Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


6. Fifth Talk

Ash's POV

The Prince was dressed like a prince, he had on a purple cloak, and he even had a small crown. Wow, and I thought Red over did it. Red is wearing a read clock and has brown hair. I wonder if it's natural? Behind Prince is a boy, he is our age and is dressed normally, jeans, tee-shirt but he has on sunglasses. Interesting. He steps forward and says. " I am called Icarus, but my human name is James Downer."

"Ain't that the bot in that story who falls into the sea after flying near the sun?" Hunter asks the boy. He nods. "Yes, it is." We look at each other and Sasha asks "So.....what do you have? I can move fast and have extra smarts, Ash is awesome and is fast and smart. Red is a huntress, she has amazing aim and some telekinesis. Hunter has some fire issues, and he is good with axes. Prince has his sword and a few other powers." James looks down and then pulls his shirt off. Huge wings come out from behind him. One wing is black, the other is white. Dark as night, bright as light. "Wings. And strong Telekinesis." He shrugs and a few feathers fall to the floor.

Sasha takes it in stride but Red is shocked and goes to touch them, James backs away. "Please, don't touch them." She nods and steps away. But, she steps closer to Prince.

I get up and walk over to Sasha. "What is up with Red, Prince and Hunter?" He glances as Hunter, who is staring at Red. Red wont look at Hunter, and Prince is staring at me. "Well, it happened at Camp. Our mentors send us off to camps, with each other. A few summers ago, before they took over for Grandma, Red's mentor, Sage, Hunters mentor, and King, Princes mentor. Red and Hunter tried a relationship, I think Hunter and Red had sex, I don't know, but Hunter basically fell in love with Red but then she dumped him for Prince who is a ladies man and broke her heart. I think Lovers Lane, The Queen Of Hearts daughter, had something to do with it."

I am shocked, so Hunter fell for Red, and Red fell for Prince and Prince doesn't care. Whoa.

Prince is staring at me, so I sit next to Sasha.

Sasha's POV

Trevor gets up and walks out. I shrug.

Prince is staring at Ash, but she sits close to me. He glances away and I say "Ok, cool wings dude. We need a game plan. The have The Bat." They all gasp, even Winged Boy. "The Bat is your mentor?" He asks.

"Well, duh. Bat cave, Bab Bike.....duh." He looks shamed and his wings flutter. "So, The Black Mask Gang, who always has black mask's, has some how gotten all of our enemies together. Sleeping Beauty, Prince, your lady. The Wolf, Red. Cinderella. The Witch. And I Think Bird was their. Riddler, Joker and a few others." James asks "Did you see Daedalus? He is who I hunt when I can, but he stays hidden mostly."

"Um, what dose he look like? The police might know." I say and look over at Prince, his charge is unstable. "They called Professor X, none of his charges are coming, thank god."

Trevor walks in and says "Well, you guys need some sleep, I set up for some rooms for you people, fallow me and I will show you up." When Ash stands I grad her hand and pull her back down next to me. Trevor nods and leads the rest of them up.

Alfred steps from the computers and say quietly "James, the winged boy, his villain isn't in our data bank. I think he might not exist."

"Already crossed my mind Alfred. Can you go up stairs, please?" Alfred looks at their hands and then at me, he then turns and goes up the stairs.


"Shh, Sasha, I'm fine and I enjoyed the bickering, and lemmy guess, you want me to stay away from James and Prince?" I nod and she smiles. "I told you, I all ready have my knight." We exchange smiles and I tell her. "We can't go to school tomorrow, I'll make some calls and get is canceled. We have to find Bruce." Ash nods and yawns "I will call my mom in the morning, make something up. Where is my room?"

I pull out my phone and text Trevor

Where is Ash's room?

He text back; Near the others'. why?

I want her room closer to mine, away from P.

K, I'll getter done.
I sigh and lead her to the elevator and take my time, I lead her across the mansion to my room. West side. Trevor meats us half-way. "Fallow me." He leads the rest of the way. Ashley is gapping at the sheer size of the house. As we near the kitchen I see Prince and stop. "Trev, show her to her room. I want to talk to Prince, you can go to bed, thank Alfred for me and in the morning can you wake us?" Trevor nods and takes Ash up to her room, it is next to mine. Good. Away from Prince.

I walk towards the prick. "Prince, can we talk?" he swaggers over. "James, your....friend, is not healthy and we don't know him, I hope you do. Can you tell me about him?"

He nods and leans against the counter.


 "Always to the point Sasha. Well, I met James three years ago, after I took over for King, James was sitting on the sidewalk near some trash bins, a few yards from The Grave Robber Club and he was shivering. I saw the wings falling from under his shirt. I knelt in front of him and asked "Are you like me?" He looked me in the eye and I almost passed out. is power was the strongest I had ever seen. He looked away real quick. I took out my sunglasses and placed them on his face so he could look at me. I went to touch his shoulder to see what was wrong and he jerked away. I shrugged and told him if he wanted something warm to eat to fallow me. I walked to a dinner and he fallowed. I bought him some food and got him talking. I tried to drop him with X but he ran off the first night, he hates being near that many kids. He told X he could hear them, their heart beats and everything else. X was shocked and read him. I guess he is like Grey, level 5. X told me to keep him and train him, and when his powers jumped to keep him away from others. I have but I never did get anything about him from him, told me he didn't remember. I asked X about it and he shook his head and told me nothing."

He shrugged and I sighed. "Thanks man, and stay away from Ash. Do try to get along with Red and Hunter, Okay?" He nods and I head up to my room.

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