shark Finn!" I smile at his new nickname I made up for him yesterday. "Cambam!" he smiles. I run into his arms and he picks me up. I laugh and lay my head on his shoulder. I also put my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I am really short and small. I am like 5 feet 2 inches, and Kalie, Finn, Riley and the boys are all taller than me. So this isn't weird to me.

You may be thinking, isn't this a boyfriend/brother/dad thing to do. NO! It can also be a friend thing to do.

He sits me down on the couch and says he has to go to the bathroom. Kalie sits next to me and the boys stare at me like they are going to kill me. "What?" I ask.

"Shark Finn?!"

"Carrying you?!"

"He loves you?!"

"Cambam is my nickname for you!"

"Do you like him?"

All these questions are thrown at me like obsessed fans at a concert. "Jeez! One at a time people! First off, yes, Shark Finn is my nickname for him. He carried me in a friendly and brotherly way, like you boys do. He loves me as a friend, trust me. Yes, multiple people call me Cambam. And eww! I don't like Finn! He's like my best friend/brother!" I say. I understand why they would think those things, but they're not true. "We're keeping an eye on you two." Harry says. "Go ahead! Nothing is going on between us!" I say. I hate how they aren't believing me!

*An Hour Later*

"Have fun and be careful." Liam says as Kalie, Riley, Finn and I get out of the van. "Will do." I say. "Finn, Riley, come here!" Daddy says and Kalie and I just inch closer, but not obviously. "Keep those girls safe. No nonsense." I hear a thick Irish accent say. "Yes sir." they both respond. I laugh at how cute the boys are being. Luckily no one except for Kalie caught me laughing, or I would be in trouble for eavesdropping. "Bye guys! Love you!" I say as we all head for the mall.

*3 Hours Later*

"I'm so tired from shopping." I say, exhausted. "Same." the others agree. We all bought a lot of clothes, shoes, and random items. My favorite store is this one where you can take any pictures from any device and put them onto almost anything. I bought an iPhone case and canvas for my wall in my room. They both have the same picture on them. Kalie, Riley, Finn, and I on the floor from yesterday. I love that picture and I can't wait to put the canvas on my wall. The case is already on my phone though.

"I'm going to go buy a water." I say. We all decided to settle down at a table in the cafeteria. I get up from my chair and I run into something hard and fall down. I was far away from Kalie, Riley, and Finn, that they didn't see me fall. I open my eyes. I see a really cute boy around my age standing in front of me. "I'm so sorry! Here, take my hand." he says leaning over me with a hand. I grab it and I feel sparks pop out of my hand. I feel tingly all over. I suddenly feel weak at the knees and lightheaded. I begin to fall again but this random cute guy catches me, instead of letting me fall for a second time. "Let's sit for a second. Are you lightheaded?" he asks. I nod my head and he leads me to an empty table. "Here have some of my water." he says handing me a bottle of Dasani. I gladly take it and take a few sips. "Thank you." I smile. I begin to feel better. I just hope he doesn't shake my hand again. "I'm Drew." he smiles. "Cammy." I smile back. "You're One Direction's daughter, right?" he asks. "Yup that's me." I say. "You don't seem that happy about that." he says. "I am. They're just being idiots today." I shrug. "Do you want to go play putt-putt tonight with me?" he asks. "Let me call my dad and ask." I say and pull out my phone. "Dad?" Drew asks. "I consider Niall my dad and the other boys my brothers." I say. He just nods his head.

"Hey Cammy, what's up?"

"Can I go out tonight?"

"With who?"

"This boy name Drew that I met today."

"Is it a date?"

"I don't think so, but I'm not positive."

"Where would you go?"


"At what time?" I look over at Drew and ask what time.


"Okay. But I'll take you and pick you up."

"Deal. Thanks."

"Love you. We're coming to pick you up right now. We want to meet this Drew kid today when we pick you up."

"Okay. Love you too. Bye."

I hang up and smile at Drew.

"They want to meet you when they pick me and my other friends up, like in ten minutes. My dad said yes, but he's gonna pick you up and drop us off, then pick us back up and take you home. Is that okay?" I ask, embarrassed. "Yup. No problem!" he smiles. I lead him to my friends and introduce them and told them about tonight.

I get a text from Zayn, saying they're waiting for us. We all walk out together. The boys get out of the car and shake hands with Drew. "Drew, you're gonna keep here safe, right?" Liam asks. "Of course." Drew smiles. "Do you consider this a date?" Louis asks. I am curious of Drew's answer, so I look up at him. "I do." he says, smiling down at me. "I do too." I smile back up at him. After a little more talking Daddy finally says, "You seem like a pretty good kid."

I breathe a sigh of relief.

*After Date*

"I had fun with you, Cammy." Drew smiles. We are on his doorstep and Dad is in his car waiting for me to say goodbye to Drew. "I did too. Thanks for taking me." I smile. We are holding hands looking into each other's eyes. He leans in and kisses me for the umpteenth time tonight. I end it after about 15 seconds, knowing Daddy is watching. "Bye, Drew." I smile. "Bye, Cam." he says and I walk down the stairs of his doorstep and get into the passenger seat of Daddy's car.

"Cammy, I saw that kiss." Niall says. "Yeah." I mumble staring out the window in a daze. "What's up Cam?" he asks. I look at him and he has a smile on his face. I look away and take out my phone. I click the home button and look at my lock screen. It's a picture of Drew and I from tonight. "I have a boyfriend." I whisper and smile. Niall takes my hand and squeezes it. I look at him and he smiles at me.

I have a boyfriend. The perfect boyfriend. Drew.



I love writing long chapters in this book!

Aww! Cammy has a boyfriend!

Do you think they'll stay together? Comment what you think!

Love you all! :)

~Cammy xx.

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