Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


8. Sixth Sense

Ash's POV


I am in a long dark hall. Made of....I run my hand over it....stone. I hear a voice, a deep masculine one, then a soft feminine one. I walk towards the voices, trailing my hand along the wall. I get to a strong metal door. I tilt my head and reach for it.......and my hand passes right through it. Shocked I pull my hand back and look at it. "Whoa." I look at the door, then I step through it. So cool, at least until I see Bruce Wayne chained to a large beam, Naked. Oh, God, gross, I did NOT need to see Batman that way! A volmous brunette stands near the door. She is talking to him, but his eyes lock onto mine, she looks my way and chuckles, "Bruce, you cant get to the door and we both know it, so stop dreaming. You are not going to escape. I am going to Kill you and then your little Bird." She smiles evilly, like she takes pleasure from her thoughts. Still, he stairs at me. He can see me. I move forward and away from the door, he seems to lose me for a moment then he finds me again. The lady pulls on a Black Mask and says to Batman, "Well, since I lost your attention I will leave. I will have one of the boys, or girls, bring you food. Maybe Saber tooth?" Batman shuttered and the lady left, slamming the door behind her.

I edge closer to Batman. I whisper "Bruce? It's Ash, Sasha's friend. Where are you?" he jerks and looks at me. "Underground, and that is all I know, how are you here? Sash said you don't have any powers." I shrug and tell him "I fell asleep and then I was standing in the hall.....maybe I can back track and find out where you are?" I ask because I have no clue what is happening. I feel this weird sucking sensation on my gut. "You are disappearing, Ash? Tell Sasha to......" The scene fades out and I don't see him anymore....

*End Dream*

My eyes pop open and I see Prince standing in front of me with Sasha and Hunter at his side. "She's Back!" Prince says, "Duh, we can see that Princely." Hunter says. I look around. I am standing in a hall of the house I don't know. I reach out and feel the wall.....stone. "Where are we?" Trevor says "Well, you woke up and yelled, then started running through the house, then you found the passage that lead down here. Then you stopped and woke up. We are in a back hall of The Cave. Where were you?" Sasha steps forward and puts his arm around me. "Are you ok?" I nod to him then tell the others. "I was with The Bat."

"No way! No way did you get that power!" Red exclaims and steps forward. "Someone like...well, like you gets that kind of power! Your parents weren't super and so you had no chance of getting that!" I look at her and ask "What are you talking about? It was a dream, right?" I look at Sasha "Right? Just a dream?" Slowly he shakes his head, James, who I hadn't even realized was their, stepped forward. "No, never a dream. You have the power of Mind Sight. You might think it was a psychic dream, but did you speak to him? Could he see you? Were you able to walk through things?" When I nod he grabs my hand and can feel him probing my mind, he sees what I saw and gasps.

He takes a step back and bows. "Your Majesty, forgive me, I needed to know." I look to the others but they, too, are bowing. "What? What is happening? Why are you bowing? What did I do? Why are you saying that? Sasha, stand up, what is going on? Can you please tell me something?"

Sasha stands and looks at me. "Ashley, James has the power to see another....mutants powers and from his reaction and from what he just sent me, we know you are The White Queen. You are the most powerful and charismatic mutant their is, you have the power to see what others can't, to teleport, to fly, to make things out of nothing, you can probably use telekinesis, and you can grow claws. I think." He pulls me close and hugs me. I sob into his shirt. "No, Sasha, I don't want it, no, take it back. I don't need or want it." he rubs my back and says carefully "But you have it. You were chosen for a reason. The last White Queen disappeared and we don't know who she is, or where. But, if Darkness takes them or they grow old it is said that their powers move on, and I guess you were chosen."

James says "Leave, everybody. Sasha, stay but the rest of you leave, she needs time." The walk away. I slide to the floor. Sasha sits next to me. James kneels before me. "Ash, you can accept your power or not but it is their. If you don't want it can you at least use it to find The Bat for us?" I nod. "Ok, Sasha, you might want to get behind me." Sasha goes to get up but I whimper. "No, James, I stay." James nods, then says "Ok, Ash, close your eyes and relax. I am going to place my hands on your head so I can see what you see." His voice fades then comes as if from far away, I am floating in blackness. "Where are you?" The voice asks, so I tell it "In Blackness."

"I need you to focus, Ash, think about Batman. Let your mind find him, fly us their." I feel wings in my back and I stretch them out them I say to myself. "Find Batman." Suddenly I am souring out over the land, the city and farther. Out to the country side, as I come closer to the ground I note the mile marker and I walk towards a field, and out of nowhere a door opens in the ground. I am jerked from my vision by a hand shaking me. I blink open my eyes and see Jams standing a few feet away, glaring at Sasha who was shaking me.

Sasha's POV

That was horrible. Her breath slowed and slowed until she almost wasn't breathing, my instincts took over when she flinched. I pushed James back and shook Ash. "Ash? Ashley, stay with me, come on baby, don't do this!" She blinks and looks at me. She smiles, then passes out. I yell at James "You Douche! What did you do to her?" I pick her up and carry her down the hall and back to The Cave, I lay her on one of the cots. Prince asks "What happened?" I say fiercely "Ask your Bitch! TREVOR! ALFRED!" Trevor and Alfred come running, Trev sees Ash and stops, his father comes over and takes her pulse, "Still alive but barley. Trev, get me an I.V and my emergency kit." He runs to do that.


 I hear a thud and turn. Prince has his sword drawn and has James against the wall, his blade is up on his throat. I stand and walk over. "What did you do to The Queen?" James shrugs at Princes question. "Nothing, she needed to accept her power and I gave her a nudge." I say carefully "Icarus, I should Let Prince Charming cut you up here and now but I wont." Red says from behind me. "I can." A arrow flies by my head, hitting the wall next to James's.

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