Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


3. Second Escape

Ashley's POV

I......Know.....Those......Eyes.....Those green eyes belong to Sasha Fyodor. The boy next door is.....I glance at his Robin. "Sas-" He puts a hand over my mouth "No. You are safe. Let me untie you." He takes his hand away and I stutter out. "T-T-Thank you. I think you are supposed to be up front, though, with your.....partner?" He shakes his head. "Nope. Batman sent me around bad to take out the rear guards." He finishes untying me and helps me up. A large bang sounds and I can not hear, or see. I drop to the floor and begin coughing, I feel a hand on me, steading me. I hope it is Sasha. Another bang, and a flash. I drop lower to the floor and pass out........

Black Out

I walk up and look around, I am on my back. I blink a few times and my eyes adjust. I look around, where is Sasha? I see him, near the doorway. I climb to my knees and crawl over to him. I shake him a few times and then I get sick of it and slap him. He grumbles and rolls away. I sigh and say "Sasha, wake up.....Riddler is gone." Still nothing. Men! I sit back and wonder what happened....and how to wake up Sasha. I see a sink but no bucket so I can't do the water thing. I look at him again and say "If you don't wake up I will slap you again." No reaction......oh, I can hear.

I lean over him and see that his mask is loose, I pull it off and stair at the boy I have know since childhood. I hear voices coming from the hall. I put his mask back on. This is my secret. And his. A few cops walk down the hall and into the kitchen where we are.

"Hello? Who are you?" A female cop asks me. "Oh....I work in the kitchen here, this is Robin. He wont wake up, someone threw a flash grenade with smoke and I passed out and then I came to and he wont wake up." I sniffle a little, why wont he wake up?

"Shh, It is ok, we will get Robin some help. Why was he here?" She steps forward and squats down in front of me. The other police officers walk over to Sasha to check him over. "Don't take his mask off. Ok? um. The Riddler had me tied up and we were.....arguing and then Robin came and took the Riddler down and he was untying me. We were about to leave when the flash thing went off. Smoke filled the air and I passed out.....but before I did another one went off. I woke up and tried to wake up Robin....Will he be ok?" I left some tears fall and sniffled and the female cop put her arm around me and helped me up, "We hope he will, can you please come to the station to give a full statement?" It was not a question. I nodded and fallowed her out but glanced back at Robin.


Sasha's POV

I sit up after being drenched with what I hope is water. "Wha-? Who?" I ask looking at the cop above me with a bucket that used to have water in it. "Sorry, kid, but you wouldn't wake up....sleeping beauty style. So, your Robin?" I nod and look around. I don't see Ash and ask "When you came in was their a girl with red hair here?" He nods. "Yep, she left with our lieutenant, Alice Shield. Why were you back here and not up front with the Bat?"

I stand shakily and say "I have school in the morning and he wanted be to be safe. Where is he, anyway?" Another male cop walks over and gives me a weird look. "Don't know. We were out side and say the Bat propel in and then something went down and everyone, all the villains and the Bat just up and disappeared. In a cloud of smoke, a few people had Sleeping Beauty like you did. We noticed almost all of your enemies in their, but others to. All unknown had a Black Mask. The man....or woman talking to the Bat had on a Mask. Robin, what do you think when down?" I shrug and make my way down the hall.

"Well, we called Little Red and the Huntsman and Alice because we saw The Wolf, The Witch and the Tweddles. We tried to find The Prince, because Sleeping Beauty was their but he didn't answer. We also contacted the X-Men leader at the school to see if they wanted to help but he declined but if we need them they will send out some kids with training." I keep walking but sigh and growl. I hate Red and Alice. Huntsman isn't to bad with his Axes. I walk out to the main room and see the destruction. God. I look for my favorite ginger but she isn't here. I let my senses go farther out and I hear her. She is out side with the caption, two birds, one stone.

James Gordon is a bastard but is a good caption. "GORDON!" I bellow and walk over. I love being able to do that. Every head turns in my direction. I smile and check my mask, yup still fine but tighter. Ash. James sighs and puts out his hand. "Robin. Good of you to get over the Beauty. Any idea where they went?" I shake my head. "No clue caption. So, no Bat? That is what I was told. I guess they got him. Shit! Well, I know how at least. We knew Beauty was making something new with all those lab robberies. Damn." The Caption glances at Ash so I turn to her. "I apologize for my language. Aren't you the girl in the kitchen?" Ash nods and gives me a bazar look.

I shake my head and fake a yawn. "Well, Gordon, I think we can continue this tomorrow, I need to think about things. Want me to take her off your hands? I want to talk to her about what happened." James nods. "Go ahead, I will contact her if I need anything. Florian, get this cleaned up, now!" He turns away and I grab Ashes hand and lead her to my bike, oh thank GOD! They didn't slash the tires or anything. "Hold on a moment." I take out a scanner and take a quick scan of the bike. No bugs or trackers that it sees, good.

"Ok, let me get on first then get on after me and hold on. I'm aloud to break the laws." I smile and get on. Slowly Ash gets on behind me. "I've always wanted to ride the Bat Bike!" She says.

She leans close to me and grips me tightly, such a small girl yet so strong. She is the only one I know who would get on the Bat Bike after what just happened, and the only girl who would goad on the Riddler.

I speed off. I hit a few buttons and go off-road. She presses closer and digs her head into my back. I am about to break almost all of Bruce's rules.....starting with rule number one.

I jump onto the road and switch back to normal tires and drive slowly up the driveway to the Cave. I stop and press some buttons, the Cave opens and I drive in. No lighting but I know the place as well as my own home if not better. I stop the Bike and shut it off. Ash still grips my waist. I reach up and take off my mask, she knows so why not? "Ashley, let go." She scoots closer and grumbles. She fell asleep, amazing. "Alfred, you their?"

"Yes Master Sasha, where is Master Wayne?" I swallow a lump and say "He was captured, first time in a long time. From what I gathered the BMG got all the criminals together. Can you and Trevor come down? With a stretcher or something to carry someone on.....I might have brought in a stray." The intercom cuts off and soon enough my friend and Alfred's son comes with a stretcher and Alfred coming slower. "Sash, who is......oh my god....dose she know?" I nod, Trevor had stopped dead. He was going to be my 'Butler' when Bruce retired, Alfred was Bruce's 'Butler' it is inherited. Batman is not. Trevor lets out and slow breath and Alfred comes to attention at seeing Ashley limp against me.

He tsks and asks "What did you do?" I shrug and wait for them to take her off of me. "I was 'saving' her and she recognized me. Ash has been my neighbor forever, what did I expect? Well, she did good and stayed awake for a while. She even didn't react to Sleeping Beauty." Trevor nods in understanding while his father checks Ashley over. I lead the way to the rest of the Cave. They set her down on a cot in a small room for when someone(like me) gets hurt. Trevor leaves right away to get something for me to drink. Alfred asks "This is your lady, isn't it?" I nod and brush some hair from her face.

She grumbles and snuggles up to my back. I slowly stand and leave, Alfred fallows, Trevor hands me a towel. "Oh, yeah." I am now reminded I am wet. "Sleeping Beauty. Got me. The cops had to splash me." They nod and I change out of my suit behind a curtain and go to the showers for the second time.


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