The private life of Charlie Swan

'It goes without saying, but when your ex- wife calls up, telling you the daughter you haven't seen since she was a baby is dead... well, my life pretty much turned upside down.'

Charlie Swan, your average chief of police. We've all seen him before.. I mean Twilight was a world wide hit... but what happens if Edward and Bella never happened? If Bella died before she could rediscover Forks? And Charlie was left to find his best friend's son was a werewolf, the commendable town doctor leader of a coven of vampires?


6. Chapter 5

"B - but Billy..."

"Charlie, what can be so important you need to come all the way to my goddam house to tell me huh?"

"Bella's dead."

"Her funeral.." Billy's face softens as he remembers how important today is to me. "Well. Charlie.."


"You wanna come in?"

I nod, glad to have the regula Billy back. I don't cope when people ask questions - let alone arguments - despite being an officer. I make my way towards the sitting room, our usual meeting place - I've watched centuries of football in that very room.


Startled, I notice Billy's warning hand on my arm, threatening me.

"Don't. What about the kitchen today? For a change."

Shrugging my confused aknowledgement, I turn back on myself and follow him into his kitchen, where a small T.V is kept.  With a flick of a switch, the match flashes on, as intense and exciting as ever.

And I think to myself.. So what if Billy's acting touchy, so what if we're in the kitchen - I'm with my best friend, watching a match  in my second home.

Nothing is ever going to change the way I feel about this place, about the man I sit with.


Not ever.


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