Gotta Be You

What happens after Jules and Harry get engaged? And what happens when Jules introduces her best friend, Carmen, to Niall? Will he break up with Demi for her or will they keep pretending that they weren't attracted to each other since the moment they met?

*Author Note:* Hey guys! So, this is the sequel to Operation Haylor, which you can find on my profile if you haven't read it. Unfortunately, Josh, the awesome guy who co-wrote Operation Haylor with me, isn't going to be writing any of Gotta Be You (unless he wants to do a bonus chapter or something, which has been discussed, so look out for it possibly).


15. Chapter 15

"What should we watch now?" I asked as the credits rolled on the theater screen.
"I don't know. Let's look," Carmen said, standing up, stretching, then making her way to the black wooden bookshelf full of movies in the back of the room.
I stood up, too, about to follow her, when my phone rang.
I slid it out of my pocket. "Hello?" I answered.
"Hey baby," Harry said.
"Hey! How are things going? Did you talk to Simon?"
"Yes. It was very...eventful," he decided. "There's a lot of big stuff
that's going to happen. I'll tell you all about it when I get home. Which is why I'm calling. I was going to visit my mum and Gemma before coming home, but I'm thinking about seeing if I can just get a flight home now."
"No, Harry, just stay there. Visit your family. If you came back now it would just be to go to sleep anyway. And Carmen's going to stay the night. We're having a sleepover, you know. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I was dying to take them back. I wanted him home now. But what I'd said was rational. That's what made sense for him to do.
"Alright. I suppose you're right. I do miss them. I'll call you tonight. Love you."
"Love you too. Tell your family I said hello."
"I will. Bye."
"What about Sydney White?" I asked Carmen after Harry and I hung up.
A little after ten, I stretched out my legs in the theater chair, glanced at Carmen, and noticed she was sleeping. I picked the remote up from by my feet and shut off the movie.
"Truly, mad-"
"Hold on," I whispered into my phone.
I tiptoed down the basement hallway, then to the right, to my library. I'd wanted it next to Harry's recording studio so I could hear his music while I read. I enjoyed sitting in the studio with him and reading sometimes, too. And sometimes just watching him.

The library had bookshelves against every inch of the wall, filled with books. Not all the shelves were completely covered yet, but I'd take care of that I was sure. All of the books were in alphabetical order, of course, and there was a beautiful dark wood table in the middle of the room, surrounded by dark wood chairs, two dark brown leather couches, and a love seat towards the back. 

I closed the door and made way to said sofas. "Okay, I'm back. Sorry, Carmen is asleep," I said into my phone.

"Oh. It's okay," Harry told me.
"Where are you?" I asked him.
"I've been at my mum's," he said.
"Are you still there? It's sounds...busy where you are." There was a lot of background noise.
"Um, no I left a little while ago," he said evasively. "It's like three thirty here," he told me.
"You should be in bed," I stated.
"Well, I wanted to call and say goodnight," he said.
I smiled. "Okay. Goodnight baby. I miss you. Sweet dreams."
"I miss you, too. Love you."
"Bye Carmen," I said the next afternoon, hugging her. "Thanks for hanging out with me."
"Sure. See you later Jules," she replied, stepping out of my embrace and opening the door.
"Wow," she said. "It's raining. That's really weird. It pretty much never rains here."
I peered out into the yard. It was, in fact, raining. Just a little drizzle, but still. Every inch of me buzzed with excitement. I dreamily floated out the door, turning my palms up to catch the drops. I loved the rain. I missed it so much. I smiled, closed my eyes, and tilted my face to the sky.
"Bye!" Carmen called to me, opening her car door.
I'd forgotten she was there. "Bye!" I yelled back.
Carmen's Point of View
As I opened the door to my apartment, my phone started ringing and an unfamiliar number popped up on the screen.
"Hello?" I answered curiously, setting my backpack by the door, slipping off my shoes, and heading for my sofa.
"Hello, Carmen?" Niall asked as I plopped down.
I froze. "Yeah. Hi. Um, how are you?" I asked, leaning against the back of the sofa.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Simon just made this big announcement to us, you know, but-" he cut himself off. "Anyway, you'll hear about it. I wanted to call you to apologize. I'm sorry about what happened the other night, and that you got drug into it. I'm sorry that I ran out after it as well. That was wrong of me. I should of talked to you first. I should have come to see ya before we left, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I just had some things to sort out, you know? I didn't mean t' hurt ya," he finished quietly.
"I accept your apology, Niall," I responded in the same volume. I didn't know whether to be sad and cry over the situation or be happy and smile because he called me and apologized.
"Good," he said, back to a normal tone. "Can we be friends then, Carmen?" he asked.
Wow. That's definitely the exact opposite of what I wanted to be with him. "...Sure," I forced myself to say. "F...friends."
As Carmen drove away, I sat down in the grass, not caring if my pants got wet or stained.
I laid down and closed my eyes again, barely registering that a car was turning onto the block. I lifted my hair from behind my back and let it fan out above my head. I was enjoying this so much. There was barely any rain falling, just periodic drips, but still I was dreading its end. Droplets were better than nothing at all.
"What are you doing?" a voice called from the sidewalk.
Before I realized what was going on, I'd sprung up and jumped into the arms of the owner of the voice. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my face to his, as he lifted my feet off the ground.
"Harry," I squealed. "What are you doing here?" I asked between kisses, from both him and me. "You're not supposed to be home until late tonight!"
"When I called you last night, it was from the airport," he explained, setting me back on my feet. "I did visit my family, but I didn't spend the night in London. I got on a plane and came home to surprise you."
"So you slept on the plane? You must be so tired. Come on," I said, grabbing his hand, "let's go inside. You can tell me about the meeting after you've had a nap."
"No. You want to enjoy the rain," he stated. He laced his fingers through mine and lead me back to where I'd been lying on the grass.
"I know, but if you're tired..." I fought him weakly as he sat on the ground. He didn't respond, just looked up into my eyes and gently tugged on my hand.
As I sat down he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close, and leaned us backward until we were lying in the grass again.
From there, I rested my head against his chest. We lied there, not talking, just enjoying the rain, and after the rain stopped, enjoying the quiet, and after the quiet, I enjoyed the sound of his heart beating and quiet snoring.

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