Abandoned *1D fanfic*

It's about a girl named, Amelia. She's a normal 18 year old girl, who just loves One Direction. She have a boyfriend called Mike. He is takining Amelia with him to a One Direction concert, even though he dosen't like them him self. But just to see Amelia happy. Amelia have been abandoned many times. First her parents, then her foster parents, and so on. She thinks this day is going to be the best but it's not.
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3. Chapter 2

The next couple of months I wrote a lot with Liam and the other boys. We began to develop a really good friendship, and they were all there for me when I needed to talk. They were really good friends to have, they could always help me. They always could make me happy again. Right now I sat and talked with Liam on the phone.

“So our tour is finished, I thought about you maybe would like to hang out with us?” Liam asked me. I considered it for a bit.

“Well when should we do it, and where?” I asked him back with a question.

“Well what about Friday, at my place?” he asked with excitement in his voice.

“Okay, we can do that,” I answered him. He yelled awesome out so loud and with so much happiness in his voice. He was actually a kind a cute. “Liam, you almost made me deaf,” I tried to sound very serious, but I burst out in laughter when he said sorry with a sad voice. I told him it was fine, and then we said our goodbyes. I haven’t seen the boys since the day Liam comforted me and made me happy again. If he wouldn’t have come over, my life would probably suck right now. Mike had tried several times to contact me, but I never answered or wrote back to him.


It was Friday and finally the day I was going to see the boys again. God, I have missed them. I was sitting in my car on the way to Liam’s place, I was so excited. I’d got the address on a text after we had talked, so now I was looking on the little piece of paper I had written it down on, while looking for the right place. I was sometimes still thinking on Mike, and it was hard not to cry. All of a sudden I saw the number I was looking for. I found a place to park my little car, and then jumped out of it. I was walking towards the flat when I suddenly heard my named being yelled out. I turned around and saw Mike standing there. I wanted to run so hard, but it was like my body was out of control to move. He came closer and closer.

“Amelia,” he said smiling when he came up to me. “I have missed you,” he said and hugged me. I was still standing totally frozen. “Why didn’t you answer my phone calls or any of my texts?” he asked, he was still hugging me. I came back and got control over my body.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK!” I yelled right up in his face after I had got me twisted out of his grip. I could tell from his face and expression that he was surprised. I had got a lot of confidence after he left me.

“Amelia, don’t yell at me,” he said with an almost silent voice.

“WHAT? YOU DON’T LIKE PEOPLE YELLING AT YOU!” I yelled even louder, I was yelling on the top of my lungs. I was so close to cry, and my eyes got watery, but I hid it so he couldn’t see it. “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE YOUR DICK!” I yelled and turned around on my heels and ran over to the flat. I got in and started crying; I ran up to the number Liam’s flat had. He opened the door as I was about to knock on it. Liam saw my eyes.

“Amelia, what’s wrong?” he asked with so much worry in it. I could feel my knees getting soft and I was about to sink down. If it wasn’t for Liam I would have fallen down on my knees. He hugged me so tight and tried comforting me; the other boys had come out, and saw me standing there without even having any words to say, just crying.

 After a while I could walk very slow, we got in from the hall and I sat down on a sofa. Liam sat down with me comforting me, while Zayn and Louis made some tea and found some snacks we could eat. They came back in with both the tea and the snacks; I looked up at them as they sat the things down on the table, and sat down beside us. I was crying so hard. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t, the tears just kept coming.

 After about 2 minutes I had stopped crying and was sitting with my tea.

“Will you tell us what happened?” Louis asked. I took a sip of my tea and looked up from looking down on the floor. I started talking:

“I was on my way here to. I had just jumped out of my car, and was on my way towards this building. When I suddenly heard somebody yell out my name. I turned around to see who it was, and if it even was me the person were yelling to, to get contact. It unfortunately was,” I stopped and took one more sip of my tea; I looked on all of the boys, who just were listening to what I had to say. “I would wish it wasn’t me, because it was Mike yelling out my name, you know my ex-boyfriend. So I was him and I wanted to run away but I didn’t really have any control of my body, so I just stood there. I was scared of what would happen. He came up to me and gave me a hug while he told me that he had missed me. I was still just standing there, frozen. He asked me why I didn’t answer any of he’s calls or texts. At that point I got myself twisted out of his grip, and I began yelling at him. Something like, what did he think? He just stood there with an expression I never thought I ever would see. He was surprised of my reaction; usually I would have a little almost silent voice. This time it was he’s time to stand with a silent voice. He told me not to yell at him, and I just asked yelling if he didn’t like people yelling at him. I yelled on the top of my lungs, and before he could answer I yelled he just should leave me alone, then I turned around on my heels and then you know the rest,” I said and took another sip of my tea. I looked at the boys who just sat speechless. “What? Now you can’t speak?” I asked smiling slightly.

******Liam’s P.O.V******

Amelia had just told what had happened. I was speechless and my jaw dropped, probably almost touching the floor.

“What? Now you can’t speak?” she asked smiling very slightly. I picked up my jaw and said:

“Wow, you, yelling?” I asked looking awkwardly on her. “I mean, you usually so calm,” I said right after.

“Yeah, I was a kind of angry maybe,” she said smiling a little bigger. “But I’m okay now,” she made sure we got it. We all nodded.

“Should we watch a movie or something?” Zayn asked after that.

“Yeah, why not, it would be nice,” Amelia said, and we all agreed on watching Love Actually.



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