The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


12. You're perfect for me

   Clearing up the plates I took them to Justin who started to fill the sink with warm water. Turning on the CD player I turned up the music and started humming along drying the dishes an putting them away. Once I put the last plate away I turned round for Justin to grab my waist and start dancing. Giggling I wrapped my arms around his neck and when he was least expecting it I grabbed bubbles from the sink and blew them in his face before running back up to Justins room. Having to find somewhere to hide I ran into his bathroom hoping he wouldn't find me. He did. "You can't hide from me I'm Justin Bieber". "How do I know your not and impersonator " I laughed. Putting his lips on my ear he whispered ,"by doing this" he moved to my lips before pressing his against mine whilst moving me back towards the wall before he hit the button for the shower. "Oh my god! Justin! I'm gonna-" I was shut up by Justin pressing his lips to mine shutting me up. "You talk to much" he grinned shutting off the shower as we stood soaking. Pressing his forehead against mine he looked into my eyes and whispered "you're perfect to me". He leaned down pressing his lips to mine before when I least expected it he pinched my hips making me gasp allowing him to slip his tongue into my mouth competing against mine for total dominance.     I felt my feet lift off the ground as Justin lifted me up allowing me to wrap my legs around him as he carried me over to his bed lying me down before he pulled away. "You like this position huh?" I grinned as Justin hovered above me. " I'm not that type of guy" he winked causing me to laugh, "I find that hard to believe" I pushed him up so that I could stand up, "I need clothes". "Why?" Justin asked making It seem as though he was really stupid. "Because I'm we- nice try" I smiled sarcastically as Justin wen through his drawers finding me a pair of bottoms and a t shirt.     I walked out of the bathroom tying my hair up in a messy bun, almost drowning in Justin's clothes. "I'm so small" I whined as Justin sat looking me up and down. "your the perfect height to cuddle" Justin added coming over and embracing me in a hug, placing my head under his chin."What time is it?" I asked suddenly remembering I wasn't at home. "almost ten" he replied before I started picking up my clothes. I was stopped when Justin took my hand and kissed it " Stay here tonight" he begged with puppy dog eyes. Debating whether or not I should I textedit my mum before climbing into his bed, "Fine" I smiled as he came in beside me allowing me to cuddle into him. 
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