The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


10. That was quick

" Mornin' cutie" Justin winked taking my hand in his walking to registration. " Hey" I smiled before placing a kiss on his cheek. Pulling me to the side out of the way he pulled me closer, " That's a nice necklace you've got there" he winked playfully. " Yeah I is I got it from my amazing boyfriend". "He's very lucky to have you", I laughed "I'd say I was the lucky one" I smiled before the bell rang. Sitting down in my chair Justin leaned down next to my ear, "Up for my house after school?" he smiled plopping himself down. I bit my lip nodding before We starte talking about homework an all the usual boring stuff. " That was quick" Kaitlyn sarcastically said as she met me and Justin in the hallway. "Don't act like you didn't have anything to do with it" I laughed."Hey! It was my amazing idea....... Kaitlyn just got the clothes" he laughed. "Oh Le?, do you like steak?" I turned round to see him going red." Random question but yes" I laughed. I shook my head laughing before heading to the last class of the day before my trip to Jusrins house after school.
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