Gotta Be You

What happens after Jules and Harry get engaged? And what happens when Jules introduces her best friend, Carmen, to Niall? Will he break up with Demi for her or will they keep pretending that they weren't attracted to each other since the moment they met?

*Author Note:* Hey guys! So, this is the sequel to Operation Haylor, which you can find on my profile if you haven't read it. Unfortunately, Josh, the awesome guy who co-wrote Operation Haylor with me, isn't going to be writing any of Gotta Be You (unless he wants to do a bonus chapter or something, which has been discussed, so look out for it possibly).


5. The Boys' Chapter

***Harry's Point of View***

I was beaming so excitedly at Jules. It was all I could do to not bounce on my toes and tell the pastor to just let me kiss her already. We all knew where he was going with this. I wished he'd just say it.

I rubbed the tops of Jules' hands with my thumbs. Her hands are so much smaller than mine. They're small compared to most people's, really. She smiled back at me.

Thankfully, she had only shed one tear. If she'd cried anymore than that, I probably would've started, too. Then we would've had to pause the wedding and make a whole big thing out of it...but she didn't, so it was alright.

I let my mind keep going as I looked into Jules' shining eyes. It's a good thing I knew Jules' tear was a happy tear, I thought. If I didn't know that I definitely would've started crying. I want her to be happy on our wedding day. She's marrying me for goodness sake. Not that I think I'm the greatest guy ever, I just wouldn't want her to cry and be sad because she's marrying me. I love her. I can't stand to see her cry.

I started paying attention again as the pastor said, “I now.” He paused as I reached up with one hand to stroke Jules' face and kept rubbing her hand with the other. I couldn't help it. I couldn't believe in a second, whenever this guy decided to stop talking, this beautiful girl would be mine. “Pronounce you husband and wife,” he continued. “You may now kiss the bride.”

It was about time.

I dropped her hand and put an arm behind her back, gently tipped her, just a tiny bit, and kissed her. A warmness spread through me as she put her arms around me, too. I knew that was exactly where I was supposed to always be, wherever she was. Preferably wrapped in her arms.

I melted into her, just enough so that we were touching, but not enough that I was putting any force on her.

As I let her go and reclaimed her hand, she let out an emotional, but happy, giggle.

I turned to her. She smiled up at me with another tear rolling down her pale cheek. Before I could stop it, one started running down my cheek, as well. I quickly swiped at it with the sleeve of my suit. Not quickly enough, though. I knew she'd seen it. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek tenderly.

This was the best day of my life. There was no room for crying. I smiled back at her and we took our first step down the isle, now as a married couple.

***Nial's P.O.V.***

I looked blankly around the table at the lads and their girlfriends, not really listening to what they were saying. I stopped pretending to listen and scanned the room.

The room was crowded with loads of people, tons of tables, blue and white balloons, streamers, lights, the works. Some people were sitting at tables, others were dancing, some occasionally grabbed another little thing of food or drink here and there, and the rest were standing round and talking.

That's when I spotted her.

“I'll be back,” I told Demi, already standing up in my seat, as she and the girls started laughing at something.

“Okay,” she said, smiling up at me. For a second I almost felt guilty. I let it go and pushed the chair away from my legs.

I hope she didn't notice me looking at Carmen earlier at the wedding. I had a hard time keeping my eyes trained on Jules and Harry. She was standing right there. If I didn't look directly at her, I could see her out of the corner of my eye. It was torture.

She looks so beautiful, I thought as I followed after her. My view was only of the back of her white dress and the curled red hair spilling over her shoulders.

I did not mind the view at all.

She stopped in front of the drinks table. I caught up with her in a few strides.

“Hello there,” I said.

“Oh! Niall!” she said, putting down the cup in her hand and turning around. “Hi!”

“How's it going?” I asked her.

“Great!” she said. “The wedding was beautiful wasn't it?” she asked. “Harry's so sweet.”

“Yeah, it was great,” I told her.

“Harry and Jules are now going to have their first dance,” the DJ announced. Our song “Truly, Madly, Deeply” started playing and Carmen's eyes turned to the dance floor. I slowly followed her example, peeling my eyes off of her a tiny bit at a time.

I watched for a while as Harry held Jules close, her head against his chest, his hand holding her tiny one, their arms wrapped around each other.

Then I turned back to Carmen. She had a huge smile on her face, her eyes still trained on Jules and Harry.

I picked up one of Carmen's curls. “So is this the surprise?” I asked her.

She turned and beamed at me. “Yeah, it is,” she said. “What do you think?” she asked.

“It looks great,” I told her seriously. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks,” she said quietly.

“Do you want to dance?” I asked her as “Truly, Madly, Deeply” ended and “Gotta Be You” started.

“What about Demi?” she asked, still in that low voice. She glanced over at the table where I'd left Demi. It was weird to see this clearly bubbly girl suddenly be so quiet. It was odd that I could tell how chatty she was in such a short amount of time. I felt like I already knew her and we'd barely just met. I needed her to be mine. I needed to hold her now.

“What about Demi? It's just a dance, right?” I asked her.

She smiled, nodded, and extended her hand to me.

***Harry's P.O.V.***

As Jules and I slowly swayed on the dance floor, to her favorite song, I held onto her and quietly sang her the lyrics.

I closed my eyes and thought about how I'd sang this to her seconds before I'd first kissed her and how far we'd come since then.

I opened my eyes again and noticed Niall and Carmen by the drinks table. I watched him pick up a strand of her hair and say something to her.

I glanced at the table Demi was sitting at. She watched Niall and Carmen with wary eyes for a moment before turning back to the rest of the table and laughing along with them.

I closed my eyes again and kissed the top of Jules' head. I'd let Niall take care of himself for a while. Right now I was dancing with my new wife.

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