Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


1. Prologue

Sasha was a little boy. He is now older, so is his neighbor....Ashley. He had a crush on her since they were both small and she gave him his first Batman comic at his 8th birthday party. She still thinks Batman is real, but Sasha knows it is true. He was saved by Batman........


It was a nice night.....not the night you would expect someone to try to murder a child's parents. Sasha couldn't sleep so he went to see his mom. He heard fighting in her room and burst in, only to see a masked figure fighting another masked figure....Batman vs.A Masked Man. The Man turned to Sasha and raised his arm, witch held a gun, his mother was screaming. Batman talked the Man as he pulled the trigger. Sasha felt a sharp pain in his side, looking down the boy saw blood. Like, dark red paint, staining his blue P.J. shirt. Just earlier his mom had told him not to stain it. Batman tied the Man up and told the woman to shush. She did, Sasha was on the floor.....he doesn't remember falling. A deep voice said "Get him to a hospital, tell no one of what happened here. If he ever becomes secretive have no fear.....He is a good boy."

*End Flashback*

Now Sasha is Robin, the Sidekick to Batman and he still loves Ash......but he will endanger her life before he can admit his true feelings for her.

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