Beyond the Wall

Partially based on a true story. Some facts ARE true.

The year was 1962. Peter Fechter was separated from his sister, Poppy, when the Berlin Wall went up. He was lost in East Germany, and she was trapped in West. At the young age of 18, follow Peter as he tries to discover how to get back to Poppy, and back to West Berlin.


6. Note from the Author

Hello everyone. I just have a few things to say, bear with me.

First, I wrote this because my teacher mentioned Peter Fichter in class, and I wanted to learn more about him, so I looked it up.

This is my first historical fiction, bear with me. Sorry.

Poppy is fictional. As is Jon, his mother, and the brief mentioning of his father. Nothing is known of Peter's past, but I wanted to add Poppy in there to give him a reason to get back, other than to escape communism.

Everything else you read is the truth. Some minor details I added, for example, him being separated from his family. He was not moved to East Germany, he lived there before it turned Communist.

Peter was actually 18 when he died, and he did have a friend named Helmut Kulbiek who did manage to escape. He died an hour after being shot, due to blood loss. No one on the West Side could help him, as the Eastern Berliners had guns aimed at them.

I can't think of anything else of real importance here, but if you have a question about this story, I can answer it for you(: Just comment!

Thanks for reading!



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