Take Me As I Am *Complete*

Cammy is a 14 year old girl who has lived in an orphanage most of her life. She has many troubles but a different perspective on life than most other people take it as. Her only wish is that someone will love and adopt her.

One Direction have been looking for someone to care for and someone who will teach them responsibility. Simon's orders. They decide to adopt someone for the orphanage in London.

Will they fix Cammy or will Cammy fix them?


Sequel: Broken Like I Am will be released June 21st.


15. Discovering My Hobbies

Cammy's POV-

I open my eyes to find myself in Niall's arms, in his room. I notice I'm in my pjs. The thought occurs that one of the boys changed me. I hope it was Niall, because I feel the most comfortable with him. If it was one of the other boys, I don't know how I'd feel about it. Niall is my dad and I know he doesn't think anything about it. I snuggle closer into him and kiss his cheek. He opens his eyes and smiles down at me.

"Morning," I say smiling.

"Morning," he responds.

"Niall, can I ask you something?" I ask.

"Anything angel," he smiles.

"Who changed me into my pjs?" I ask, not looking in his eyes.

"Me. Is that okay?" he asks genuinely.

"Of course. I was just hoping it wasn't one of the other boys. I feel the closest with you and I feel like I can tell you anything. So I'm glad it was you," I say, smiling.

"Good," he smiles back at me.


Sadly, I sit up and stand up.

"I smell food," I say.

Niall smiles at me, "You are meant to be my sister, uhh, daughter," he says sitting up.

"Daughter," I confirm for him. We both walk to the room's kitchen together. Harry is cooking pancakes, Liam is on twitter, and Louis and Zayn are playing X Box.

"We must've slept for a long time, if Zayn is up," Niall says laughing, as do I. I look at the clock and it is 12:30. 

After eating Harry's wonderful pancakes, I thank him and go into the living room and sit on the couch. The other boys eventually come in also. "What are we doing today?" I ask, knowing they have the day off.

"We thought, you can't just follow us to concerts, signings, and interviews, so we are going to find you something to do!" Louis says.

"Like a hobby? A sport or something?" I ask. They all nod their heads.

"We'll try three things today, of your choice, and see if you like one," Zayn says.

"I'm down with that," I say standing up. "I'll go get ready."

After I'm dressed, I walk downstairs to see the boys ready waiting for me. "Ready?" Harry asks. I nod my head and we walk outside to our car.

"So where are we going first?" Niall asks.

"Football. The British kind," I say. Louis nods his head, like he knows where to drive to.


Once we get there, the boys ask for a one day lesson, and the coach, Josh, allows me to join his class. It's a moving team, so I can play when I have time and when I'm in the city they're playing at.

During class, the boys cheer me on from the stands. Our teams are our whole class split into two. There are ten seconds left of our game and we are tied. I steal the ball and dribble it towards our net, I kick it, and the goalie misses it! I won for our team! I hug the girls on my team and shake hands with the other team. I go up to Josh after we're done.

"You are great. We would love to have you on our team," he offers. I look back at the boys and they nod their head.

"I would love to be on your team!" I say smiling and jumping. I hug Josh, a few girls that I just got close with, and then the boys.

"One down. Where next, Cam?" Liam asks.

"Guitar lessons?" I ask.

"No!" Niall yells. I look at him confused.

"I want to teach you how to play the guitar!" he says.

"Okay! Yay!" I say smiling.

"Two down. Where next?" Liam asks.

"Dance lessons?" I ask.

I tried dancing and I'm really good. My teacher, Cat, only works in New York. The boys worked it out where Cat and I would facetime and she will teach me.

So now I'm doing Dance, Football, and Guitar. I can't wait.

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