one and only

Have you ever fallen in love... Well so have I and this is how it went. I'm Sydney I'm a hybrid. That means I'm a werewolf and a vampire. I'm one of the strongest of my kind. I can't fall in love because I might cause them harm. But that was until I met HIM. He changed my whole philosophy
on life


1. first time

Sydney's P.O.V. Hi I'm Sydney. I'm very popular but not in your way. Im a hybrid. Which in this case is a werewolf and a vampire. I go to school but why should I, I barley pay attention anyways. Well you'll learn about my story son enough but I guess I will start telling you about me. Name: Sydney Scarlett Age: 2,948( but in the human years I go as 19) Personality:sweet, kind, prety,carefree, as some would say a badass and much more but they are vampire features Features: natural curves, flat stomach, brown hair, piercing blue eyes which change along with my mood, my hair is naturally curly, straight teeth, incredible smile which will make you drop dead( literally )
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