Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


4. Third Reminder

Bruce's POV

I wake up slowly. I try to move but can not, I can tell by the feel of air on my face that my mask is gone, so is my cape. My suit is cut and skin can be seen. I look around. I am tried to a poll. Wow, original. I hope the kid can save me. I sure as heck ain't saving myself this time.

I curse as what happened comes back. "Shit!" I say out loud. The BMG is getting all of them together. I need to warn Sasha. "I wouldn't do that Batman, or should I say Bruce?" A tall a black mask comes from around the corner, holding up my belt. I cures again. "Tsk, tsk. I thought gentlemen used better language than that. I am called Queen Fallan." She reaches up and grips her mask, slowly removing it. I suck in a breath when I see who it is. "You are-"


Sasha's POV

I step from the shower and get changed. I walk out of the locker room and see Trevor standing near by. "Did she wake up?"

"Naw, still sleeping. You might want to call your parents, it is getting late." I swear and look at the clock, it is. I grab my phone off the shelf I threw it on and dial my mom. "Mom, you their?"

"SASHA!!!!! Where are you? Get home now! Are you ok?" She breaks down and my dad comes on the phone. "Young man. You had your mother severely worried."

"Sorry dad. Me and Mr. Wayne were working late, listen Mr. Wayne doesn't want me driving because it's so late and I'm tired." I yawn and smack my lips a bit to make it more real. I can hear dad talking to mom in the back ground. "Ok, you can stay their, just make sure you are nice to Mr. Wayne and eat your dinner." I nod and say "Yes, sir." I hang up and Trevor says "Call Ashley's 'rents." I nod and walk over to her and fish to get her phone out of her pocket. I dial her home and her mother answers, I love her mom. She is never worried.

"Mrs. M?"

"Sasha? Where is Ashley? Is she ok? I heard about the People at the Gallia, is my baby ok?"

"Yes Mrs. M, Ashley is fine, just sleeping. We were at the Gallia, in the Kitchen and Ash was about to leave me and my Friend, Trevor. I think you know him, we were picking her up but she fell asleep so we brought her to his house."

"Oh, ok. Thank goodness. Are you staying their tonight? If you are Ash can stay, just where dose Trevor live....I remember him, I think."

"Oh, he lives in Bruce Wayne's house, his dad is Mr. Wayne's butler. Mr. Wayne doesn't mind, I work for Mr. Wayne and asked him about it, he has extra rooms for us to stay in." I look over at Trev and yell "Trev! Get cooking, call the Pizza place! Sorry, me and Trevor are going to have some Pizza and go to bed, I put Ash in one of the spar rooms."

"Ok, night then, and keep my baby safe. If-"

"Yes, I know Mrs. M. Night." I hang up. Trevor smiles and says into his phone. "Yeah, large pepperoni, one large plain cheese. Um, The Big House On The Hill. Yup, The Wayne house. See you then." He hangs up. I laugh and he starts to the elevator and I fallow. We wait for the Pizza then head to the elevator.

I set the pizza down on a table and turn on my stereo, an oldies station. Why are they playing 'I Want Candy'? Trevor looks at me and I shrug. I see Alfred and asks "Pizza?" He shakes his head. I shrug and eat. I hear movement and look up. Ashley stands in the door way. "Food?" She asks I not and she steps forward and then stops.

She takes another step forward, she seems to be thinking. She looks between me and Trevor and deems to sit with me. Sitting down she leans against me and yawns. I look at her and ask "So, you aren't pissed at me for not telling you?"

She laughs a little and says quietly. "I am still processing and I am tired and hungry and shocked. But in the morning I will most pissed, yes. You are Robin?" When I nod she looks at Trevor and asks "And he is, what?" Trevor says. "Well, Ashes I am a Butler in training. My dad, Alfred, is Batman's Butler. I will be Sasha's. Sash, dose she know who The Bat is?" I look at her and she grabs a peace of pizza. "I'm going to guess Bruce Wayne, the guy you work for." She takes a bite of the pizza and I look over at Trevor. He shrugs and I nod. He gets up to grab us some drinks and to give me and Ash a minuet alone.

"Ashley, listen. You can't tell anyone about this, ok? I am sorry I didn't tell you but it was a secret and Bruce has some rules, by bringing you here, and for being your friend I broke all of them........" I look away. She gently places her hand on my shoulder. "What else? You know I can read you, tell me the rest." I don't dare look at her. I whisper. "I broke his rules for......" I shuck in a fortifying breath and tell her. "For.......liking you as more than a friend......" I don't dare look at her. I feel her move, she kneels in front of me. I look away from her.

She reaches up and places her hands on the side of my face. "Sasha, look. At. Me. Please." I hear the soft command and I know I can't resist her. I look at her. She leans up and kisses me gently. She pulls back and tells me. "I feel the same way. I have always liked you more that friend. You were always my Dark Knight." We both smile in reference to our joke.


At the park, mid-summer, around mid-night. It was 2008, just after seeing The Dark Knight. Christian Bale as Batman. Ashley was laughing. "That sucked majorly as a Batman movie. I can't wait for someone to top THAT!" Sasha looks over at her and reaches out to tickle her. "Who should come save you? Huh? Huh, whose going to save our Little Bat?" He called her Little Bat because she loved Batman. She gasped out "My.....Dark...........Knight.....stop......ahhh.....stop....can't breath..." Sasha was laughing to and he stopped. He looked over at Ash, all serious. "Who is your Dark Knight?" That got them laughing again.

*End Flashback*


Ashley's POV

I smile up at him and take my hands from his face. He reaches up and puts his hand over mine. He closes his eyes and leans into my hand. Tears gather in my eyes at the tender expression on his face. "My Knight." I whisper and he nods against my hand. "Always and Forever, you will be my Batgirl." I stand and sit on the couch next to him, he lets my hand go but grips my waist and pulls me onto his lap. "Bruce is going to kill me."

"Well, first we have to find him." I tell him. He groans and leans his head against my shoulder. Trevor comes back and I blush he just looks at us and shakes his head. "So, not to interrupt, but how are we going to find The Bat?" Sasha shrugs and says against my shoulder "I don't know." Alfred walks in and says "Got a plan?" Sasha groans and I laugh. "No, Alfred, I do not have a plan and thank you for the reminder I did not-WAIT!" He moves me quickly and jumps up, running over to a control-type center. He types some stuff and moves some things. Trevor walks over and types stuff on another screen. "What are they doing?" I ask Alfred. "I think they are trying to track Master Wayne. They both have trackers in their suits and in themselves." I walk over and I hear Sasha saying "Trev, next time remind me to track him. Hey, see anything? Widen the search." Trevor looks up at my approach and then back down. "Sash, got him, well, his suit. Off the road, 9miles south, want me to go?"

"No, I will go." I look up from a screen. "No. I want to come, get me a suit and I'll come to, and if you don't I'll come anyway." Sasha smiles at me. "Ok, Alfred do we have any suits for.......girls?" He nods and smiles. He has been waiting for the Batgirl to reappear, and she has.

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