Batman Forever

Ash is a Batman believer, she knows Batman is a real hero and is out their. All her friends think she is insane.......except for one boy......He knows the truth and wants to share it with her but dares not to for fear of angering Batman.


10. Eighth Complication

Sasha's POV

I stand outside for the plain to show up, which it dose. Slowly the ramp meets the ground and Professor X comes down on his wheel chair. I nod and he says "Sasha. Where is she?" I lead him into The Cave to where Ashley is laying. "Thank you, Alfred if you will leave me and the boy?" Alfred nods and leaves.

"So, what happened?" Professor X goes up by her head and begins to feel around mentally. "She was dreaming and walking, she lead us down into the back halls and then everyone bad their way back so they could talk while I talked to Ash and James. James said she could find The Bat, and she tried but passed out. Hunter is holding James, and Prince is wat-" I get cut off my a screech. I look at the Professor who is lost in Ashley's mind then run to see what is happening.

James was the one who screeched. Hunter is standing above the boy. I look at him for an explanation. He shrugs. James is saying "Out, get out, you have no business in my head, out, out, get out, out." he is clutching his head and rocking back and forth.

Hunter says "I didn't do anything to the boy, he was silent and still then bam, he screeches and I let him drop the floor so I don't kill him by accident. Sorry." I run back to the Professor, but he is silent and watching Ash so I run out to the plain. First  see Wolverine(A.K.A Logan), then I see Jean and Scott, they are talking to some kids. I run over to Jean. "Jean, please come with me, Icarus is having a brain problem." She fallows with everyone trailing after.

She sees Icarus on the floor and he instantly stills, looking up at her. She bends over him and talks to him quietly then he collapses on the floor. Wiping her hands together she says "The Professor will take care of him after he is done with Ash, but someone was in his head. Don't know who, look like Mind Meld." great, another villain....

Ashley's POV

Flying......falling...........darkness...............movement....warmth leaving...........voices..........."Hello, Ashley?" A soft masculine voice asks me. I turn around trying to find the source. "Yeah? Am I dead?" Deep laughter. "No, child, you are alive but barely, you know you scared Sasha." I perk up, "Sasha, I miss him, Why am I cold? Where is the light?"

Sadness coats the voice "You are cold because you are near death. The light is at the very top of the well you are in." I'm confused, glancing up  see a deep long tube, then a pinprick of light. "A well? Dose that mean I can climb to the top." I feel the wall, smooth. Dang. "No, you must fly, only great power can get you now, child. That power is love, or hate. Choose your emotion, and you can fly right up to the top and get back to Sasha, I have given you all the help I can. Choose wisely." The voice fades and I look up at the pinprick of light, it is smaller already...............


Sasha's POV

"Sasha, come here." Professor X says from the door. I run over. "Yeah?"

"Come talk to Ash, she is to near death for me. You need to tell her to come back." The others begin to fallow. "No, only Sasha can, she has more of a connection with him." Prince glares at the professor and Red glares at him. Hunter watches sadly. I walk into the room, Xavier locks the door and sits outside it, I hope he helps James.

I sit beside Ash and hold her hand. I sit for a moment and just think and then whisper.


 "Ash, don't go. Please, come me, so we can be an us. If that even makes cense. Please, I need you, but not just because you are The White Queen, but because you are my friend and my..........first kiss, believe it or not. Professor X told me to talk to you, and I have but their is more....


"But I don't know how to say it, remember that day, when I was turning eight or something and you came over to give my present during my party, that Barman Comic book, I still have it, but remember how when you gave it to me Cam started to sing the tree song. You left crying, I wanted to go after you because I didn't know what happened but mom wouldn't let me. Later I asked Cam what happened and he told me that Felicity had called you some names, she didn't even know what they meant.

"Cam had told her to say them, I knew what they meant because I heard my mother call other people them and looked them up, but I hit Cam in the face and broke his nose. Eight years old and I had already broken someone's nose." I laugh a bit then continue. "Yeah. I remember that well because that was when I fell in love for you." Suddenly Ash launches herself at me and hugs me close, I start to cry. I whisper to her hair "I thought I lost you, I was so close. I love you Ash, I want you to know that." She pulls away and looks me in the face. "I love you to, now if you worry me like I worried you I will kill you." She kisses me fiercely.


Ashley's POV

I think for a while on what to choose, hate is strong......but suddenly Sasha's head pops into my thoughts and my love blooms. I look down and see that I am floating, I drop a centimeter and then I figure that love is the right chose and I rise higher. But I stop, I start listing what I love about him.....his smile.....his eyes.....his lips...his ears.....his personality.....his outgoingness.....his fear.....his hair....the way it shines.....I look down, still listing, but I have gone only a few feet, I look up and gasp, I am FARTHER from the light. I think about Sasha and start listing his faults and his goodness....Even the fact he kept his bosses identity from me, I love that because it is loyalty. Maybe not to me but to Bruce, but it was still loyalty. Again, only feet. Still to far. I am running out of things to list and am falling.

I hear a voice whispering above me. So soft and gentle. Sasha! he is talking to me. I start to hear him clearer and see that I am floating upwards, closer to the light. I am so close and he stops talking. NO! Sasha, no, talk, tell me more, I remember to! Please, don't let me die! No, I want- I hear him say "...I remember that well because that was when I fell in love for you." I gasp as I am retched violently from the well and jerked back into my body and I fly at Sasha, hugging him tight as I can. I hear him say again "I love you." and I start to cry but stop myself. I pull back and hold his face in my hands and say "I love you to, now, if you ever worry me like I worried you I will kill you." I kiss him and he pulls back enough to say "Ok, valid point, kill me all you like, just don't ever do that again. Please." I nod against his lips and kiss him again. I taste salt and realize he is crying.

I wipe his tears away and kiss his cheeks. I ask "Never again. Never for you, deal?" He tells me "Yes, ma'am." I stand and stretch.

"What happened?" I ask, sitting in front of him. "Well, you were trying to find Batman when you stopped breathing so I woke you up. James did something to you so I brought you back, nearly dead so I called Professor X who brought you back, or told me how to bring you back." He shrugs and pulls me closer to him. "What do you remember?" he asks of me.

"The hall, waking up after flying, you were shaking me and you looked really worried. Then I saw James. He was glaring at you but look pleased with himself......." I trail off thinking. "I KNOW WHERE BATMAN IS!!!!!! I REMEMEBER!!!" I yell and grab Sasha. "He is nearly 30 miles out of the city under ground in a field. I think. But I will know it when I see it."

We sand and walk towards the door, and the others, holding hands. I smile up at him, he smiles at me but looks worried. He leans down and places his lips to mine quickly.

Sasha's POV

I smile down at her but I know it doesn't reach my eyes, I know because we have a few obstacles in the way of the relationship she wants.

1. Batman, we need to find him

2. Batman, his rules

3. The others, Prince and Red for two

4. Evil, always in the way

5. Her powers, they are to out of control

6. And whatever else pops up......

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