Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


5. Fourth Friend

Sasha's POV


Alfred comes back a few minuets later and holds out a black suit with a dark pink bat emblem on it. "I got the idea from Catwomen, I thought we might never need one but we had it anyway. Well, try it on! I built in the same capabilities of Sasha's suit, it will conform to your body, you could have used one of their extra suits but it would not fight right in certain areas." His cheeks redden slightly and Ash disappears into the locker room.

She comes out and my jaw drops to the floor. Trevor whistles and I glare at him, he shuts up. "Well, how do I look?" She dose a little twirl and Alfred says "Wonderful, dose it fit? You know how to use it?" She nods and says. "Help me with the mask?" The mask is a dark pink, violet almost.

I tie it around her head and lead the way to the Bat Parking Lot. It even has a sign. I lead her to the bikes. Alfred stops us. "Well, I decided to make a whole 'Batwomen' project." He walks over to the wall and presses a button and the wall slides up, my jaw drops again. A pink Bat Bike with other Bat gear sits on the other side of the wall. "Oh my god! Alfred, why?" He shrugs and say, "My girl, Roxanne, helped me and convinced me to make all the gear for a girl. I guess she was right, lets hope she never figures it out." He smiles and Ash picks up the pink belt and loops it on her waist. She hops on the bike, presses some buttons and starts the bike. She holds the helmet in her hand and looks at me. "Well, are we going to save Bruce or what, Batboy?"

I run into the other room and throw on my suit and tie on the mask. "Oh, yeah." I jump on my own bike and open the doors. Ash throws her helmet on and fallows me.

She pulls along side me. We drive swiftly to the road where the suit gave off it's ping. I stop my bike and get off, Ash fallows. I grab a pinger and start to fallow the signals. I see Ash rubbing at her Bat symbol. "What?" I ask. She makes a face. "Pink." I nod and snort, I forgot.....she hates the color pink. Her favorite color is green. "Shh" I say and point to where the signal is coming from. She nods.

I slip forward silently, I look back and see Ash one step behind me. I smile and she returns it. I fallow the directions the signal is going, when we reach the spot I see the suit but no Bruce. I say "Shit, they dumped his suit, and his internal tracker wasn't giving a signal." I pick up his mask and swear again. Ash looks at me. "What dose this mean?" I bend down to get the rest of the suit. "It means one, they know who he is and two, they are underground." I look up at her and see her shock. "He might not come back from this one." I lead the way to the bikes and check for trackers and I get on my bike to head home.

We get to The Cave and change, Alfred and Trevor are both very subdued. They are awed that The Bat might not come home. I am trying to track The Bat when a bell sounds. Great. I look at the cameras outside the door to the Cave.


Red and The Huntsman are outside. I open the door and Red rides in on her bike. The Huntsman fallows in a car. Red walks in a few min later. I say to her. "Red, I don't need your help. This is my district." She scoffs and says "Pah-lease. I go where my Wolf goes, we both know that, you aren't yelling at Hunter now are you?" She looks around and falls into a chair. "Who is the ginger?" She points to Ash. I open my mouth but Ash speaks. "This 'ginger' is Batgirl, Ash. I guess you are The Bitch?"

"Oh, snap. It I had know their was going to be a cat fight I would have brought more cash. Batboy, what you need a Batgirl for?" Hunter walks over and we shake. "Well, I needed some help and she is a fan." I shrug and Ash sniffs indignantly. "He needs a Batgirl to watch his ass, so I guess you need bitchy-pants to watch yours?" This time Red snickers and Ash turns to her. "Oh, shut your trap! What do they call you? Little Red Ridding Hood? Well, Red, you can go suck something."

I snicker this time and get a glare from Ash, I hold up my hands. "Well, look who's being bitchy. I don't work with Hunter, I work alone and I track The Wolf. Who you on?" Ash says "I on you. I hunt any one or thing I want." Hunter sits down and says. "Where's Prince? Last I heard he was near your district." With that a bell sounds and I see Prince outside, with another person. We look at each other and I open the door and Prince swaggers in a few minuets later. A new character fallows.

"Who's the newbie?" Hunter asks Prince

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