Gotta Be You

What happens after Jules and Harry get engaged? And what happens when Jules introduces her best friend, Carmen, to Niall? Will he break up with Demi for her or will they keep pretending that they weren't attracted to each other since the moment they met?

*Author Note:* Hey guys! So, this is the sequel to Operation Haylor, which you can find on my profile if you haven't read it. Unfortunately, Josh, the awesome guy who co-wrote Operation Haylor with me, isn't going to be writing any of Gotta Be You (unless he wants to do a bonus chapter or something, which has been discussed, so look out for it possibly).


21. Chapter 21

            "I'm bored," Carmen said, sitting down on the couch in the tour bus' "living room" next to me. There was probably enough room to squeeze ten people in the room if they stood really close. I had previously been alone, until Carmen had come in. We were sitting on the only couch. It could comfortably sit three people. I would have been more comfortable lying in bed, but I wanted to be accessible for company, i.e. the boys of One Direction.
            I lowered the book I was reading, resting my hand on my stomach. "Okay, what do you want to do?" I asked her.
            "I don't know."
            "Feel like exercising? Harry offered to chase me around Europe, so I'm sure that applies to the tour bus as well. We could all run around the tour bus."
            "There's no room," Carmen said.
            "Well, maybe if we leave the doors open and warn everybody to stay out of the way."
            "Nah," Carmen said. "Where are the boys? I want some entertainment."
            "Multiple different places in the bus, I'd assume," I answered. Truth is, I'd been hoping they'd show up and hangout with us, too.
            "Some entertainment?" Niall asked as he and Harry came in, each carrying two bowls. "We've only been driving for two hours, and you're already bored? How are you going to last the tour?"
            "We only finished the first show!" Harry chimed in.
            "Yeah, but I'm bored," Carmen said.
            Niall did a little Irish jig, then placed a bowl in Carmen's lap. "How's that?"
            "What did you guys bring us?" I asked curiously as Harry sat down with me.
            "Move over," Niall directed Carmen who pressed up against my leg. I pressed close to Harry and then the four of us were squished together on the sofa.
            "What makes you think I brought this for you?" Harry teased me, pulling one of the bowls toward his chest protectively.
            "Harry!" I whined, smiling at him and reaching for the bowl. He planted a kiss on my lips, then placed the bowl in my lap.
            "We brought you ice cream," he said. "To celebrate the beginning of the tour. Carmen's first show on tour ever."
            "Aw! How sweet! And daring. Ice cream for breakfast?" I asked.
            "Did somebody say ice cream for breakfast?" Liam asked as he wandered into the room. "Oh. Where's mine?"
            "You can get it yourself, Liam," Harry told him haughtily.

            “Well fine then,” Liam replied, scrunching his face, offended, or at least pretending to be, as he turned and headed back to the kitchen.

            “So what are we going to do for the next hour or so?” Carmen asked.

            “Eat ice cream,” Harry stated.

            “And then what?” she pressed.

            “Watch a movie?” I suggested.

            “Not enough time to,” Carmen said.

            “You girls are boring,” Niall said. “A movie?”

            “What else can we do on a bus?” I asked.

            “They’re amateurs,” Harry informed Niall.

            “Well don’t worry girls, you’ve got some professional time passers to teach you now,” Niall said, winking at Carmen.

            I anxiously waited for suggestions of what to do, but my attention was averted by the door opening again. I jumped as an upset-looking Liam appeared in the doorway. “She broke up with me,” he wailed in frustration.

            “What?” Carmen asked.

            “She called and said she missed me already. I said I missed her, too. She said, no, she missed me more than she can handle. She’s tired of missing me. She doesn’t want to be my girlfriend anymore,” Liam explained.

“Danielle? Again?” Harry asked, placing his now-empty bowl on the floor and placing a hand in mine. “How many times are the two of you going to go through this?”

“I think ya should just marry her or forget about it,” Niall said, slinging an arm on the couch behind Carmen, but not quite around her. “This is just getting ridiculous. It’s been going on for years now. I thought you’d gotten it together after Sophia.”

“This sucks,” Liam complained, putting his head in his hands.

“Oh, Liam,” Carmen said, getting off the couch and wrapping him in a comforting hug. “It’ll be okay,” she assured him as she pulled away from him. “Maybe it’s too early for this, but if you can’t get it together with her, maybe you should look for someone else,” she suggested. “You can easily find another amazing girl.”

“Thanks Carmen, but-“ He was cut off by the bus suddenly stopping, all of us being thrown forward a bit. Liam grabbed Carmen’s arm, saving them from a close call of Carmen knocking her chin on Liam’s chest.

“Sorry,” Carmen giggled.

“Did you have someone in mind, then?” Niall asked Carmen. The anger in his voice surprised me, so I turned to find his eyes locked on Carmen’s intensely. His whole person seemed to exude jealousy.

“For Liam?” she asked, oblivious. “No, no one in particular. Why? Do you?”

Harry and I exchanged a knowing glance.

“You just seemed so ready to jump in and comfort him is all,” Niall answered. “If I didn’t know better, I'd say you want him to move on so he can be with you.”

            “What?” Carmen laughed.

            “Maybe he isn’t ready to move on yet,” Niall said. “He and Danielle had a long, serious relationship. He can’t just go moving onto another girl right away.” I had a feeling he wasn’t just talking about Liam and Danielle.

“I wasn’t suggesting that he should just move on right away,” Carmen replied, seeming to realize he was angry with her now. “I just meant if he and Danielle can’t get it together, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Isn’t that what you were just saying?” Carmen asked, looking a bit confused. Niall stood up and made his way out of the room. He made sure to brush shoulders with Carmen as he breezed by her and Liam, looking down into her eyes, his face still full of anger. “Niall,” she called after him.

            “I’m going to my room,” Liam said pitifully.

            “Was Niall just jealous of me and Liam?” Carmen asked giddily when Liam had left. I nodded. She sat back on the couch. “I love tour,” she said serenely.

            Harry and I couldn’t help but exchange a smile too, his more amused, mine happier. 

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