It's a perfect day to fall in love

This is a story about a girl named Linda who one day start out like it was all going well, but little did she know that it was all about to change. This is the story when Linda meets the love of her life and their first day together.


1. It's a perfect day to fall in love

I woke up feeling like today was my day. I mean everything was going like I wanted it to, but everything were about to change.

It all happened when I were on my way to school and I had forgotten most of my things that were needed for my classes, and on top of that it started pouring rain and one of the things that I did forget was an umbrella, classy me always forgetting something. Oh well let’s skip to school and surprisingly it went all well except that I got detention with this really hot guy. So this is the story of how I met Louis Tomlinson the love of my life.

Okay let’s start then, I was on my way to my locker to get something that I needed for my English class, and that was when I saw a tall boy with light brownish hair, and gorgeous blue eyes, you could say that this is how my dream man looked like, he noticed that I was looking well more like stared at him like a drooling idiot. Ohh and something that I forgot to mention were his really cool tattoos. The boy made his way over and introduced himself.

Hi, I’m Louis (and there it was, something that I did not expect a gorgeous and a sweet smile that made my heart melt). Ehh hi I’m Linda. (I probably sounded like a bitch or like someone with no manners. Hi Linda, so I’m new here and I was wondering if you could show me around school and possibly the city as well? Yeah I would love to, but at this very moment I have class, so how about at lunchtime? Yeah that would be cool. So what classes do you have today? (he looked at a piece of paper and then up at me again with those blue eyes) I have English, math, psychology, lunch, history and P.E Looks like we are going to have a lot of fun then, because that’s what I have today in the same order. (He gave me a warm smile and you could see that he was happy) We better get going before we get detention from Miss Hamilton.

Let’s just say that when we came to class Miss Hamilton was not so happy with us being ten minutes late, you see Miss Hamilton had a short temper and was always in a bad mood. 

That day both me and Lou had gotten detention for being too loud, late and so on, but I sure was worth getting detention seeing that I got a new friend that day. And I would like to add I sure fell in love with Lou and I could tell that he had developed feelings for me too. Some of my friends say that it was love at first sight, and I have to agree with them. 

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