The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


20. Thank you for everything

   Putting on the dress, I curled my hair and put in purple feather earrings and blue shoes before I went downstairs to see Justin in a tux. "You look amazing" I smiled as I leapt down the stairs standing in front of him. "So do you, are you ready to go?" he smiled I nodded.     The car ride felt really long as I looked out the window trying to figure out where we were going."Your really not going to tell me where we are going and why we are dressed so fancy?" I raised my eyebrows turning to Justin who glance at me laughing before turning back to the road."And we are here" he smiled turning back around and looking out the window I seen a big lit up castle and my jaw dropped in awe.    Justin came round to the door and took my hand helping me out the car. "So we are he- what are you doing?" I laughed as Justin covered my eyes. Walking like penguins Justin eventually just picked me up and carried me up the stairs as I kept my eyes closed. "ok open" he said putting me down. Opening my eyes there was large golden drapes and fairy lights decorating a large hall as music played filling the room. "What's all this?" I turned around to see Justin holding a blue and purple corsage. "Welll.. Since you missed prom I brung prom to you" he smiled putting the corsage on my wrist interlacing our fingers we started to dance to the music. Lifting me up and twirling me around it felt like we were actually at prom. We danced until about 11 when we got our photos taken as if at prom before we had dinner.    Once we arrived home I went in the shower before tying my hair up in a messy bun and putting on an oversized shirt and shorts before singling next to Justin to watch a movie before going to sleep in our home."Thank you for everything" I whispered kissing the end of his nose before he started laughing. "Anything for my girl" he winked pulling me tighter to him. 
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