Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


14. Twelfth Fail (Final Chapter)

Ash's POV

We made it to the field no problem, but when we got their Prince and Red showed up. "So, where is this place?" Red asked. Even after sex she is a bitch, but Prince looked calmer anyway. "Underground, smart-one." I say and walk around. I know where the entrance is......right here. "Ha!" I yell as the door opens, and smoke filters out. "What!?" I ask and start down. But Sasha stops me, they send down Iceman.

He yells up "All set!" Slowly we all climb down.

I pause at the bottom of the latter. Soon everyone is down. "Let's split up, most of us can fallow Ash but the rest go the other way to clear the place out. Iceman, Kitty, Jubilee, Wolverine, Prince and Beast, can you stay with me and Ash?" Prince gives me a pained look but he steps toward me. Beast looks at Wolverine who nods and they step with me. X-23, Donna, Tim, Kate, Red, Gertrude, Hunter, and Jean, can you go the other way?" They nod and then Sasha looks at the rest of them. "Chase, Scott, and Graymalkin, can you stay and guard the latter?" They nod and Sasha says "Ok, lets head out."

Xavier was watching the plain with Nightfury.

I lead my team down the halls.  ran my hand along the wall and shut my eyes. Even at a fork I knew witch way to go.

We reached the door and I opened it with the number, which I some how knew. I led the way in but.........Batman wasn't their. A green card hung from the celling.

The Joker.

"Where is batman?" Sasha yells. He grabs the card and opens it, it laughs. "AHAHHAAHA, you stupid boy, you thought your girl could find your Bat? Well, think again. No clues for you, little bird, we will get all of you! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH" It ends with maniacal laughter. Sasha rips the card up.

We began to leave but their is a explosion, and we all stop. It came from the other tunnel. Prince reacts quickest. "RED!" he shouts and takes off, running for the tunnel.

We all get their after him, he is stopped, their is smoke and dust coming from the tunnel along with the other search team. They are coughing. Chase and Scott are helping Donna and Kate, they look injured, up the latter. x-23 is holding up a man in a tattered red, white and blue uniform. Captain America. Jean is sitting with another red, white and blue man, older. General America. And a younger one. Lieutenant America.


Sasha's POV

They still have Batman, but we have The Americas!

I help The Lieutenant up the latter then I send everyone else up. I go up last. When we get home I will need to take out my anger on something. I'm about to go up the latter when I see Prince kneeling by the rocks, sobbing. No.

I walk over and bend over to look him in the eye. "Prince, we need to go. Now. Red is gone. She is ok, we just need to get out so we can find her." He looks at me with tear filled eyes

"No, Sasha, I know better. We wont find her, she is dead. DEAD! Gone. Ok? I found her and I love her and.....and...." He sobs but continues. "And I lost her because you split us up! You bastard! This is your fault." He stands and starts hitting me. I take it for a moment but then  grab his hands. I yell into his face. "PRINCE!!! CALM DOWN!! I PROMISE YOU WE WILL GET RED BACK ALIVE!!!" He starts crying hard and I slap him. Damn cry baby. "Prince, I promise." I make eye contact with him and he nods slowly and takes a deep breath.

I lead him to the latter and he fixes his coat and wipes his eyes. He sniffles once and starts up the latter. "Prince, if I lost Ash, I expect you to do the same." He nods and climbs out.

I fallow we get into the jet and I go over to Ash who is talking with Captain America. I come up behind her and say "Can I talk to you, Ash?"

"Hmm? Ok, excuse me Captain." She says and turn, we walk to the back of the jet.

I lean close and say "Prince had a break down earlier, down in the hideout. I think it was a trap to get the hero's with us. And I don't think they thought we would find The Americas. When we get back I need you to make sure everyone is taken care of while I make some calls, ok?" She nods and I give her a kiss and head up front.


Trevor's POV

Walking down the stairs I whistle to myself. Sasha had called and told me that they needed more rooms. I walk over to the holding area and drop the tray......Icarus is GONE!

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