Abandoned *1D fanfic*

It's about a girl named, Amelia. She's a normal 18 year old girl, who just loves One Direction. She have a boyfriend called Mike. He is takining Amelia with him to a One Direction concert, even though he dosen't like them him self. But just to see Amelia happy. Amelia have been abandoned many times. First her parents, then her foster parents, and so on. She thinks this day is going to be the best but it's not.
(Jeg er dansker men vil prøve at skrive en engelsk)


2. Chapter 1

“NO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!” I yelled to my boyfriend Mike, or ex.

“I’m sorry Amelia, I have to,” he answered and left me. I was abandoned again.

“PLEASE MIKE STAY!” I yelled again, and that was when I woke up all sweaty and heavy breathing. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “It was just a nightmare,” I have been abandoned a lot trough my life. First it was my parents, then my foster parents, and then some new foster parents, and now I finally were 18 so I could live in my own flat. After a while I got use to it, but Mike was something different in my life. He fixed me; he helped me up from hell. I looked at the alarm clock, only 3 in the morning. Wow, I really have to get some control on my nightmares. Lately I’ve got many nightmares about Mike leaving me. Abandon me. It’s awful to think on. I lay down in my bed again, or more threw me. I landed on the pillow, which made me move pretty fast, it was all wet and disgusting. I sat up and swung my legs out over the edge. I stood up and walked out on the bathroom and found a towel, because I didn’t feel like laying a new pillowcase on the pillow. I laid the towel on the bed, and lay down again. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep again.

 I woke up again at 10 am, I was still tired and tried to fall asleep again, but I had to give up. I swung my legs out over the edge and stood up. I walked slowly over to my closet, and found some clothes to put on. After I found something, I walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

 After about half an hour I had dried my hair, and was brushing my teeth. I was still tired, but I’ve woken up a little. I walked in to the kitchen and found a bowl, a spoon and some cereal; I walked in to the living room and sat down in the couch. I turned on the TV and looked on some news. I finished my breakfast and washed the dishes, and then I walked in to my room again. I took my laptop and turned it on; I took a quick look on my phone, and saw I had a new message. I took my phone and unlocked it, I saw it was from Mike.

From Mike

Hey Amelia, I’m sorry for saying this, but I’m going to leave you. You know break up, I’m sorry but I have to, you’ve got the One Direction tickets yourself so I don’t have to worry about that. For of course you have to go. Goodbye Amelia.

I read the text several times, to try to understand it. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop crying. I threw my phone on the bed, and threw me in the bed. I cried and screamed into my pillow. Then the anger hit me, so I jumped up from the bed with the pillow in my hand. I threw it through the whole room. Why did my nightmare have to come true? Why? I can’t believe he just left me.

From Me

Hey, your dick, why are you leaving me? Breaking up with me?

I wrote and pressed send. I pressed so hard I probably could have ruined the screen, I could still feel the tears streaming down my face, and I threw myself in the bed again and curled up into a ball. I cried and cried and cried, for hours. I couldn’t stop, I had got an answer from Mike, but I couldn’t look at it. I just kept crying, I said to myself that I wouldn’t go to the concert. So I stayed in bed and kept crying.

“No now you get up and find an outfit you want to wear, and then you will go to that concert. Maybe it will help,” I said loud to myself. I got up from the bed and walked over to my closet, and found an outfit I would like to wear. I walked out to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a wreck, so I found my make-up and put it on. When I was finished a little while after I told myself I looked okay now. I walked out to the main hall and found some shoes. I looked a while on everything and then choose to have my converse on. I looked for the last time in the mirror: “You look good,” I thought. I had some black jeans on, a white shirt and some blue converse. I walked out of the front door, locked the door and walked to my car. I looked a little around, I don’t know why, before I jumped into my car. I checked if I had the ticket, and then I turned on the car. I sat there for a moment, and stared out in the blue, before I backed out of my parking lot and drove down the way. Now I had to have some fun and try to just forget, forget everything. I turned on the radio and listened to music. Now I just had 1½ hour to go.

 When I got there, were there so many people at ones. I still sat in my car. I took my phone and looked for a little while, before I unlocked it and looked at the message.

From Mike

I just don’t have feelings for you anymore, I haven’t found anyone else. I promise you, we can still be friends.

I looked on it a couple of times more, and thought to myself that I believed in him. So I just jumped out of the car and looked on the crowd. How was I ever going to get in? I walked over to the queue, and stood there for like an hour or so, before it was my turn to show my ticket and get in. I got in with no trouble, and stared at the many people there were. Wow, there were many in just one “room”, I don’t know if you really can call it a room. I took a quick look on my watch, and saw that there was half an hour before One Direction would come on the stage. I found my seat and sat down. I wasn’t really excited anymore, I was just sad. I could feel the tears coming up in my eyes, but I just blinked and got them away. This wasn’t the time I was supposed to cry.

 After half an hour One Direction came on the stage and began their concert.

 When the concert was finished I walked out of the arena. I walked slowly over against the parking lot, while I looked down on the ground. I looked for a short moment up and saw there wasn’t even any cars then mine. I thought it was pretty weird, but I didn’t think more about it. I unlocked the car and was just about to jump in when I saw One Direction’s tour bus. I closed the door again and walked slowly over against it. All of a sudden the boys came out from the arena, and I could again feel tears streaming down my face. It wasn’t because I saw them, but because it should have been with Mike. The looked over in my direction and I just stared at them, they walked over against me. When they came close enough they could hear me sob.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked. I looked down in the ground and kept sobbing. “Is she okay guys?” Liam asked the others.

“I don’t think so,” Louis said. Before I could hear them say anything else I turned around and ran away. I didn’t run that long before I ran over to the wall of the arena. I stood against it, and slowly slide down of it. I was crying so hard now. My make-up ran down my cheeks, and got all messed up.

 After a while of just sitting there, I could feel someone’s arm around my shoulders, and pulled me into a hug. The persons other arm was around the rest of my body.

“Shhh, it’s going to be okay,” the person said with a very calm voice. I didn’t protest and just kept crying, I didn’t really have any strength either. I was weak, I was ruined. I wasn’t me; I was normally so happy and had a lot of energy, but not anymore.

 After 20 minutes I guess, I were beginning not to cry anymore. So I looked up on the person and saw it was Liam.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with a very shaky and raspy voice.

“I couldn’t just leave you like this, I had to know you were okay,” he answered and smiled to me.

“Thanks,” I said and made a little smile that was all I could make right now.

“Do you want me to drive with you home?” he asked and looked questioning on me.

“No, that’s fine,” I answered and got up. I looked down on Liam, who still sat on the ground, and stretched, out my hand against him. He took it and I helped him up. “Thanks again Liam,” I said and was about to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to drive with you?” he asked again.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I said and sent him a bigger smile than before.

“Wait. Can I borrow your phone for a minute?” he asked me, and looked puzzled at me.

“Yeah, sure,” I said and looked probably pretty confused, but I handed him it either way. He wrote something on it and then there was a sound, as if someone got a message. He took he’s own phone out of he’s pocket and did something on it.

“Here you go. You can just call me if there is anything,” he said and handed back my phone.

“Thanks Liam,” I said and walked over to him, I pulled him into a hug. I said goodbye and went over to my car. I jumped in, and turned it on. Then I drove home.

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