Gotta Be You

What happens after Jules and Harry get engaged? And what happens when Jules introduces her best friend, Carmen, to Niall? Will he break up with Demi for her or will they keep pretending that they weren't attracted to each other since the moment they met?

*Author Note:* Hey guys! So, this is the sequel to Operation Haylor, which you can find on my profile if you haven't read it. Unfortunately, Josh, the awesome guy who co-wrote Operation Haylor with me, isn't going to be writing any of Gotta Be You (unless he wants to do a bonus chapter or something, which has been discussed, so look out for it possibly).


18. Chapter 18

"Our friends will all make fun of us and we'll just laugh alone because-" I sang quietly to myself.
"Jules, come on. I know you're in love, but I just need a minute to talk to you," Carmen stated.
I laughed. "Oh, I know you know," I told her lightly. "I'd like to think that anyone could tell we're in love. You just reminded me of the song is all. You have my full attention, though, I promise."
"Good, because this Niall thing is driving me crazy," she told me as she headed into what I assumed was her dressing room. It was pretty small with a sofa, a rack with a couple of outfits on it, and a chair tucked into a mirrored desk. There were lights framing the mirror and Carmen's purse was sitting on the top of the desk.
She set down her guitar and made her way to the couch.
"What is it now?" I asked her as I sat down with her. "I thought that little meeting went fine. He was so pining for you," I told her with a smile.
"No. What meeting were you at? The one I was just at he," she counted off on her index finger, "hugged you, but not me-"
"He looked like he wanted to hug you," I stated.
She moved on to her middle finger, ignoring me. "Barely talked to me," she plowed on.
"You were the only one he talked to!" I argued animatedly.
Ring finger. "Completely ignored the fact that we kissed."
"Well, what did you want him to do? Have a heart to heart with you right there in front of me and Harry when the two of you haven't even talked in three weeks?"
"No, I guess you're right, but he made it clear he didn't want me to come to their rehearsal," she stated sadly.
"Carmen, that's crazy. He was practically begging you to come," I assured her.
"You think so?" she asked.
"Definitely. You really need to talk to him. After the concert tonight," I decided.
She pulled her knees up on the sofa and put her head in her hands. "I'm afraid to," she told me.
"It'll be okay. And you should get this all figured out before we go on tour," I said, rubbing her back.
"You really think he's pining after me?" I asked.
"Yes, Carmen. I do. Now lets go watch the boys rehearse."
"Harry!" I exclaimed, running past all the stage hands, past everything, to him. They'd just finished up the concert and they had done amazing, as usual. "You guys were awesome!"
"Thanks babe," he told me, smiling and wrapping his arms around me.
"Ew, you're sweaty," I teased.
"But you're cold, aren't you?" he asked knowingly. "Don't you want to share some body heat?" he teased.
It was kind of cold. I mean, it was September in London after all.
"Whatever. You know I can't argue," I said, waving a hand at him dismissively as he let me go. I placed a hand against his cheek and he jumped back, wincing.
"I thought you wanted to share body heat," I teased.
"Your hands are freezing," he told me quietly, looking into my eyes with a soft intensity. He took my hand in both of his and brought them to his mouth. He blew on my hand, then kissed it.
"I love you," I stated quietly.
He brought my hand to his face again, then kissed me slowly.
"Are you ready to head back to the hotel?" he whispered.
"Wait. Where's Niall? I wanted to stall him and make sure Carmen got a chance to talk to him," I said.
"I don't know." He grabbed my hand. "Lets go and find him. Quickly, alright?"
Carmen's Point of View
Immediately after One Direction's last song, I dashed back to my dressing room. I didn't even wait until they'd said goodbye to the crowd. I wanted to freshen up after getting all sweaty during the concert, but I didn't want to do it earlier because I didn't want to miss any of the boys' performance.
The plan was to freshen up as best I could, change, then go talk to Niall. Jules was right. I needed to talk to him. I wanted to look decent when I did. I mean, it would be pretty impossible to look my very best right now, without a shower and time to get ready, but I wanted to be better than sweaty and gross. I'm sure he'd get a taste of that when we went on tour, but I was going to hold that off for as long as possible.
As I was leaving my dressing room, as ready as I'd ever be to talk to Niall, I ran into Zayn-almost literally.
"Sorry about that," Zayn apologized.
"Oh, it's fine! You guys were awesome out there tonight!" I told him.
"Thanks!" Zayn replied. "You did good as well!"
"Thanks. So, have you seen Niall?" I asked.
He smiled at me sympathetically. "He just left. He wanted to get straight home tonight. He was tired," Zayn informed me.
"Oh," I replied, disappointed. "Well thanks anyway."
"Sure thing, Carmen. See you 'round."

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