The private life of Charlie Swan

'It goes without saying, but when your ex- wife calls up, telling you the daughter you haven't seen since she was a baby is dead... well, my life pretty much turned upside down.'

Charlie Swan, your average chief of police. We've all seen him before.. I mean Twilight was a world wide hit... but what happens if Edward and Bella never happened? If Bella died before she could rediscover Forks? And Charlie was left to find his best friend's son was a werewolf, the commendable town doctor leader of a coven of vampires?


2. Chapter 1

"You never should have left!"

"Oh, and it's my fault you live in the only known place it rains all year?"

"And it's my fault you can't accept that?"


I repeat the point I've been stressing throughout our argument.

"Renee... You - You never should have left." She shakes her head, and I can't tell if she's agreeing or just doing it out of grief for her daughter. Our daughter.

"What, you just expected me to sit back there, holed up in Forks my entire life? No excitement, no adventure... I myself can live with that, but would you really have wanted that for Bella? Truly, Charlie? In.. in your heart?"

I stay muted. I can tell grief has changed Renee; usually she'd have her head too far in the clouds to even think of arguing back with me. So I stay quiet, for I know she's not thinking clearly, and if I was to argue back I'd only be later reprimanded by all the funeral guests who detest me and my boring lifestyle. Renee smiles weakly. "I thought as much." 

With that, she spun on her heel and forlornly strode out of the hotel door and away from the whispered argument we'd been having for the past twenty minutes, leaving me alone to dwell on my thoughts.

I can't exactly understand why Renee chose Whyburgh, a town just off Forks to hold the funeral. If anything, it was just as rainy and just as desolate as the town I've grown up in. What I don't get, is why Renee would want any reminder of her time in Forks. I know it's not the place itself - Renee could never stomach that - but it's close enough to find over eight similarities. 

As I begin to daze off, I shake myself awake. In my heart of hearts I know, that though pretty much all relationship with my late daughter was severed a long time ago, Bella was born in Forks and she'll lie in death there as well. 

However, Renee couldn't face up to seeing the dogged, old town again, which is why I'm sitting, thinking thoughts which will never matter, on a puke yellow, hotel bedspread.

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