The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


5. Why?

" What do you mean ' show me your sorry'?" I furrowed my eyebrows together, confused."Not trying to sound corny but look outside" I cringed thinking that thiswould be like one of those soppy films. Sighing I slid over to the window and right enough, he was standIng outside." Hey, come to starbucks, hear me out?" he waved awkwardly. I thought about it for a minute before changing into a purple sweater, purple converse and black skinny jeans and climbing out my window. " Can't walk out the front door" he smiled. "Don't start" I replied before opening his car door and sitting inside. "Soo... Uh I'm sorry about Sunday night I didn't want anyone to get hurt". " But you did want to embarrass me in front of everyone, tell me why did you do it? There was enough tartsthere that would gladly satisfy you" I spat. "I don't know" he whispered, I got up and started to leave before he grabbed my arm. "I just felt like it ok, is that what you want? You were different, I picked you because I knew I had to get to know you and in the heat of the moment I slipped ok I'm sorry". I could see he meant it. I didn't want to give up easily though. " I'm sorry ive got to go" my voice cracked as I walked out the cafe. Banging on the door it was soon answered by the one person I wanted to see. " Your in so much trouble" I said before pushing past Kaitlyn and going up to her room. "Leah, I'm sorry but he said he was sorry and practically begged for your number" she said sympathetically." Yeah it's fine I guess, he just took me to starbucks and gave a soppy speech about why he did what he did" I rolled my eyes. I told her everything he said before and she listened watching me with sympathetic eyes. "Maybe I should forgive him, he did seem sorry" I pulled my lips in to my mouth." I think you should he seems really nice it was just a mistake" Kaitlyn added. I grabbed my phone and put in his number: ' I forgive you'. Seconds later I received a text back: ' Thank you' and with that me and Justin became friends.
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