Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


2. First Lesson

Sasha's POV

"Remember your first lesion." As Batman(A.K.A. Bruce Wayne. Yeah, I know. But it is true. He doesn't wear the corny suite either.) says it I say along with him "Never let your feelings for someone get in the way." I continue "I know. God. But I really like her. She has this amazing long red hair, like a sunset. And these blue eyes that flash when she gets upset or is fighting for something she believes in. Her smile makes my day better and it is contagious." I suck in a breath as Bruce hits me in the stomach. He looks down at me "Keep your head in the game, boy. Don't get distracted. Alfred, get the boy some ice, will you? Sasha, we are done for the day. When you come back tomorrow be ready for work." Bruce leaves the boxing ring and walks over the elevator to go up stairs.

Alfred helps me up. "Master Sasha, you need to keep your chin up. Around Master Wayne and your lady. You know how me and Heather met?" He sits me down and hands me ice. He always asks and tells me.


"No, Alfred, how did you meet?" He smiles and looks far off, remembering "I was shopping for a new car for Master Wayne when she walked over. This was my third year. She knew that I knew what I was doing, she had seen me not long before and wanted to sell to me. I knew what I wanted and she still tried to sell me other cars, newer models. I refused. But she finally got me to talk to her. I ended up buying a newer model along with the older one. I also got her phone number. Master Wayne was angry but got over it when I fixed up the newer model into the new Bat-Mobile. At first she didn't like how I would have weird times and secrets but she learned to be fine with it, we fell in love and got married. She gave me Trevor and Roxanne." His eyes refocus and he looks at me. "Go, get showered, you have to get home for dinner."

I run off to the shower in the Bat Cave. Bruce always makes me do my homework first, before we train or patrol. I am not allowed to go on night patrol because I need my sleep. When I finish showering and walk over the elevator Bruce is their. "Suit up, we got a call."


The stupid Bat Signal must be up. They don't know it is really batman, but they tried it once and he went so now they use that when their is trouble with our enemies. Our enemies consist of Electro, Lucifer Morningstar, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Doctor Doom, Damsel Of Distress, Sleeping Beauty, Poison Ivy, Wingman, Cavalier, Azrael, Queen Of Hearts, Wrath, Catwomen, what we call the Black Mask Gang, and more. He never did find out who attacked my mother that day he chose me.

I run over to the suit. My suite is not the Robin Suite either, it is red and green, sure. But, it is cooler. I can't give you details but it dose have the yellow belt. Batman has a black suit and mask, with the ears and stuff but much more streamline. We have bullet proof vests. He has the Batman emblem on his chest, and I have the Robin one. No tights, luckily.

After we change we run over to the Bat Bikes. I get my own BIKE! We don't get paid though.

Bruce had called the Police Chief to see what the problem was. He coms me through he intercom we use on the job. "Boy, it is Morningstar, their was an all women's gala across town and he snuck in with Damsel Of Distress and Catwomen, and one other they don't know. I think it might be our mysterious BMG, she was wearing a Black Mask. Head around the back, take out any BMG's you see, keep them alive though and be silent." I say "Yes, Batman. Will Do." He drives away and speeds down the road leading up the door. I stop and shut the motor off then head around the service entrance. I stop as I hear the crackle of a radio. I silently move forward and see a man in a police uniform. He is not a cop. I can tell by the way he handles himself and doesn't watch his surroundings. He is playing temple run on his phone. I laugh silently. So not a cop.

He pauses temple run and says into him radio "All clear boss man, no Robin or Batman. Yeah, Yeah. I'm keeping watch. Yeah, Yeah." He stops talking, listens and then says under his breath "Bastard. If he didn't pair up with the Bitches I would not need to be here." He starts temple run. I walk up behind him and grab his cuffs silently and then I grab him. I lock him to a close by pipe. I use some Bat-Sleep spray, it is just a gasified tranquilizer. He sags. I take his radio and cut the wire with some pliers, the Bat Belts have everything.

I walk to the door, it's unlocked. I don't like this. To easy. I glance around and see nothing. I walk inside and hear a familiar voice....Ash! She is complaining to whoever has her....COMPLANING! I love her. I silently make my way in her direction. I hear another voice I know, The Riddler, he has lost his rhyming. How long has she been with him?

"SHUT UP, Just shut up you stupid girl. Be quiet, please!" I snort silently. He is annoying. I hear "No, I have to pee for god's sake so let me the fuck up! I am to much of a lady to piss myself. I need to use the bathroom and you are just standing their. Doing NOTHING! Let me the fuck up, you stupid.......RIDDLER!" I watch the scene, if the Riddler had a gun he would have shot himself in the head, I can tell. "Oh my GOD, SHUT UP. I cant take you to the bathroom so piss yourself or just shut up and hold it." He is rubbing his head, like he has a headache. I walk into the room and throw a flash bang. I have padding in my mask around the ears so it doesn't bother me.

I walk over to a coughing Riddler who says "Bat-Boy, you could have taken the stupid girl, I would have let you. She has been talking nonstop. The stupid bitch!" I wrench his arms back and tie him up. I then put Batman(it has the batman symbol on corny) Duck Tape over his mouth, so he can't annoy the fuck out of me. As the smoke from my little toy dissipates I drop Riddler to the floor where he is mumbling into the Tape.

I walk over to the now silent Ashley. I lean over her from behind to untie her, she looks up at me. I see recognition in her eyes. She knows who I am.

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