The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


17. Surprise

   *NB- I am skipping through most of the year as there isn't much to write about if I'm only talking about Leah, thanks for the favourites and likes and I hope you enjoy it*    I was finally getting to see Justin after 11 months an the car ride couldn't be any longer. "Are we there yet?" I groaned as my mum slowly drove through England. "As a matter of fact, yes we are" she replied pulling the car to a halt. Running through the backstage door I ran and jumped on Justin's back causing him to almost fall on the floor. "Hey!" I said once he had got back on his feet, turning around he immediately pulled me into his arms. "I missed you so much" he said into my hair before taking my hand and pulling me to his private area backstage as my mum was pulled away by a member of the crew.    "How have you been?" he asked pulling me down onto the couch. "Fine I guess, I finished all my exams, now all I have to think about is prom, your still going aren't you?" I replied turning to face him. "Yeah, I wouldn't miss it" he answered kissing my temple. "Oh I've got a surprise for you tonight" Justin added before someone came in telling Justin that he had to get ready. "I'll leave you to it" I said kissing Justin an leaving him to get ready while I went to find Pattie.    "Hey Leah" Pattie said giving me a bear hug before taking me out to the corridor as we all had our prayer circle. After that we went out into the crowd to take our seats. It felt weird being there again in the crowd an the noise was so overwhelming. Before Justin started One Less Lonely Girl a familiar face pulled me backstage. "Justin says "surprise" " she added before leaving me behind the door again.  "I'd like you all to make some noise for a very special girl" Justin said coming and taking my hand before leading me to the seat. Suddenly when I sat down I felt something hit the side of my head as someone threw an egg at me. Bursting into tears I ran offstage with Justin running after me.    " Leah wait up!" Justin shouted after me as we reached the outside of the arena. "Justin leave me alone!" i shouted back before I felt him grab my arm. "This isn't my fault, why won't you talk to me" he said turning me around. "I just want you to leave me alone!" I shouted pulling from his grip and running. "Leah, wait!" I heard Justin shout before I felt pain shoot all through my body as I was flung a great distance. The last thing I heard was Justin calling an ambulance before I blacked out completely.
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