The private life of Charlie Swan

'It goes without saying, but when your ex- wife calls up, telling you the daughter you haven't seen since she was a baby is dead... well, my life pretty much turned upside down.'

Charlie Swan, your average chief of police. We've all seen him before.. I mean Twilight was a world wide hit... but what happens if Edward and Bella never happened? If Bella died before she could rediscover Forks? And Charlie was left to find his best friend's son was a werewolf, the commendable town doctor leader of a coven of vampires?


4. Chapter 3

As I drive the bashed up truck my mate Billy gave me back to Forks, I muse on the life Bella could have had - would have had if only Renee hadn't ... left me. 

She'd be going to Forks High School. They'd be lucky to have her - the schools going to close down soon if they don't get more than four hundred pupils. 

She'd have friends, real friends, not like that girl Sarah who used to bully her years ago. The kids here in Forks are a good lot, mostly polite and happy, I don't know any who've had to see me as Police Chief Swan - lucky for them. 

That Newton boy, she'd make friends with him - nothing more than that though, just friends. I wouldn't mind if she was ... more than that with Jake I suppose. Billy's son's good, he'd look after Bella. Then some girls, best friends for her - they'd help her relax and she'd be in no danger of ... Yeah. 

Lena, she's nice enough. Or.. Anna? What's she called? Alice? ... Angela I think she's called, yes that's it, Angela, that clever girl. 

We'd have moved house, not stayed holed up in my old, falling down estate house like I have. A place with balconies and swimming pools. Twelve bedrooms and nineteen bathrooms - a real pad. With a pony for Bella. Sure, I'd've had to save up but it would be worth it. 

Anything would be worth it to keep Bella. And Renee. 

Yet here I am, climbing out of my trusty vehicle which happens not to be a flash limo, and walking into my plain average, run down house, barely big enough for just me.

No wonder they left. 

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