The private life of Charlie Swan

'It goes without saying, but when your ex- wife calls up, telling you the daughter you haven't seen since she was a baby is dead... well, my life pretty much turned upside down.'

Charlie Swan, your average chief of police. We've all seen him before.. I mean Twilight was a world wide hit... but what happens if Edward and Bella never happened? If Bella died before she could rediscover Forks? And Charlie was left to find his best friend's son was a werewolf, the commendable town doctor leader of a coven of vampires?


5. Chapter 4

I wait, annoyed. Billy still hasn't picked up the phone, even now it's the third time I've rang him. Huh.

I try again, one last time. No answer. Great. I need a bit of man time after the funeral, watching the football or something. Not hanging out here, moping alone.

Then, my police cheif side kicks in. What if something's wrong; Billy always usually answers his phone when it rings. Especially four times. My face blanching with every passing second, I pull my rain coat back over my broard shoulders, grab hold of my keys waiting in the door.

As I start the car, I don't think, my hands just steer the wheel, down the road and towards his house. Billy's house. My friend Billy's house, Billy who's not answering the phone, despite the fact I've rang several times. Billy who could be lying on the floor after a heart attack - he's older than me, it could be possible. Or fainted, hit the floor, Jake's out, not there to catch him. 

I shudder, not daring even to think of the prospect. 

Bracing myself for the worst, I hastily slam the car door shut and hurry out to his house, located, to my dismay, in La Push, 10 miles or so from Forks. 

I knock on the door.

No answer. 

The horror rising from the pit of my stomach, I pinch my fingers together tightly, stretch my pale fist out, and rap on the door.

No answer. 

I breathe heavily, steaming up the glass. As I reach my hand out once more, to my surprise, before I reach it, it opens. 



He's oblivious to my joy however, his face harassed and worn, unlike the sunny, cheerful face I know.

"What the goddam hell do you want Charlie?"

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