From Dawn to Dusk

This story is about a girl named Alice who's life is never easy. From her abusive step-dad, to her slutty mom and degrading step-sister, the only place she can really relax is sitting on the roof outside her window sill. Things take a turn after summer, when her life seems to start getting better, but it turns out to be the beginning of even more problems, and a romance to top it all off.


1. Another Day


*******Heyy There readers!

                                      So first of all, thanks sooo much for reading! I really hope you like this! I'm not sure if I should continue with this so just let me know what you think!*********************


Chapter 1-

Alice walked up the cracked driveway to her front door. The white paint on it was chipping, exposing it’s dirty wood. The bricks on the house were also chipping and several of the porch tiles were loose, threatening to trip who didn’t watch their feet. She flinched opening the door as it had a nasty squeak to it, but then stepped in. Alice looked around and saw no sign of Lacey, her mom, and was then forced to guess she was working the night shift.


Quietly looking around for her step-dad, Scott, Alice realized he must be in the basement, more than likely bombarding the mini fridge he kept his bottles of beer in. She took the opportunity to sneak into her room unnoticed, making sure to take her shoes with her so he doesn’t think she’s home. Alice tip-toed hurriedly to her room and slowly closed the door behind her in attempt to hush the noise. She released a breath she hadn’t even realized she had been holding, then dropped her bag on the shaggy grey carpet that covered a great area of the hardwood floor. She put her red converse shoes in the wooden closet then changed into some more comfortable clothes; her favorite pair of sweatpants and a blue tank-top. Alice settled on the unmade bed before pulling her bag up on it with her. She tried her best to muffle the sound of the zipper as much as she could then pulled out a binder and pencil case. She got to work on her French homework, occasionally looking up a word she didn’t know for her paragraph assignment in her french-english dictionary.


Alice heard Scott begin to walk down the hall, his footsteps sounding uneven, telling her he had been drinking more than one beer today. Suddenly the door burst open, making her jump as it slammed against the wall. Alice could instantly feel her heart pick up speed.


“You stupid brat, think you could sneak in without me knowing!?” Scott spat, beginning to walk towards her. He was holding a bottle of beer in his right hand, the dark liquid, spilling out a bit with every stumbled step. He violently ripped a page out of her binder and stared at it, narrowing his eyes, most likely trying read it through his blurry vision. Alice noticed he was swaying slightly, and when his eyes stopped squinting she realized he finally figured out what it said.


“Failed? FAILED!?” Scott screamed. He threw her History test on the ground and raised his hand. Alice flinched, preparing herself for the incoming hit, but felt nothing, and heard his disgusting laughter instead. “You’re such a little shit! You know that, Alice?!” She lowered her hands then instantly regretted it as he struck her when she was unprepared. The hit was strong and because Alice wasn’t ready, it pushed her back; her head crashed against the wall beside her, and as she went to sit up, she was struck again from the other side. This time Alice dared not to move. She lied on the bed in the position she had fallen in. When he finally stepped back she slowly began to sit up. Alice could already feel the bruises beginning to form.


“Go to hell!” He spat


‘Already there’ Alice thought.


He finally left, slamming the door behind him, his uneven footsteps growing distant. Moving slowly, Alice stood up and looked to the dusty mirror that hung on the wall. For now her face looked red, but she knew by morning it will have gone purple or blue. It stung from the impact, but it was a feeling Alice had grown used to. She tried to get to the homework done but then tossed it aside, unable to focus and grabbed her iPod. She shoved the earbuds in her ears and pressed shuffle. The soft beat and strong words began to swirl in her head. A few songs later, Alice heard the back door open again. It was Tyler, her step-sister, and Scotts daughter. She turned the music up higher, trying to block out the world even more.


After two and half hours of social networking sites and listening to music all on her iPod, Alice was able to focus on her homework again, but not for long. It was nearing five o’clock. Her stomach was rumbling uncontrollably but she didn’t dare leave her room. She tried to focus on homework but ended up not bothering.


“Sometimes I wonder why I even try.” She mumbled under her breath.


Alice walked to the small window and pushed it open. Looking into the yard she climbed onto the window sill. It was a dormer window, making it easy to slide onto the roof. She sat in her usual spot, beside the window, her legs stretched out in front of her. The warm spring breeze was comforting, as Alice longed for the feeling over the winter, when it was too cold to sit outside. This was her escape. The only safe place she felt she had in the world. She closed her eyes as the breeze picked up, blowing her hair back softly. She felt her body relax, and she took a steady breath, opening her eyes. It was sunset, and Alice had the perfect view. The sky was streaked with brilliant shades of red and pink, plus the sun had a deep orange hue. It was so peaceful. The evening was absolutely silent besides the relaxing rustling leaves in the trees from the soft breeze. The world seems beautiful from only here.


In what seemed like mere minutes, the sun had disappeared, leaving the bright stars, and a full moon in it’s place. Quickly glancing at the clock in her room, Alice could see it was almost 10:00. Scott was drinking early today, so it seemed likely he was already passed out drunk. Tyler, she felt she could deal with, so she decided to finally get something to eat.


Sneaking out of her room and into the kitchen, she rummaged around trying to find something to eat. Alice settled on a sandwich, but dressed it all up with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and more. she sat down at the kitchen table and took a large bite out of it. Just as she got a mouth full, Tyler walked in right on cue.


“Ughh, you’re so disgusting!” Tyler complained, rolling her eyes. She made her way to the fridge, Alice guessed doing the same thing she was. Tyler pulled out some leftovers Alice’s mom, Lacey, got for free on her shift yesterday at The Tavern. It was a salad and sandwich, much more classy than the meal Alice chose, but half as satisfying. The girls sat in silence eating but as Alice was putting her plate in the sink she decided to strike up a conversation, yet was still whispering, hoping not to wake up Scott.


“Why are you always such a loner at school? My friends were bugging me about you again!” She complained in her irritable that bothered Alice with a passion.


Alice raised one eyebrow but said nothing. After a pause, Tyler continued.


“I had to explain again, I’m not, and never will be, related to you!”


“Well then I’m going to have to explain to you again that I really don’t care what your stupid little friends think. But I’m glad you cleared that up wil them. I don’t like being associated with sluts like you.” Alice retorted viciously.


She turned sharply and  started to walk away but the froze when Tyler started to laugh. “Or sluts like your mom, right?” She laughed again. Alice’s eyes narrowed, and her fists clenched tightly to her sides. It took every fiber of her being not to turn around and swing a punch right in her face, but she fought it and kept walking.


She reached her room and closed the door, but collapsed on the ground as soon as it was shut. Alice buried her face in her knees and wrapped her arms around herself. Tears never fell as she held them back, however she needed the self comfort. After a minute Alice made her way to bed, and after endless hours of tossing and turning, managed to fall asleep.


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