Beyond the Wall

Partially based on a true story. Some facts ARE true.

The year was 1962. Peter Fechter was separated from his sister, Poppy, when the Berlin Wall went up. He was lost in East Germany, and she was trapped in West. At the young age of 18, follow Peter as he tries to discover how to get back to Poppy, and back to West Berlin.


4. August 17, 1962- Peter's Perspective

I sat in the carpenter's attic. His name was Jon. He hid Helmut and I. But tonight was the night we tried again.

The first attempt we had almost been caught, and we forced to return. We had waited to try again, we needed to prepare ourselves.

I tip-toed down the stairs to the kitchen. "Jon, I'm starved. I won't be able to run like that."

"Here." He tossed me a roll. "You'll make it tonight."

I smiled. "Thanks, Jon. For everything."

He winked. "Now go get ready!" He shooed me back upstairs.

Helmut stood, checking the window. "We're set to go."

I swallowed. "Now?"

Helmut gripped my arm. "Now or never, Peter. We need to go."

I nodded and Helmut propped open the window. I smiled encouragingly at him. He moved back to me and engulfed me in a tight hug. "In case one of us doesn't make it." He whispered.

"Don't talk like that." I moved to the window and sat on the ledge, my legs dangling out. "See you beyond the wall." I looked at Helmut, his face was worried. I looked back out the window and saw West Berlin in the distance. "I'm coming, Poppy." I whispered, and jumped.

I free-fell for a little bit, but the firefighters that Jon had gathered caught me and set me on the ground.

"Go! GO!' One yelled to me.

I sprinted. I could see Helmut out of the corner of my eye, following me. I ran along the death strip, until I reached the breach in the fence. My heart was pounding out of my chest. Everything spun, everything was a blur. I hooked my foot into one of the links in the fence, and then another. I could feel the weight of Helmut behind me. I was close. I was almost to the other side. I saw faces in West Germany, looking at us, cheering us on. But I only truly recognized one face. It was a girl in the front of the crowd. She hadn't aged since I'd last seen her, she was still as cute as ever. Her blonde hair was done back in braids, her blue eyes still distinguishable from this far a distance.

"Peter." She whispered, yet I could hear it as clear as day in my eyes. "Peter... look... out." Her words came slowly, and I was confused. What was I supposed to look out for?

I heard a shot.

Then I felt a pain in my pelvis area, I fell off the fence and crashed onto the ground. I looked back at the crowd. The girl was gone. But then again, maybe she had never been there to begin with. I gripped my leg. I watched Helmut climb the rest of the distance over the fence. He ran to freedom.

"Helmut!" I screamed, my leg aching in agony. "HELMUT!" He didn't turn around. "Someone! Please!" I cried. "I need to get back to my sister! POPPY!"

My vision started to go, dots filled my sight. "Poppy..." I whispered. "I'm so sorry, Poppy." I took a sharp intake of breath. "I'm..."

The light went out.

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