The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


3. We need to talk

I quickly sat in my seat not daring to turn and look at the boy who was sitting next to me. "Hey, Uh can you tell me how to get to these classes?" Justin asked pushing his timetable to my side of the table without looking up. " Your in all my classes, you can just follow me" I said in monotone as I pushed his timetable back. He looked up and his face fell when he seen me " Oh ok, thanks" I nodded before he dropped his head. As soon as the bell rang I rushed out of the classroom to get away. But, soon rememberig my head girl duties I couldn't leave the new kid to find his way to class. " You could try keeping up" I hissed as Justin finally reached me. " I'm sorry but you- , did I cause that?" Justin avoided my gaze but nodded his head to my eye. " That doesn't matter, we are late for class" I waked ahead tears threatening to escape my eyes as I fought to keep them back. I sat in my chair as the teacher directed Justin to sit next to me. Great. " I'll be right back I just have to collect the photocopying just continue with the textbook questions" and with that the teacher left. I could feel the stares that me and Justin were getting and I knew he noticed aswell as he continued to shift in his seat. " We need to talk" he whispered trying to keep everyone from hearing. " What's there to talk about?" I replied sarcastically trying to concentrate on the effect of Thalidomide on foetal development. "Don't play dumb" he whisper hissed, taken aback by his sudden outburst I simply nodded continuing with my work.
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